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Stick to the light on lonely roads

By johnboy - 19 December 2008 21

News has a scary story about an attack near Goulburn when a woman got out of her car on the highway at night:

    “Police said a 31-year-old woman stopped her car in St Aubyns Rd, Goulburn, just before 11pm (AEDT) on Wednesday to check something on the road.

    But after getting out of the vehicle, she was struck on the head and collapsed.

    When she came to, a man was trying to take off her clothes.

    She fought him off and escaped.”

So be careful out there.

(Thanks to Mdme Workalot for the tip.)


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21 Responses to
Stick to the light on lonely roads
Thumper 3:05 pm 19 Dec 08

Crookwell Ghost?

Mr Evil 3:01 pm 19 Dec 08

lion said :

“Detective Constable Selmes said police did not want to release details about the object the woman saw on the road.”

Any ideas…

A large sculpture that examines the relationship between wind and movement?

Madame Workalot 2:57 pm 19 Dec 08

Nope, false alarm – still can’t remember my username.

Madame Workalot 2:53 pm 19 Dec 08

Good god Skid, that’s it! I had the wrong user name.

Yes yes, I’m having a blonde day.

Skidbladnir 1:57 pm 19 Dec 08

Police probably won’t release a successful tactics like that one, especially as it relates to an ongoing investigation.
1) It has a chance of encouranging copycats, and 2) any copycat crimes would influence the first investigation.

@Mme W: If you forget your userid & password, I think Jb might be able to help you out, instead of recreating a whole new user.

lion 1:41 pm 19 Dec 08

“Detective Constable Selmes said police did not want to release details about the object the woman saw on the road.”

Any ideas…

Madame Workalot 1:39 pm 19 Dec 08

Grrr – haven’t been here for a while, couldn’t remember anything so now I have to be a newbie again!

I thought this was worth putting up given the amount of young women who seem to be travelling by themselves along there at this time of year. A large percentage of people travelling in that direction would be from the ACT, ergo relevance.

tylersmayhem 1:27 pm 19 Dec 08

Sounds like Todd Carney to me in that case.

But also JB, I’ve always thought and liked to think that RA will not run something just because a big hack rag runs it?!

willo 1:27 pm 19 Dec 08

that’s the trouble with urban myths i spose…….when something similar ACTUALLY happens we laugh it off as the latest version……sounds like this sheila had a lucky escape…..( I know it’s true cos i read it in the paper!!)

johnboy 1:14 pm 19 Dec 08

The SMH is also running it.

tylersmayhem 1:12 pm 19 Dec 08

Thanks for this little urban-myth gem. At least I’m not travelling to Goulburn.

JB, I can’t believe you actually posted this one! 😉

willo 12:41 pm 19 Dec 08
ant 12:29 pm 19 Dec 08

But what about the man bouncing a head on the roof of the car? You forgot that bit.

Jazz 12:27 pm 19 Dec 08

first one ive heard

Hank 12:24 pm 19 Dec 08

Does a story like this come out every year? Or is this a real one this time?

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