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Speed Limits

harvyk1 19 December 2008 67

I was driving along the parkway today when I got to the Glenloch interchange. Now I’ve just been driving along a section which is fine for 100km/h, when I went onto the GDE, which is now 80, had I gone right and gone down Parkes Way it’d be 90.

Considering that most other states and territories have 110km/h zones (the NT even has 130km/h zones), why is anything over 100km/h considered absolutely dangerous, even on duel carriage ways no where near houses, and can anyone honestly tell me that the random choices of speed limits is anything other than random speed traps designed for catching unwary drivers.

The other thing I noticed was that the Glenloch interchange, which is only single lanes for most of it all slows down to 80 around the interchange only, and yet had it been built in any other city it’d be at least 100, if not 110, and there’d be at least an additional lane (if not 3 or more) to deal with.

What’s Your opinion?

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Speed Limits
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rob68 11:18 pm 06 Nov 09

hey cranky.. I love the term “nongs”.. it describes them perfectly!

Granny 1:08 pm 23 Dec 08

Oh, I heard that, too. My hairdresser, Mavis, was telling me all about it while I was waiting for my nails to dry.

; )

astrojax 12:50 pm 23 Dec 08

or find a wonderful connection between Heinlein, speed zones and most importantly Canberra.

i understand from previously unwritten memoirs of heinlein by arthur c clarke’s nephew, john, that he once said the word ‘canberra’ while travelling above the speed limit in a lane he found poorly zoned as 40mph when he wanted it to be 50mph.

… and below the speed limit.

Granny 8:50 am 23 Dec 08

Yes, but you have to book ’em if they’re doing less than 85 in the right hand lane ….

*maniacal laughter*

Do I have to think of everything, harvyk1?

harvyk1 8:45 am 23 Dec 08

That’ll never work, Canberra already has problems with people sitting in the right hand lane.

Granny 6:17 pm 22 Dec 08

I have a good idea for speed zones.

In zones that have two lanes and are currently 80 kmh, the left lane should have a 70-85 kmh limit and the right lane should be 85-100 kmh. Let those who wish to drive slowly drive slowly and smell the roses, and those who are in a hurry, and taking Quikeze at the red lights, drive quickly.

Peace and beads and stuff to all.

che 6:06 pm 22 Dec 08

As much as I like the book and the movie, how about we get back on topic or find a wonderful connection between Heinlein, speed zones and most importantly Canberra.

Pommy bastard 6:01 pm 22 Dec 08

Skidbladnir said :

While we’re all horrendously offtopic, Heinleins’s two best books were Stranger and Starship Troopers.

“Glory Road” and “Time enough for love” for me…

Skidbladnir 5:52 pm 22 Dec 08

Granny said :

Oh, I liked the movie Starship Troopers, though! Did he write that?

Two entirely seperate beasts.
The book was Heinlein’s opportunity to discuss politics, military tactics, technology, and have the odd screaming rant about how much better the world might be if World War 2 veterans ran everything, the movie works best if you think of it as a comedy called “Nazis Go To Space”.

Most of the book covers his training programs and experiences in the military, the psychic Doogie Howser (Carl) character gets killed off in an uneventful way early on, and his female ‘love interest’ (Dizzy Flores) is actually non-sexual guy friend in the book, and there is no love story between the Denise Richards character(Carmen Ibanez) and her male coworker, because there are no male pilots for the lightspeed ships.
And training has a drop-out rate of 90%, unlike the movie where only one person leaves and another guy accidentally dies.

No powered-exoskeleton armoured rocketsuits, no mention of the Mormons starting the war, no third species they declared war on, and apparently everybody still uses an M16 or a shotgun.

If you want a better book about interstellar wars with powered armour, written by a Vietnam War vet, which still has a message but doesn’t go for the whole racism + fascism + militarism = utopia angle, go read The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.

That one has sex scenes, and has a whole “If you travel at light speed, you have to deal with Special Relativity, and while time might dilate for you, everybody else has been busy living their lives and you’re now 400 years old and don’t really fit in here anymore” angle.

niftydog 4:53 pm 22 Dec 08

astrojax said :

maybe it’s time to transform all roads to travelators…

I was making my way through Brisvegas Airport a few weeks back and passed a guy on an adjacent travellator who seemed genuinely surprised and inspired when he looked up and saw me WALKING on the travellator!! Hallelujah, what a revelation!!

Thanks heaps poptop, sounds like the one…

Granny 4:13 pm 22 Dec 08

Oh, I liked the movie Starship Troopers, though! Did he write that?

Skidbladnir 4:10 pm 22 Dec 08

While we’re all horrendously offtopic, Heinleins’s two best books were Stranger and Starship Troopers.
But or the most part he was just overrated and if he wasn’t a published author you could probably just say “batshit crazy”.

But because he’s published and rich, he’s an “eccentric”.

Granny 3:52 pm 22 Dec 08

I love Asimov, but Heinlein was just weird. It disturbed me that Gramps not only read these books, but owned them ….

poptop 3:47 pm 22 Dec 08

All of Bob’s stories were anti-Union – He was Teh Great Libertarian and then he went quite mental withall those plots about having sex with your mother and/or fictional characters. ~sigh~

VY – that sounds more like The Caves of Steel by Asimov – The Detective and robot searched for a murderer to avert some sort of interplanetary incident. There were slidewalks and cities were in big steel domes.

Pommy bastard 3:28 pm 22 Dec 08

poptop said :

That would be the Robert Heinlein story “The Roads Must Roll”?


One of his “anti-Union” novels if I remember correctly.

astrojax 3:16 pm 22 Dec 08

in the interests of safety, please don’t walk while using the travelators, and please, have a nice day…

Yes, multiple speed lanes. Something about a police guy having to team up with a robot to find a missing professor, I think. It was a long time ago that I read it.

poptop 1:16 pm 22 Dec 08

deye said :

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

I read a book once (some sci-fi novel) where the people went around everywhere on travelators. Anyone else read it? Anyone know what it’s called?

There is more than one of them. Was it the one with multiple speed lanes and went up to something like 100 mph ?

That would be the Robert Heinlein story “The Roads Must Roll”?

I think H.G. Wells had them first, and then practically every SF writer of note, but Heinlein is the one I always remember.

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