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Street racing Canberra style

By johnboy - 3 June 2007 21

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s students have posted some YouTube of their game “Street and Strip” which is set here in Canberra.

It looks pretty cool!

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Street racing Canberra style
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 12:45 pm 04 Jun 07

“The game also needs booners in V8 VY Berlinas… “

Do I hear a hint of jealousy?

Avy 12:17 pm 04 Jun 07

i think this is great stuff – it shows these students are taking an interest in their studies and applying it to their immediate environment. really good, looking forward to the final version.

DarkLadyWolfMother 9:28 am 04 Jun 07

Damn. Bugs or otherwise I’d still love to have a go. I’ve been wanting some kind of race game set in Canberra for years. Though a GTA style game would be choice 😉

West_Kambah_4eva 9:27 am 04 Jun 07

The game also needs booners in V8 VY Berlinas…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:55 am 04 Jun 07

The game also needs more 40-something year old mums in huge 4WDs driving at 70km/h in the right hand lane. Just to make it more realistic.

soulman 11:09 pm 03 Jun 07

Damn that’s good. For student work, it is very good. The detail is tremendous for an animation.

Quick technical question, if released will it be compatible with Windows Vista. I think it would be unfair to the three Canberran’s who bought Vista to miss out on this game:)

I agree with futto, we need some targets… oh… I mean cyclists… ha ha.

Hasdrubahl 9:39 pm 03 Jun 07

Where’s the interactive bit?

the only interactive button I found, is the one that stops it and turns it off.

You 9:04 pm 03 Jun 07

Also, for DarkLadyWolfMother,

We were originally planning on releasing the game at the end of last year once it was completed. However there were many things that needed to be fixed and implemented. They may release the game sometime in the future, but i wouldn’t count on it.

You 9:02 pm 03 Jun 07

As an ex AIE student, i can safely say that your (and mine) precious tax payer dollars do not go into funding what we do. The first year course is run through a TAFE based system, whereas second year courses are AIE run diplomas. We pay course fee’s just like anyone else.

I was in the class that created Street & Strip, however I didn’t actually work on that specific game. All we wanted to do was create a fun racing game that took place in our own city, something which up to this point has never been replicated before.

Lighten up a little, it’s just a game and we were just having some fun.

andy 6:49 pm 03 Jun 07

diespiter, actually, AIE is just like any other tertiary education facility.
So, maybe it IS government funded.. but then, so are a vast number of uni students in this city.
Either you ARE one (and obviously shouldn’t be, cause you object to the funding so much)
or you Aren’t one (and probably should be, and maybe then you might recognise the importance of government funding for tertiary studies)

diespiter77 6:20 pm 03 Jun 07

Fantastic, some students have made some stupid animation with what is probably tax payer funded grants. No offence johnboy, but it isn’t really all that great. The youtube video of that nerdy guy flying through the canberra sky in a spitfire was MUCH better.

DarkLadyWolfMother 5:21 pm 03 Jun 07

I don’t suppose they’re planning on releasing it? Anyone know?

bighead 4:31 pm 03 Jun 07

Where abouts is that jump, wouldn’t mind a go?

andreas 3:10 pm 03 Jun 07

I was about to comment on the detail, but instead, futto, now I just want to comment on the rednecks that populate this site. There were a few traffic lights missing, too. You know, the ones that they had to put in because Canberrans are too hopeless to catch the bus or ride to work. It is an impressive feat that a city with huge roads and only 350 000 people can organise itself into a traffic jam every morning.

The AIE’s students have done a great job with the environment. Can you drive on the slotcar track at the museum? And where is that ramp? There are a few drivers I’d like to direct up that road…

futto 10:40 am 03 Jun 07

Where are the cycle lanes and the cyclists that would make this game SOOOO much more fun?

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