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johnboy 4 January 2007 47

In case you weren’t aware, the Summernats chaps and chappettes are in town this weekend.

Today I took some photos from the balcony, a prize at the next bicycle bar crawl to whoever can identify them all.

But in the spirit of fairness I’m, going to declare that tomorrow at 2pm is RiotACT summernats photography time, if you’ve got a car that you think deserves to be noticed then drive it down Northbourne (stick to the left lane and drive slow is best) between 2pm and 3pm, do a few laps to make sure I’ve got you. If you know someone with a hot car email them to let them know this is their big chance.

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47 Responses to Summernats is here
Pandy Pandy 7:11 pm 05 Jan 07

The Monaro has a HG grill

Kramer Kramer 4:09 pm 05 Jan 07

Definte bias… no Jap cars 🙁

FB FB 3:13 pm 05 Jan 07

Me-thinks JB has a Holden bias here, I count 8 Holdens and only 5 Fords.

FB FB 3:09 pm 05 Jan 07

Damn, I just checked & it was April 1982, that makes 2 now!

Danman Danman 3:04 pm 05 Jan 07

Early knock off Thumper?

FB FB 3:03 pm 05 Jan 07

Thumper, I still think it’s a ’66 the coke bottle hip came out on the ’66 and from memory the ’67 had sharper lines on the front guard and the hip. Also the ’67 was a much rarer car in Aus.

I could be wrong though. I was once before, I believe it was May 1982.

Thumper Thumper 2:48 pm 05 Jan 07

I’ll drive past there at approximately 3.15pm in my dove silver VR Commodore.

It’s got 16 inch mags, does that count?

Thumper Thumper 2:47 pm 05 Jan 07


You mean like Jake the Peg?

(Diddle iddle iddle, with his extra leg?)

vg vg 2:46 pm 05 Jan 07


Missed the opportunity in my own car today, but if you hang around the same place sometime between 5 and 6 you can take a happy snappy of me in the work car (Commodore station wagon)

el el 1:57 pm 05 Jan 07

Comment of the day! Heheheh….

mutley mutley 11:31 am 05 Jan 07

wave to the guy with the tripod

Now you’re just boasting JB!

MrM MrM 11:02 am 05 Jan 07

The grey Holden ute is not a VP, it is either a VR or VS (they look the same apart from the badges). I think that particular grey was only available on the VR so VR would be my opinion.

Thumper Thumper 11:00 am 05 Jan 07

I could just walk….

Only a klick or so away from work…

Jey Jey 9:55 am 05 Jan 07

between the rex and the ABC building.. aren’t they on opposite corners, on the braddon side, as opposed to the lyneham/turner side ?

btw the rex and the ABC building gives an indication of distance, even though they are on the other side of Northbourne.
It made perfect sense to me, anyway.

I’m tempted to do a few laps on my pushie :p

johnboy johnboy 9:50 am 05 Jan 07

thanks guys, the main reason I’m doing what I’m doing is because I’ve got a pretty narrow field of view where trees aren’t getting in the way.

Thumper Thumper 9:45 am 05 Jan 07


It is a HT Monaro, the HG didn’t have the plastic alloy strip between the top and bottom bits on the tail lights and the HK had tail lights similiar to a HR, from memory….

And yep, Bonfire was right about the Impala, although probably a 67 Coke bottle hip model.

Al Al 9:44 am 05 Jan 07

JB: Danman’s advice on the panning shot is good – makes for great ‘action’ shots. But remember you have to pre-focus on something at the point/distance that you intend firing the shot off. Keep your shutter button half pressed to lock that focus in then do the pan. Swivel from the hips and you’ll get a nice smooth motion and sharp shots of the car.
Alternative for fun if there’s an interesting background too is to set a slow shutter speed, and fire off a still shot (no panning) when the car moves through the frame – blurry car – with speed conveyed – great for racetrack shots.

FB FB 9:06 am 05 Jan 07

OK, the Monaro is an HT, check the tail lights.

Bonfire you were right it is definitly a 66 Impala, you can see the Chev badge in front of the wheel and the Impala badge behind the wheel. It’s the 66 pillarless which is quite rare in Aus.

Other then that it all looks correct to me, so the list is

Holden WB one tonner
Triumph herald
Model A on a 32 chassis
VH commodore
67 mustang fastback
FB holden
VB commodore, HJ one tonner
CL charger, T Model roadster
WB ne tonner
XC falcon
HT monaro
HR holden
VP commodore ute
66′ Chevy Impala Pillarless
Morris Minor tray utility

Danman Danman 9:03 am 05 Jan 07

top darts (very good !)

If Im free and you ever want photos taken – I would be happy to oblige – all I would ask is due credit (which I have always gotten on previous postings (thanks heaps!!))

In sayin so – I am off to melb after work today for 2 weeks of taking photos (both touristy/archetectural and abandonments/subterranean environs)

What you could doo too is put teh camera on sports mode – take it off the tripod and take the photos free hand – but move the camera in teh direction of the vehicle when taking the photo – that way teh car will appear clear but the scenery will blurr – giving a dynamic image of movement – rather than freezing the whole scene with a high shutter speed.

ok ok ill stfu now.

johnboy johnboy 8:26 am 05 Jan 07

That was sports mode, and with the anti-shake turned off as i was using a tripod.

will try a more powerful camera this afternoon.

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