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Stanhope weeps

By johnboy - 7 March 2007 91

Here’s a picture out of WIN news, video to follow, of Mr. Stanhope weeping over the hurt caused to his wife by Liberal beastliness.

Something apparently is a “Mongrel act by a mongrel party”. At this stage we’re unsure whether the mongrel act is:

a) asking why the acting Minister for Emergency Services was incommunicado, as rivers of fire surged towards our city, the night before Duffy burned down, or

b) spreading the same sort of nasty rumours about Mr. Stanhope’s love life that his cohorts in the ALP took (and take) such glee in spreading about Kate Carnell.

Better minds than ours have it all figured out we’re sure.

No sign of an apology to the whole of Tuggeranong for using it as a pejorative and suggesting is is a place where Brendan Smyth should return to get “down with the cigarette butts and the dog turds and the wasted life”.

And here’s the video:

Interesting both ABC and WIN are ignoring Mr. Stanhope’s bizarre comments and leading with his line that this is about the rumours.

The rumours have been out there for at least 3 1/2 years and only now he goes weepy for the cameras about it?

What’s Your opinion?

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91 Responses to
Stanhope weeps
Growling Ferret 8:24 am 08 Mar 07

I think it was Smyth said all of Canberra had heard the rumours. I will go on the record to say I hadn’t.

But I had heard the scuttlebut from an ACT ALP member about a former chief minister and a certain grog shop proprieter (I am a visual person, it still give me shivers).

Sonic and his bunch of Development Dollar addicted yes men have finally lost it – its time to go…

Ralph 8:10 am 08 Mar 07

Resign Stanhope. You and your pathetic MLAs are a disgusting indictment on Canberra.

johnboy 7:27 am 08 Mar 07

So the FOI request was worded “What evidence is there you were having an affair?”?

I don’t know but I’m guessing it was worded more like “details of Mr. Stanhope’s travelling expenses and those accompanying him overseas”

If a man goes mental over that sort of question personally I find that interesting.

And if Mrs. Stanhope finds the details of her public expenditures when on junkets being made public embarrassing then frankly thank god she no longer makes them.

If Brendan was walking up to Mrs. Stanhope saying “How do you feel about your husband having an affair” then that’s an attack.

Somehow I doubt that is what was happening but I’ll be happy to stand corrected.

If it’s her friends repeating a rumour they heard back to her then I can see how that’s hurtful but it’s hardly a personal attack on her.

That’s just my 2c.

Pandy 11:59 pm 07 Mar 07

It’s not Mrs. Stanhope who’s ever been under attack.

What crap JB. You obviously do not listen to the ABC. Sonic expressed very streneously his wife and kids are asked by people they know about the alleged affair. There is an a FOI based on the rumour that Sonic went OS with some other woman. Sonci says that the stress has affected her so much that she refuses to go on these trips with him.

A minor point of privacy: Humbug! You really need your head screwed.

I do not apologise for feeling strongly on this.

miz 10:43 pm 07 Mar 07

Tuggers slur noted. He’ll keep.
It’s clear that, according to this govt, some parts of Canberra are more equal than others.
Now I really like this part of town – gorgeous mountain views and just a hop to the bush. I will be furious if they cull any more services (like Libraries).
I also note that the hail storm that hit Tuggeranong was much worse than the one that hit Civic, if we look at insurance claims – interesting contrast in press coverage. OK maybe I’m conspiracy theorising but then again, perhaps I am justified when the boss cocky lambasts our place.

johnboy 10:13 pm 07 Mar 07

And why the hell can’t people know how their money was spent?

johnboy 10:12 pm 07 Mar 07

It’s not Mrs. Stanhope who’s ever been under attack.

If Mr. Stanhope had mentioned his dinner with the magistrate and the priest the question would have simply been why he had so miserably failed to be on call when his city needed him.

But for his own reasons he chose not to.

A minor point of privacy at such a crucial moment seems a very, very, peculiar thing to hew to for four years in such circumstances.

Pandy 10:12 pm 07 Mar 07

Oh Big Bill Stefaniak on the Canberralibs web site says the questions are about why he was uncontactable on the eve of the fires. So why the FOI about who went with him on an overseas trip? Do you KNOW something that you are too gutless to state? Or are you just bullshitting?

Pandy 10:06 pm 07 Mar 07

You JB after 3.5 years of people digging into your wife, maybe you too would eventually find it a bit weepy.

gaelhope 9:47 pm 07 Mar 07

Stanhope can’t even get his own act

gaelhope 9:44 pm 07 Mar 07

Jesus wept.

Vic Bitterman 9:24 pm 07 Mar 07

Hey Stanhope, you’ve caused so many internal tears of your constituents with your shit house economic incompetence – you have punished every single family in Canberra with massive hikes in fees and charges, your extreme left views that only support lesso commo pinkos, your lies when it comes to the Bushfire victims and so on. Suffer in ya jocks.

Bring on election day.

johnboy 9:19 pm 07 Mar 07

Oh so you’re an official stanhope spokesperson are you? That makes things a lot clearer.

I’ve been looking at the Chief Minister’s media release page, hang on, just go have a look now…

Yep, still no apology made.

If one is to make a statement of apology to a specific audience, when it is convenient, then making a general statement is the normal way of showing it is genuine and not merely convenient.

astrojax 9:13 pm 07 Mar 07

no sign of an apology? i posted in another thread about his statements on 666 to alex sloan this morning, and particularly about apologising to anyone offended by his reference to tuggeranong.

jmoul 7:35 pm 07 Mar 07

I saw that on WIN News as well and it was pathetic. Shades of Bob Hawke! Perhaps the job’s getting to him. Time to go, Jon.

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