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Suspended sentence for Jessica Bartlett

By johnboy - 28 October 2008 72

The ABC informs us that Jessica Bartlett, 26, has walked away with a suspended sentence for concealing evidence relevant to Rebecca Anne Massey’s Charnwood murder trial.

    “Today in the ACT Magistrates Court, Magistrate Karen Fryar said Bartlett’s actions forced police and SES to spend three days searching the tip and put vital evidence in a murder prosecution in jeopardy.

    Bartlett was sentenced to four months in jail which will be fully suspended.”

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72 Responses to
Suspended sentence for Jessica Bartlett
Sleaz274 11:15 pm 28 Oct 08

Well he’d probably do better here in Canberra than Miami…. hell he rarely stabs someone more than 57 times in fact he’d consider it a gross over kill to do so unlike some judges in the ACT who see it as a normal part of mother-son relations.

Granny 10:53 pm 28 Oct 08

Sleaz274, Dexter is a very bad influence on you I think!

Sleaz274 10:51 pm 28 Oct 08

My mate received a 12 month suspended sentence for blowing 0.054 on ANZAC day last year. He had a completely clean record for 6 years prior. This is sentence is absolute bullsh#t. Again.

When the very institutions we rely on to provide protection and punishment fails so regularly it rests with the people to once again correct the balance…… anyone else watch dexter???

bigfeet 10:44 pm 28 Oct 08

Ian said :

Can someone explain where the punishment is in a suspended sentence? It escapes me.

The idea behind a suspended sentence is that, well…we could have sent you to jail for this long…but we didn’t…in fact you will get no punishment at all…so OK…I hope that taught you a lesson

Suspended sentences are normally “suspended” for a period of time, say one/two years, on the condition that the person not re-offend. If they re-offend the suspended sentence can be reinstated. But I say can, not will be reinstated. On reoffending, suspended sentences are very rarely activated, and if they do, it is usually only part of the sentence that is reinstated, not all of it.

Ian 9:55 pm 28 Oct 08

Can someone explain where the punishment is in a suspended sentence? It escapes me.

Bungle 8:52 pm 28 Oct 08

The magistrates and judges must be under instruction not to put anyone away to save money or something.

When was the last time someone in the ACT got a custodial sentence and what was it for? Not trying to be smart arse or anything – just curious.

Swaggie 7:34 pm 28 Oct 08

So I really hope every Police Officer and every member of the SES who spent 3 days crawling through a top full of Household refuse write to the Magistrate Karen and thank her for providing absolutely no disincentive to every other low life who wants to try perverting the course of justice.

BerraBoy68 5:53 pm 28 Oct 08

If she hid the instruments of torture in the Ferret case she’d be inside by now.

frontrow 5:18 pm 28 Oct 08

The ABC article quite carefully does not state that she got the sentence for the stated crime. The wording suggests to me that the most serious charge didn’t stick and she got the sentence for a lesser charge.

freddie281 4:46 pm 28 Oct 08

C’mon guys, we have to give consideration to her chances at rehabilitation, her human rights, this being a really trivial offence (it’s not like she didn’t complete her tax return). I, as member of this community, would most certainly love to have a neighbour as supporting as her!!

Who am I kidding… can any of the above apply?!?!

SamTSeppo 4:32 pm 28 Oct 08

I second Gungahlin Al’s remarks. Astounding.

Makes one wonder why a new prison was needed at all: no one ever seems to get sentenced to actual jail time!

Loose Brown 3:26 pm 28 Oct 08

Yes well of course. She only tried to cover up a murder. It’s not like she stabbed a ferret with a syringe or anything.

Thumper 3:02 pm 28 Oct 08

I no longer ceased to be amazed …

Granny 3:00 pm 28 Oct 08

Yeah, ‘cos the SES just love getting to search the tip for three days I’m sure. The police are maybe used to it?

Gungahlin Al 2:46 pm 28 Oct 08

I’m not normally one to be baying for jail time on this forum, but I really am starting to wonder just how grievous a crime has to be to see someone in the slammer in this town?

So this woman aided and abetted a murderer? Actions that may well have led to a murderer getting away with it. And that’s just a slap and on your way penalty?

Good to see the courts helping out with the overcrowding of the remand centre…

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