6 December 2007

State of the Riot - 2007

| johnboy
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Here at RiotACT we’re starting the silly season early by doing our year in review now before buggering off for the beach (in my case that’s a two minute walk down to seven mile).

So by way of comparison this was the State of the Riot in 2006 according to Google Analytics:

With a stunning Absolute Unique Visitor score of 145,103!

We were pretty happy about 2006.

But 2007 has been much kinder despite losing a regular contributor at the very end of May.

And for the AUV, wait for it 212,457!

Not bad for the third best blog in the ACT! (In fact feel free to speculate on which Canberra media outlets can credibly claim to have reached the same number of people.)

We’d like to thank all the members of other media outlets who had the decency to cite us when using us as a news source and all our many contributors who made this possible,

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, which will have all Canberra luminaries scrambling to see how they rated. The most popular stories followed by the most popular search terms.

Most popular pages in 2007:

(Last year it was “Seedier Side” but without me here digging up the dirt that’s dropped down to 3. And yes, the front page was far and away the most popular)

1) Search page
2) Storm cell zeros in on Canberra
3) Seedier Side of the City
4) Law Enforcement
5)Audrey Fagan dead
6) Images of Canberra
7) The Jester Ball – With lots of pictures.
8) Food & Wine
9) Law & Justice
10) Canberra’s gay beats
11) Email interview with Corie Lee (full)
12) Automotive events and issues
13) Macing of smackhead at Erindale
14) Local Politics
15) Images of Canberra – The class of summernats
16) Federal Election Email Interview – Kerrie Tucker, ACT Senate candidate for The Greens
17) CCC being a little disingenuous?
18) Aaron James Holiday gives male child care workers a bad name
19) FAQ
20) Clubs and Bars
21) 24 hrs Night and Day – Images and results.
22) 2007 Multicultural Food and Dance Spectacular, impressions and pictures.
23) Belco Yea!
24) Raiderettes trials
25) New Taxi Service in Canberra
26) Scouts not subject to discrimination laws
27) Christmas Tree Entry: Paul Deakin
28) Education
29) Another fatality from a police chase – UPDATED
30) Tis the season to be formal
31) Canberra Vikings Rugby Team
32) Fashion
33) Worst Canberra Restaurants
34) Canberra Raiders, NRL Team
35) Local Music
36) Births and names 6-JAN-07
37) House and Garden , Real Estate
38) Dance Parties / Raves / Doof’s
39) Revolve resolve
40) In reply to Jessica Wright
41) ACT Public Holiday on Melbourne Cup Day?
42) Sign Wars II – Whoops
43) Notices
44) New Canberra Paintball
45) Christmas Trees
46) Sports
47) Revolve given the arse for Aussie Junk
48) Entertainment and Events
49) Happenings at Sanity in the Canberra Centre
50) Amber Jane Westin throwing a rock and failing three drug tests

And now… Drum Roll please… the most searched for phrases that brought people to RiotACT in 2007 were, in order of popularity and bearing in mind that people turning up in the CT and ABC websites are probably discriminated against….

From 1 to 208 (trust me you wouldn’t have wanted to miss it)

