Stanhope government seeks to shut down RiotACT

johnboy 24 June 2010 21

[First filed: Jun 23, 2010 @ 10:47]

Dagger to the heart

A dagger plunged into our very hearts!

Mr Stanhope has launched something called “Fix My Street”. It’s a gubbmint funded website where you can go to complain about things.

Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Jon Stanhope said the online service would help the Government to improve its responsiveness to community issues.

“Fix My Street is an one-stop point for Canberrans to alert the Government to issues in their neighbourhood,” Mr Stanhope said.

“Graffiti, potholes, broken footpaths and grass mowing can be reported online at any time of the day. Canberrans can also use the service to track their request online.

“The Government will use this service to better track and improve its responsiveness to the local issues that affect Canberrans and the livability of their neighbourhood.”

To report a problem, Canberrans need to simply fill out a form, give a brief description of the problem and the location and click the send button. Users can identify the location via a clickable map and upload photos to accompany their report.

By registering for an account, users can also login to see the response from the Government and the progress on their request.

Complaining on RiotACT however is much more fun for all concerned.

(And hey, it’s not like the thieving buggers at the ABC have managed to check our growth, so what’s another government funded attempt to eat our lunch?)

On a more serious note it’ll be interesting to see how TAMS holds up to the load without any barrier to entry for whingers.

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21 Responses to Stanhope government seeks to shut down RiotACT
Genie Genie 10:55 pm 30 Jun 10

So i complained about my street… was told it was already going to get fixed and was done so today…

I was shocked that the roadworks took less than one day.. A new world record perhaps ?

thy_dungeonman thy_dungeonman 5:54 pm 24 Jun 10

RAGD said :

But can you complain about the prize of a Pizza?

I’d be happy with a pizza as a prize, I guess it depends what the prize is for though, a Pizza is hardly a good lottery prize for instance.

Genie Genie 3:05 pm 24 Jun 10

Well I made a complaint about my bumpy street and got an email back today stating its already pegged for repairs. They just cant tell me when.

Erg0 Erg0 2:30 pm 24 Jun 10

They’ll rue the day that they decided to include an “other” category, methinks.

RAGD RAGD 11:02 am 24 Jun 10

But can you complain about the prize of a Pizza?

DavoDavo DavoDavo 10:56 am 24 Jun 10

Well, I’ve just looked at the web site and there isn’t anywhere to complain about the waste of money that’s being spent on useless stuff like ‘art’ in the Territory, unless that comes under “Other”?

Inappropriate Inappropriate 10:30 am 24 Jun 10

Well I’ve just submitted a request to get a nasty pothole fixed – lets see how it goes.

toriness toriness 7:57 am 24 Jun 10

another amusing post title and opening lines there JB. i love a good complaints website, will check this one out today but promise with hand on heart to remain staunchly loyal to RA.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 10:53 pm 23 Jun 10

BTW Johnboy – where was the accompanying photo taken?

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 10:52 pm 23 Jun 10

good initiative… just need the iPhone app now – so we can send ’em as we see ’em… (attach photo, GPS location and all). And then I should get an iPhone…

martyo martyo 3:58 pm 23 Jun 10

what’s a “one‐stop” – nice formatting chief!

smallfry smallfry 3:52 pm 23 Jun 10

Does ACTION come under ‘other’ or ‘roads’?

thehutch thehutch 3:45 pm 23 Jun 10

sounds like a good idea… hopefully it gets managed well!

Genie Genie 1:08 pm 23 Jun 10

Is it sad that I can’t wait to go complain with my loooooong list of things they should fix* ??? I mean now I have TWO websites to complain on… AWESOME ! 🙂

*I mean stuff they actually should fix instead of the millions spent on whatever they did to London Circuit….

stereo henry stereo henry 1:04 pm 23 Jun 10

This idea is a knock off from a Gov 2.0 initiative that’s already gone forward in the States. I do, however, think it’s a great idea that the ACT government has decided to tap in to local knowledge to help make the ACT a better place for territorians.

thatsnotme thatsnotme 11:26 am 23 Jun 10

Well, I just gave it a go, to report a utilities pit cover that’s been missing next to London Cct for months, and made safe with everything from a few witches hats spread around it, to a roadworks sign laid over it. Seeing as I walk past it just about every day, it’ll be interesting to see if anything changes.

Hank Hank 11:22 am 23 Jun 10

Just had a look through and i think its great.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:56 am 23 Jun 10

Oh dear, every little beige person wil be complaining about leaf litter, road mending gravel not being the right colour, and grass growing above the regulation 2.7 cm length they keep their lawns.

Poor buggers at TAMS won’t know what’s hit them.

JessP JessP 10:44 am 23 Jun 10

John Stanhope: Taking the fun out of the ACT for 9 years.

Wraith Wraith 10:40 am 23 Jun 10

Does anybody think they will actually listen?

Unless you live in/near Kaleen.

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