4 June 2007

Strike back against the sad bastard rock listing

| johnboy
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The Canberra Times has gone out of its way to whore itself to the little loved 1053 2CA to run a particularly sad “Best Songs of All Time”.

The final countdown of songs will be published in The Canberra Times on Thursday June 7, and the songs will be counted down from Friday June 8 until Monday June 11.

If you are listening when selected songs are played, you could win tickets to “Elvis meets the Beatles”! The selected songs will be published only in The Canberra Times.

Amazingly for an advertorial tie in the CT has finally managed a hyperlink.

I hereby propose that everyone who thinks there is more to music than Elvis and The Beatles votes for “Bobby Lee’s Song, by the Ocean Moses” as their sole vote.

Yes there are many other songs you could vote for but this one is a) good and will b) upset the fogeys.

Fly my pretties, fly.

(if you need to hear the song before voting you can download it here pass on the word via all your blogs and emails!)

UPDATED: Canberra talk-back’s number one fan is outraged that a drunken blogger in Canberra for the weekend would dare to marr the sanctity of the elderly picking out their favourite song from the vinyl.

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he only writes to them because he has no friends in real life.

if he in fact exists at all.

im convinced SGS is really just an elaborate practical joke pulled by communications/media students.

My blood duster listings got moderatet out – obviously blood duster is too offensive…

latest album info available here

You people have the whole FM band to yourself. Hopefully 2CA will ignore this crap and will compile a sensible list reflecting the truth. Shame on the people trying to skew the results with moronic smackhead crap.

Absent Diane11:55 am 05 Jun 07

each to their own.. I love it.. love that bass, but my fave is prob opiate – I nominated prison sex because I thought it would be mildly offensive 🙂

Prison sex is one of tools shittest song anyway……… Gimmie sober anyday….

i might have made that last bit up… but its an even chance to be true.

just read sgs blog.

that kid cracks me up.

seriously – have you read any of his ‘song of the week’ stuff ?

i reckon his parents banned him from ever listening to music they didnt have in their lp collection.

he has probably never seen a compact disc.

and his three votes were all for air supply songs.

ah i heard prison sex on jjj yesterday.

amber will be hearing it frequently.

Thumper –
a-rootie-dootie-doo, a-rootie-dootie-die-day

Absent Diane9:15 am 05 Jun 07

prison sex – tool
Slam – Pendulum
Forever autumn – war of the worlds/moody blues

Ralph, you bastard, I’ve had that bloody Echo Beach refrain running through my head constantly since yesterday.

Can I get a Lazy Sunday afternoon(aaah) by small faces ?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart6:54 am 05 Jun 07

So they are going to count the songs down over the long weekend, should be hoot listening to the golden oldies in AM mono.

For no good reason I feel like responding. 2CA is one of the few AM stations in the country still broadcasting in AM stereo…so you could go and buy an AM stereo receiver. It might be a bit hard to find one though.

Well that’s *at least* 2 votes for defaecate on my face Bonfire…

just voted.
tism – i might be a cant, but at least im not a forking cant.
tism – defecate on my face
sex pistols – bodies.

id urge everyone to vote these. im sure we can skew the results.

PS: I’m really surprised a few words in that last post didn’t get ***’d out.

This reminds me of a govt dept I used to work in where people were winning 2CA stuff all the time, eg lunches, all sorts of crap. It was fairly obvious that the 6 or so people who did this must have represented about 50% of the station’s listeners.

Anyway, I put my votes in. Too Drunk to **** by the Dead Kennedies. Dead Joe – The Birthday Party, and Mongoloid, by Devo. Can’t wait to hear them on 2CA next weekend.

(I thought of voting for the TISM song ” I’m might be a cunt but I’m not a fucking cunt”, but thought that was going just a bit far for 2CA.

So they are going to count the songs down over the long weekend, should be hoot listening to the golden oldies in AM mono.

Can someone please make sure the final list is published here? I can’t be bothered getting the Canberra Times on Thursday when I’ll be looking at RiotACT anyway.

la mente torbida1:46 pm 04 Jun 07

I think this poll will say more about the people voting than the music.

A great show is Arrested Development. I found that movie little miss sunshine to be in the same genre, dysfunctional family, dark American humour etc.

I personally only like the final countdown because of Arrested Development. Damn I loved that show. Vote has be done JB. I’m too lazy to figure out my own one to cote for, so yours will do.

Europe are a great band, that song does kind of suck though.

Ralph will be voting for:

Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins

The Final Countdown – Europe

How could you not vote for the immortal “I’ve never been to me?”

Besides, with the CT’s readership and 2CA’s listenership, the votes you get from here will easily stack it. They’ll probably get all excited because they didn’t realise 15 people listened/read.

I do wish you’d consult me before using my stuff for a stack, but.. what the hell, may as well vote for meseln.

Meconium: as always right cluck and save to disk if streaming isn’t working for you.

Scumdorg: the tedious mediocrity of boomer conformity will, it is true, afflict humanity for generations to come.

But here and now we can make a stand.

Having trouble accessing Bobby Lee’s Song off your site Johnboy.

Bugger it, I’m voting for it anyway. If it makes it in there that would be a laff.

Elvis and The Beatles will still be loved and remembered long after Ocean Moses and the other fly by night pretenders have gone to the great iPod in the sky.

Voted in the classics –

Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
Iron Maiden – Powerslave
Judas Priest – Painkiller

Sorry, can’t embed the video from YouTube.

Here’s the link

Aw Crap…Sherry’s dead?

sepi: Have you seen media watch?
Putting an ad for an escort next to a death notice is minor compared to the normal “relevant” ads displayed over at Fairfax Online.

Take a look at this story from the ABC’s Media Watch (Episode 9 – 2007)

21st Century Schizoid Man would get my vote.

Canberra Times sank to anew low today in another way.

They managed to put one of their ‘call sherry for massage XXX’ ads actually under the ‘In Memory’ heading.

I dunno who will be more upset – Sherry, or various bereaved families.

Don’t mess with my stack man,

I can’t think of a better way to spend the long weekend. Until I saw this ad, I was in despair, running out of of long weekend ideas.

I am going to vote for “What am I gonna do” by Emile Ford.

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