Summernats – Noisy and/or interesting things that drove by my window take II

johnboy 5 January 2007 18

Well you all enjoyed yesterday’s efforts so much how could I deny you another go at it (especially as my Summernats buddy appears to have dropped off the face of the earth so it looks like I won’t be going after all). Anyone with stories or picture of the ‘Nats over the weekend should email them to and we’ll see where it goes from there.

The game is to guess the make and model of all the vehicles photographed going down Northbourne Avenue this afternoon between 2 and 3pm.

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18 Responses to Summernats – Noisy and/or interesting things that drove by my window take II
Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:02 pm 08 Jan 07

Kramer, there are two VL’s above.

There is a silver and green VL turbo with ‘Chasa’ graphics down the side. Check it out in the link I provided, but stuffed up the hyperlinking.

There is also a light metallic blue Walky batmobile.

mutley mutley 11:13 am 08 Jan 07

The low-slung open roadster is most definitely a Caterham 7. Love the goggles!

Avy Avy 10:19 am 08 Jan 07

snahon that is a gtr – the last one is a gtst. you can see the gtr badge and the flared rear guards.

Kramer Kramer 9:34 am 08 Jan 07

The silver green VL Commodore is most certainly not a turbo. It is as MrM stated a Group A SS, but it more than that. It is a Walkinshaw Group A SS Commodore – this car has the original body kit and colour for a Walkinshaw, and most likely the original (or improved) 5L V8 engine. Also the number plate TWR… (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) gives it away too.

cranky cranky 8:54 am 07 Jan 07

No.4 is a Ford Zephyr (Pommy). They can be made to go verry well.

wonsworld wonsworld 12:39 am 07 Jan 07

4. Looks like a 50’s/60’s Ford Customline .. My grandfather had one back in the early 60’s but the grill is all wrong.

Funny to see a Futura and the Batmobile mentioned. George Barris used the ’55 Lincoln Futura for the Adam West TV batmobile in the late 60’s.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:21 pm 06 Jan 07

The green VL is most certainly a turbo – what an absolute weapon it looks like too!


barking toad barking toad 5:18 pm 06 Jan 07

7. A police car

18. A truck

Ralph Ralph 12:40 pm 06 Jan 07

Geeee, that black RA Rodeo looks surpisingly like Ralph’s……..

andy andy 12:29 pm 06 Jan 07

the green/silver VL commodore is a VL Calais Turbo.. the hooded lights give it away.
Of course, it mayNOT be a turbo, but chances are it is.

and that low-slung thinggy may be a clubman..

boomacat boomacat 11:53 am 06 Jan 07

Jey, confiscate his penis? That is harsh!

I like that silver hearse-looking cadillac-ey kinda station wagon thing.

But ford capris are total bitch mobiles. If you are driving them just stop it. stop it now. s-t-o-p.

Jey Jey 8:01 pm 05 Jan 07

Partner wasn’t very good at the guessing game at all, going to have to confiscate his penis.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:36 pm 05 Jan 07

I’ll have the MX5, thanks.
(Much better pics today, JB).

el el 4:39 pm 05 Jan 07

And yeap, they look like XT rims on the Falcon.

el el 4:34 pm 05 Jan 07

Valiant ute is an AP6.

snahon snahon 4:10 pm 05 Jan 07

Its a skyline GTS-T not GTR aka Godzilla.

The XW falcon looks like its got XT rimms ???

MrM MrM 4:04 pm 05 Jan 07

Correction: where I said Holden 48-215, I should have said Holden FJ.

MrM MrM 4:01 pm 05 Jan 07

VK Commodore SS Group A (aka ‘the blue meanie’)
VK Commodore
(Don’t know the next two)
Nissan S15 Silvia/200SX
VL Commodore
BF Falcon Futura (police spec)
Ford Capri
Holden 48-215
VL Commodore SS Group A (aka ‘the batmobile’)
Subaru Impreza WRX STi (MY99 or MY00 I think)
Peugeot 206CC
Mazda MX-5
(Don’t know)
Rover 75
(Don’t know)
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R
Erm…dump truck
Lotus 7 replica – Caterham Seven perhaps?
Mitsubishi Lancer
Ford Mustang
Mazda Bravo
Kia Rio
Ford F-series
Ford Mustang
Ford Falcon…not sure exactly which model, would be XW or XY I think
Chrysler 300C (SRT8 version I suspect)
Holden Rodeo
HSV VZ Clubsport
Valiant ute (sorry, don’t know my Vals that well)
VH Commodore
Nissan R33 Skyline

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