1) riot act
2) riotact
3) the riot act
4) the riotact
5) riot act canberra
6) amber westin
7) audrey fagan
8) the riot-act
9) amber jane westin
10) clea rose
11) “gareth higgins”
12) riot-act
13) revolve
14) the-riotact
15) riotact canberra
16) the riot act canberra
17) www.the-riotact.com
18) anu singh
19) cougar computers
20) zierholz
21) canberra computer fair
22) influenza a
23) canberra vikings
24) paintball canberra
25) dendy
26) central cafe queanbeyan
27) summernats
28) canberra taxi
29) site://the-riotact.com christmas tree
30) taxi canberra
31) surfing
32) summernats fc
33) brand depot canberra
34) the-riotact.com
35) guy terance hawksley
36) tharwa
37) andrew wilsmore
38) the venue erindale
39) steffi
40) mutley
41) ghosts
42) crazychester
43) griffin centre canberra
44) transact
45) canberra cabs
46) “riot act”
47) steph brewster site:the-riotact.com
48) steve pratt
49) rao and cube
50) limestone liz
51) aldi gungahlin
52) aaron holliday
53) yowie
54) regatta point canberra
55) “front bottom”
56) the front lyneham
57) poachers pantry
58) canberra raiders forum
59) mawson club
60) hasdrubahl
61) theriotact
62) alpaca
63) canberra raiders
64) dendy premium cinema
65) kurt kennedy
66) limestone lizzie
67) riot act act
68) flooding
69) carlos watson
70) wok it up
71) elton john canberra
72) gay beats
73) big al
74) garema place
75) “2003 bushfires”
76) “george wason” investment
77) corporal
78) electricity
79) riotact act
80) parkview
81) taxi
82) “riotact”
83) comet
84) bogan names
85) bruford
86) samuel gordon stewart
87) heavs
88) justbands
89) dfo canberra
90) aussie junk
91) best price computers canberra
92) computer
93) backyard
95) sapphic erotica
95) gay canberra
96) computer fair canberra
97) gurunik
98) jigsaw creamery
99) corrin forrest
100) hogs breath cafe discount raiders
101) dymocks
102) molonglo valley
103) gym
104) ramas pearce
105) riotact “johnboy”
106) the italian kitchen kaleen reviews
107) rubees
108) big w gungahlin
109) menus takeaway site:the-riotact.com
110) glenloch interchange canberra
111) limestone lizzy canberra
112) crazy chester
113) griffin centre
114) supercell canberra
115) centrelink fraud
116) mike canberra times motorcycle jacket
117) belco maccas
118) canberra paintball
119) react roofing
120) terubo canberra
121) elite taxis
122) narrabundah long stay
123) glen porritt
124) gay marriage humphries site:the-riotact.com
125) site://the-riotact.com cleo dickson
126) tattoo canberra
127) paintball
128) andrew barr gay cube nightclub
129) canberra connect
130) poacher’s pantry
131) rao
132) sage restaurant canberra
133) amber petty
134) gary kent
135) steve pratt canberra
136) al grassby mafia
137) lincoln hawkins
138) bootleg sessions phoenix
139) piccadilly circus snow
140) natalie colbert
141) sage canberra
142) canberra brothel
143) the green house canberra raiders
144) haunted canberra
145) television reception in canberra
146) canberra brothels
147) email interview andrew barr
148) act riot
149) cheese on toast canberra
150) aaron james holliday
151) fires
152) rhodium
153) wireless
154) facebook
155) rugby union club canberra quiz
156) canberra restaurants website
157) skyfire
158) llama
159) act parliament video streaming
160) cranky
161) farmers union iced coffee
162) youth issues
163) hail
164) kingsley
165) beer bottle christmas tree
166) canberra holiday melbourne cup
167) speed cameras
168) cyclist
169) maeliner site:the-riotact.com
170) troy williams
171) cardboard charlie
172) cost of private education
173) magpies chinese restaurant
174) snow
175) krispy kreme
176) poptop riotact
177) pornberra
178) rugby podcast
179) winter wonderland canberra
180) aspi baria
181) zed seselja
182) hairdresser canberra
183) comet mcnaught
184) the dinner party
185) canberra ghosts
186) cityboy
187) monster truck canberra
188) www.the-riotact.com.au
189) “audrey fagan
190) the riot act johnboy
191) 2602 restaurant ainslie
192) gold creek blog
193) stromlo mountain bike
194) new years’ 2005
195) sheep civic
196) macing of smackhead at erindale
197) barbaro
198) jorian
199) lumnock
200) trivia night canberra turner bowls
201) the riot
202) “cell block 69”
203) annex
204) canberra hail
205) rock salt hawker
206) borders canberra
207) corin forest snow
208) randomgit has a huge penis

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pfft, puzzle all you like. I’ll do an interview if it will make you happy.

Seems my comments in another thread has seen the resurgence in the popularity of this thread

ahhhhh man… thats so funny. Another piece of the puzzle.

I doubt you would recognise me on the street on the basis of that photo.

That was Maelinar’s contribution to RiotACT’s Movember.

There’s another thread with it in context somewhere…

… thats… not… seriously a picture of maelinar is it? cause if it is thats just pure gold.

Domestic employment?
As in house\chamber maids, butlers, and cleaning ladies?

maelinar isn’t a spook – just spooky. boo!

and we should be encouraging domestic employment, good for the economy…

POT TIME – cya’s.

I don’t have any servants presently, I do not know who you are referring to.

