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Stanhope starts to panic… starting to worry about being caught out gouging on land/housing affordability

By Jonathon Reynolds - 17 November 2007 34

It appears that Stanhope is feeling more than a little threatened with his latest incoherent rant “Humphries sets stage for return to ACT politics” fearing the possible return of Gary Humphries to the local government political arena.

In reality the Senator Humphries was pointing out some home truths, “Pouting Stanhope Shouldn’t Poo Poo Land Release“, about the Stanhope regime’s method of tightly controlling the land releases thus driving prices astronomically through the roof.

Making more land available on the market quickly is fundamentally good thing, there is no way that we can undo the huge increases in the value of land that have already occurred. The best we can do is attempt to slow the increase by making more land available and using the market forces of supply and demand to set real prices.

The land component previously accounted for only small proportion of the total cost of a house. Now it is easily 20-33% a significant portion of any house price. At the same time the actual cost of materials for construction has been steadily dropping, whilst the labour component cost has increased but nowhere near the extreme price gouging (by severely limiting supply) that has occurred since Stanhope has been in govenment.

I know in terms of housing is the so called “affordable blocks” that are drip fed out at Harrison (in Gungahlin) cost more per square metre even the few remaining few blocks available at O’Malley. And if you don’t believe me go look the figures up yourself on

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34 Responses to
Stanhope starts to panic… starting to worry about being caught out gouging on land/housing affordability
Pandy 11:45 am 18 Nov 07

Is Jonathon the Pratt of the North?

I think he is using RA to build-up a CV of how he has attacked Sonic to take to his pre-selection meetings. No matter how stoopid it sounds it will sound great to the party faithfull.

Rather than keeping his mouth shut, and keeping his dull thoughts from being permantely recorded, he has distanced himself further from the halls of the Labor Government and will be a liability for the Gungahlin Council. But they wont see that.

What will be interesting is when he goes door knocking for the Liberals in Gungahlin, the new nappy valley, someone will alert the media to how he supported Burke and her attack on Gallagher. That will go down really well with working mothers.

Hear that? It is the sound of the gurgler.

sepi 11:36 am 18 Nov 07

Well he has put his real name to it though.
If he wanted to promote the libs secretly he could have just used a nickname.

ant 10:59 am 18 Nov 07

“comprehensively sprung” seems to describe the current situation! Where do they find these people? Did he see riot act and think “oh goody, a media outlet where I can write my own story, and no one will know”?

Pandy 10:32 am 18 Nov 07

You are kidding no one Jonathon with your latest blog on Vote1reynolds. Deny you are not
a) A member of the Liberal Party; or
b) seeking membership of the Liberal Party; and
c) that you have been courted by the Liberal Party to stand for Molonglo at next years ACT election.

eh_steve 3:04 am 18 Nov 07

also, am I the only one that detects zero panic in that release? I more took away, “Canberrans are able to distinguish between the levels of Government and they are able to distinguish an effective federal advocate when they see one — and when they don’t.”

eh_steve 3:02 am 18 Nov 07

Same as that article on the front page of the chronicle, with “concerned gungahlin resident” jonathan reynolds discussing contractors wasting water and slamming the government for it. That really pissed me off, ala astroturfing.

I wish to question also in that photo Mr Reynolds, isn’t that fence around the site meant to keep people out? Funnily enough you seem to be inside the construction site, with no helmet, no pass, nothing that entitles you to be there.

Pandy 1:55 am 18 Nov 07

NOTE: Mr Reynolds is available for further comment.

Pandy 1:48 am 18 Nov 07
Pandy 1:46 am 18 Nov 07

MrM Jonathon is a Liberal.

thetruth 12:47 am 18 Nov 07

Hey I am on the record I have sold my Canberra house on the basis of this election. I made profit in 96. Selling high and buying after the slash and burn

I have also clearly stated that I will split my vote Labor reps and lib senate

MrM 12:33 am 18 Nov 07

Hmm…do you suppose there’s much of a political agenda behind these posts? LOL.

thetruth 11:11 pm 17 Nov 07

Don’t worry high house prices in Canberra will not be a problem from the 25th of November (see what happened in 96)

EtFb 6:07 pm 17 Nov 07

… there is no way that we can undo the huge increases in the value of land that have already occurred.

Ah! So you’re saying that a block of land that cost $300,000 yesterday will never decrease in price below $300,000? Excellent! Then I don’t need to worry about property prices dropping after I build my solar-powered camel rendering plant on the premises!

qedbynature 5:14 pm 17 Nov 07

Big Jon is just perpetuating the Canberra syndrome, ie governments assisting real estate interests to wax fat while doing bugger all about providing alternatives.

BeyondThought 4:31 pm 17 Nov 07

Chairman Jon, get a grip !!!

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