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Aurelius 20 August 2008 25

What’s the go with the stuffed animals nailed to trees all along the Kings Highway?

Surely someone here knows the story?

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25 Responses to Stuffed Animals
Mia80 Mia80 2:23 pm 26 Aug 08

The bears, although most notable between Canberra and Bungendore, actually go all the way to the coast.

I believe they a from a nudist camping group, who have regular trips down the coast.
The bears are “bread crumbs” so if you are involved in the group trip, you know you’re on the right track to getting to said camping spot.

Don’t follow the bears/bares…

peterh peterh 11:32 am 21 Aug 08

RuffnReady said :

Oh, I thought the OP was talking about roadkill like wombats and kangaroos… lol

can’t wait to see them nailed to a tree, that would get me to slow down, and roll the windows up.

RuffnReady RuffnReady 11:16 am 21 Aug 08

Oh, I thought the OP was talking about roadkill like wombats and kangaroos… lol

Granny Granny 9:24 pm 20 Aug 08

Goodness, I hope he was worth it!

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 9:21 pm 20 Aug 08

there is also someone who posted “i love billy” signs between here and kangaroo valley on the federal highway. that must have taken a bloody long time… and some are quite high up the tree!

BigDave BigDave 8:02 pm 20 Aug 08

Could it be the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang up to his old tricks again?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 6:24 pm 20 Aug 08

I have been told that local witches put them there as part of their spells (or something)…

caf caf 6:06 pm 20 Aug 08

Aurelius, on the previous RiotACT articles (try Teddy Bear Lynchings and Two queries from a newbie) there are several people stating what they believe to be the true story… some of them even sound plausible.

tickboom tickboom 5:45 pm 20 Aug 08

“Maelinar, I did. It returned no results. Hence the query.”

So try Google then.

Overheard Overheard 5:37 pm 20 Aug 08

Seems to be that way, Aurelius. I have an 11 year old who lives in Bodalla who advises me on these matters, and he reckons it has some links to a charity. Donors gave $5 or whatever to the nailers who then went out and did the bears on the Canberra to coast section. Now this is from one 11 year old who got it from another 11 year old, so I can’t vouch for its veracity. No idea about the charity.

I-filed I-filed 5:26 pm 20 Aug 08

It started with Pooh Corner halfway down the Clyde.

Aurelius Aurelius 5:23 pm 20 Aug 08

So the answer is noone knows?

peterh peterh 5:19 pm 20 Aug 08

Granny said :

There is an intense rivalry between my partner and my teddy bear. I’ve told him before, “If you make me choose, it’s gonna be Tedda all the way.” So we have an understanding. But he can be awfully mean to Tedda at times.

funny, i have the same problem with my wife and the kids…

Granny Granny 4:08 pm 20 Aug 08

There is an intense rivalry between my partner and my teddy bear. I’ve told him before, “If you make me choose, it’s gonna be Tedda all the way.” So we have an understanding. But he can be awfully mean to Tedda at times.

Overheard Overheard 4:05 pm 20 Aug 08

@ Thumper. That’s the version I was told too. Only it was salted herrings, not jellied eels.

Thumper Thumper 3:57 pm 20 Aug 08

many years ago, back in the good old days when TV was black and white and picket fences were made of wood, there was a young man who was smitten by a fair maiden.

One day the young man was gaily prancing through the forest to visit his beloved when came across a house made completely of fairy bread and donuts. At first he was intrigued, and not a little scared, but after a while he gathered the courage to knock of the door, which incidentally was made of wafers coated in dark chocolate.

Surprisingly, no-one answered his knock so he turned the glazed fruit door nob and opened the door. Stepping inside he found a bowl of jellied eels with some sugar on them. He sat down and took a sip from it, and found it was not sweet enough.

he then found another bowl, this time with jellied eel covered in custard and icing sugar so he took another sip. He found this not sweet enough either.

Then, he noticed another bowl. This was jellied eel in custard on a bed of chocolate eclairs with jelly bean garnish and topped with icing sugar formed into a small tower. he took a ulp and then ran madly around the room, suffering from instant diabetes.

he then left this strange little house and went to his beloveds small, but cosy house on the edge of the forest.

He knocked and there was no answer. He knocked again but still no answer. Slightly worried and not feeling so gay he opened the front door and went directly to her bedroom.

Imagine his surprise and disappointment when he looked down at her, sleeping quietly, a picture of virginal beauty, in her arms, a teddy bear.

The young man was shattered and ran rather ungaily from the house. In his despair he didn’t notice that the lights were green and was run over by a rather large truck.

It is said that from that day on his ghost haunts the road from Queanbeyan to canberra and any lone teddy bear walking these woods is kidnapped and cruelly nailed to a tree to show all and sundrey the pain inflicted upon his by his unfaithful beloved.

(Or, at least, that’s one of the stories I’ve heard. And who is to say that it isn’t true?)

PBO PBO 3:55 pm 20 Aug 08

It is a terrible thing that all these stuffed animal corpses are displayed as they are. It must be a warning to other stuffed animals that this is a bad area. Perhaps an underpass for them? Maybe we can have a fundraiser to build said underpass so we can stop the unnecessary carnage of our plush friends. There has been many a time i have come after an accident and just seen skidmarks leading up to a plush smear on the road and a car with a smashed windscreen with fluff splattered everywhere.

Breaks my heart it does.

caf caf 3:47 pm 20 Aug 08

This is probably the most recent story here in the series:

Teddy Bear Lynchings

jakez jakez 3:43 pm 20 Aug 08

I find the whole thing quite creepy. It’s like an homage to a serial killers childhood.

niftydog niftydog 3:15 pm 20 Aug 08

RuffnReady said :

I’m guessing it has to do with making people aware of the roadkill and thus need to be more vigilant on that road at night.

I’ve never drawn the line between teddy bears and road safety myself.

It’s amazing where you see them though – I recently went to Congo which is a little settlement east of Moruya, and on the dirt road into town, lo and behold, teddies nailed to trees.

Seen them down near Tathra too.

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