Deadmandrinking4:34 pm 07 Dec 07

Okay, whatever Lord Ghost Elf. Go get your servants to carry you down to the pot, it’s getting late.

I own land in Australia for all it matters to you, of which it doesn’t. Where I choose to live, is my decision. I retain that right.

Is it really so unheard of that some people own land in more than one country ?

I own land, a land tenure, and have a claim to certain lands, in more than two countries. I chose to live in Australia a number of years ago, and moved here.

Deadmandrinking4:13 pm 07 Dec 07

Then um….why aren’t you over at your land defiling the peasants so they’ll never be gay again, then?

WMD I have never claimed I am King of Scotland.

I am the Lord of Lochaber though. That’s that sizeable chunk of Scotland surprisingly called Lochaber for when you google it.

Lord Mælinar.

Deadmandrinking4:04 pm 07 Dec 07

He could be anything in his head today. Not long ago, he was claiming he was the King of Scotland or something.

Gungahlin Al4:03 pm 07 Dec 07

Maybe just meant he is spooky…?

Deadmandrinking4:01 pm 07 Dec 07

Why watch ten when you’re much more entertaining.

You work for ASIO? Or you’re a ghost.

One thing I’ll confirm I do, is I’m retired.


1. Say please. But not ‘Please Explain’.
2. Spy’s are not Spooks, and Spooks are not Spy’s. If you don’t know the difference then you don’t need to know the difference. Go watch channel 10, I’m sure you are eagerly awaiting the next installment of Big Brother.

Agreed, Maelinar is probably not a spy.
(Four clicks and some minor typing to find out his name, address, and I suspect his old work (DEH?) and current mobile numbers).

I too am not a spy, nor a stalker or an identity thief.

Deadmandrinking3:30 pm 07 Dec 07

“Notwithstanding I already know who you are and my only advice to you is never try to play games with a spook, you will lose.”


I’m not a spy.

Sorry to burst your bubbles but there’s a bit too much channel 10 confusion around this thread.

Deadmandrinking2:54 pm 07 Dec 07

And thanks for that Skid. I didn’t really want to go into internet stalker land, I just noticed that Maelinar had joined the Facebook group when I had a look last (yes, I’m on there and I left a good clue).

Any opportunity to take down one of Maelinar’s high and mighty (delusional) comments is up for the taking as far as I’m concerned.

Deadmandrinking2:43 pm 07 Dec 07

The great spy – uncovered. Ha ha ha.

Didn’t you start the state of the riot posts JB ?

I accept the award with gratitude…

And a deep and heartfelt thank you to you JB, and all the mods…

I’m speechless…

And Chet baker as well…

my funny valentine…

Congratulations Gentlemen (and you are all men aren’t you?) for the stupidest willy-waving thread in RiotACT’s long and sorry history.

I like mel Torme…

and Chet Atkins…

Okay, I’m weird…

Oh come on Thumper – he was ancient !

and Jazz ?

(not to be confused with Jazz Hands)

But how do we know that he is not Mel Torme?

I did actually consider a limitation comment for WMD to use his own resources, but then I withdrew.

You do know that giving somebody a fish will only result in them asking you for another fish tomorrow don’t you ? Better to teach them how to fish.

Regardless, I have changed my appearance – I would doubt that I would be selected in a line up if given that picture to choose from.

I reckon that picture has a certain Gonzo journalist air to it.

touche skid, got you there mael

Post a picture of me then.

Post a picture of me then.

Deadmandrinking11:44 pm 06 Dec 07

Great spook you are, Maelinar. I know who you are, thanks to Facebook.

169 – it’s Maelinar you dunderhead. Notwithstanding I already know who you are and my only advice to you is never try to play games with a spook, you will lose.

95) sapphic erotica?

oh yeah

Puzzled! I certainly have not searched for myself.

Maybe Hargreave’s staff finding the location of potholes.

regularbrowse1:49 pm 06 Dec 07

Bring back the bogan baby names updates. I miss those. Very funny. Its sure to lift the internet hit count for RiotACT.


How did that happen? I only did it, like, twice.

I guess the internets just likes me. And my penis.

“88) justbands”


LOL! Randomgit has too much time on his hands…

More than just time methinks.

66) limestone lizzie
128) andrew barr gay cube nightclub

and then the number of people looking for information on our brothels and gay beats.

LOL! Randomgit has too much time on his hands…

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