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Stanhope to reassure Muslim leaders

By Kerces 26 July 2005 30

Stanhope is going to meet with some of Canberra’s Muslim leaders tomorrow morning to tell them that our community supports multiculturalism and that we totally believe that “terrorism is the work of extremists whose ideology is not shared by the overwhelming majority of Muslims”.

Stanhope’s put out a release (not yet online) after the event saying that terrorism is abhorrent to most Mulsims. Full text is below.]

I had a sneaking suspicion that I had heard this somewhere before, and a quick google search shows that at least Blair and Victorian premier Steve Bracks have also had the same idea (and then I stopped going down the list).


Terrorism was the work of ideological extremists whose beliefs and methods were abhorrent to the overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims, ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said today.

Mr Stanhope met local Islamic leaders at the Canberra mosque this morning to reaffirm Canberra’s commitment to multiculturalism and to join with Muslims in condemning terrorism and mourning its victims.

“Down through history people of many faiths have resorted to acts of terror in a bid to shock and frighten their enemies,” Mr Stanhope said. “But these individuals are motivated by extremist interpretations of religious teachings. It is vital that their actions not be allowed to sour the community’s tolerance of religious and cultural diversity.

“The terrorists who, in these terrible times, claim to commit acts of terror in the name of Islam, are no more representative of the Islamic faith than the IRA bombers of decades past were representative of Christianity, or the Tamil Tiger suicide bombers are of Hinduism,” Mr Stanhope said.

“Violence in all its forms is a terrible thing, and it is hard, when we think of and mourn the victims of recent terrorist attacks in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and the United Kingdom, the young Brazilian man mistakenly shot on a London train this week, and the 25,000 civilians killed in Iraq since the United States-led invasion, not to despair.

“What keeps us from despair is the conviction that by and large society is tolerant and just and fair. What keeps us from despair is the knowledge that, by and large, the community will refrain from labelling and stigmatising entire social groups, on the basis of the abhorrent acts of a few.

“For the overwhelming majority of Muslims, Islam is a religion that teaches peace. It is a faith followed by a billion people worldwide — more than one in five people alive today. It is a faith that is practised by people from myriad cultural backgrounds, from Indonesia to Pakistan, Palestine to Fiji, the United States to Australia. Here in Canberra our diverse communities of Muslims are deeply and securely embedded in all aspects of our shared life. They are bosses and employees, teachers and sporting heroes, volunteers, entertainers and doctors. And just as they have something in common with members of other Muslim communities — a shared faith — they also have much in common with non-Muslims — a love of our way of life and a respect for human rights, including religious freedom.”

Mr Stanhope said he hoped today’s gathering demonstrated the solidarity and sense of common purpose the community badly needed at this difficult time.

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Stanhope to reassure Muslim leaders
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Maelinar 7:22 am 28 Jul 05

Thumper: it’s about as relevant as linking the Britain Bombers to the IRA, instead of Iraqui insurgents, so I’ll accept it 🙂

Thumper 5:09 pm 27 Jul 05


interesting that about the Catholics. Even in Bradman’s day there were rumours that certain players were’nt picked in the Australian cricket team because they were catholic.

Okay, its a shaky link to this discussion, but interesting all the same.

Thumper 5:01 pm 27 Jul 05

He’s bloody good with this techo shit, isn’t he.

Do some work!

Maelinar 4:53 pm 27 Jul 05

You must hail the Google God, he delivereth the answer in 1.4 secondeth.

bulldog 4:44 pm 27 Jul 05

Damn you’re efficient…

Mmmmmm….Pie Chart….

Maelinar 4:08 pm 27 Jul 05

For pie charts and Americans who think that terrorism only includes attacks on, in or at Americans see this link..

Goes back to 1982 though

Maelinar 4:02 pm 27 Jul 05

I asked the Google god and he said that the statistics were conveniently no longer being updated because the Yanks keep altering the books.

No surprise there.

Our own wonderful parliament can give us advice on the last few years at seems a steady 400 to me.

The lack of historical data on the internet is rather perplexing.. Conspiracy ?

bulldog 2:49 pm 27 Jul 05

Mael, you raise an intersting point about the number of terror attacks in the last few years…

I assume there have always been terror attacks of some form or another over the last several millenia. Of the last couple of hundred years we (being some nerd/s) should have pretty accurate information as to the number and severity of these attacks.

I would be interested to see those stats (preferably in some form of pie chart as those remind me of all that is good in the world), and see if attacks really have increased in the last 5 years compared to the thirty previous…

The attacks seem to be getting a lot more media coverage since 9-11; but that could be that I pay more attention now. Any thoughts?

RandomGit 2:25 pm 27 Jul 05

Thank David, at least I got something useful from this discussion….

Maelinar 1:45 pm 27 Jul 05

Do you think the tarts are going to stop going to the Sun now that Shane’s now single ?

Seriously though, I doubt the IRA would have ever considered themselves as a role-model group for future muslim extremist terrorist organisations, although England does have a long history of pissing off the ‘infidel’ by means of Crusade etc.

The loose analogy that the IRA were fighting on religious grounds, whilst true, is better described by comparison with Iraqi suicide bombers to the crap going down in England at the moment.

Although I suppose nobody has thought to research if the 4 were in the same history class at school (was it a mega school?) and were deeply offended by the Crusades and the persecution against Muslims that went on since whenever. (can’t be assed googling it).

Then again, I perceive that they want us to think that they were an al-queida terrorist cell, they also want us to think that al-queida are a highly organised group with intent to kill and maim and destroy, but it has only managed how many terrorist attacks since 2001 ?

I believe that I have mentioned before about being kept in a state of ‘tension’ by the media, this is certainly a building block.

Good excuse for the larger white governments of the world to introduce compulsory identification for everybody which has been previously unanimously voted out in the past.

The problem with that is the countries where the terrorists will probably come from probably won’t be able to maintain compulsory ID with any great degree of accuracy, so yet again us idiots will be slagging ourselves with yet another beuracratic timewasting effort. I just wonder how much it will cost the end user to ‘maintain’ their identification…

(I said probably, in light of the current situation – given the assessment that the majority of terrorists have historically come from central sources)

Personally I give way to people in bigger cars or who are better armed than me, so I’ll join the queue.

Baa, Baa (me being a sheep)

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