Strange media release embargoed by the Minister Never Responsible

Jonathon Reynolds 7 January 2008 9

Katy Gallagher’s office has put out a very strange embargoed media release HERE urging young people to register with the AEC so that they can vote when the Federal election is actually called.

What makes it strange is that (a) the relevant Federal legislation changing registration details actually changed back in December and there was no announcement by the Minister responsible then, (b) it calls for registration of a Federal election – nothing to do with what she is actually responsible for (typical) and (c) for some strange reason the media release was marked embargoed “EMBARGOED TO SUNDAY 7TH JANUARY, 2006” which seems a bit odd given there seems to be no time critical material in the release itself.

One can only suspect this is a ploy by the Minister to ensure that she gets coverage in the media tomorrow (pre-empting a slow news day) or more likely something nasty (another stuff up in one of her portfolio responsibilities) is about to hit the streets and she wants to deflect attention.

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9 Responses to Strange media release embargoed by the Minister Never Responsible
cranky cranky 7:35 pm 09 Jan 07

Couldn’t agree more – encourage school leavers to enrol.

However, the fact that this oxygen thief is promoting it is purely political. WE are paying for this self agrandisment. This wretch should be concentrating on the job at hand. The money she has spent could conceivably be used to reinstate a bus route or two.

The AEC are more than capable of advertising the requirements/benefits of enrolling to vote. This clown is wasting our money.

I-filed I-filed 7:15 pm 09 Jan 07

?? Doesn’t the AEC administer territory/state as well as federal elections? Sounded like a sensible thing to do – encourage school leavers to enrol straight away…

Al Al 2:12 pm 08 Jan 07

Hoping I get through the next few weeks without putting the wrong year on something that embarrasses a Minister – not a good career move.
Probably wanted to avoid journos’ phone calls at home on the weekend.
Maybe had late nights at Summernats responding to calls of “Show us ya tits!”

Incidently just had a bo peep at her website – “breaking news” is dated 24 May 06 – not a lot of productivity coming out of our elected rep is there??

queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 12:14 pm 08 Jan 07

JR I think you are right, she is just trying for a slow news day or trying to deflect from another one of the Stanhope Government’s stuff ups.

Maybe McMullan, Ellis or Lundy are launching their campaigns soon and Katy is trying to get everyone behind them… HAH!!! Sorry, that would assume that Katy has political savy and hasn’t just gotten through via ‘Emily’s List’….

shauno shauno 9:16 pm 07 Jan 07

“My guess is she was on holidays from shortly after the December event til today. Hence the embargo.”

Yep not a sexy conspiracy theory but probably the true reason lol

emd emd 9:02 pm 07 Jan 07

My guess is she was on holidays from shortly after the December event til today. Hence the embargo.

jr jr 4:39 pm 07 Jan 07

Do not assume any thing… it is up on the Chief Munchkin website as 2006!

simbo simbo 4:29 pm 07 Jan 07

I’m assuming the embargo date should be 2007, not 2006?

Aeek Aeek 11:51 am 07 Jan 07


Minister for Youth Ms. Katy Gallagher”

I reckon the two go together. Its not as if the Feds are going to do anything about it, it was their ploy.

The embargo, yeah, suss.

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