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bunyip 15 November 2007 34

Coming up to summer i think its time to share your favourite swimming locations…

personally I have not found that many.

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34 Responses to swimming holes
eh_steve eh_steve 3:19 am 18 Nov 07

oh, and yes, ginninderra falls is closed.

eh_steve eh_steve 3:18 am 18 Nov 07

I’ve got a couple of secret locations.

I will share one place alot of people probably know about though, London Bridge is quite a beautiful place. Anybody else know of it?

I-filed I-filed 5:01 pm 17 Nov 07

I’m not sure where exactly, sorry, but I recall being told it was a very big treated pine operation for many years, supplying throughout Australia.

ant ant 10:52 pm 16 Nov 07

The Bungendore quarry site is quite a bit higher than Bungendore, which is down on the flood plain. Where was the Koppers Logs business located?

I-filed I-filed 10:16 pm 16 Nov 07

um danny maybe don’t swim in that place near Bungendore.I’ve been warned that Bungendore underground water is very heavily contaminated with arsenic from the old Koppers Logs business and is the worst in the country.

ant ant 9:23 pm 16 Nov 07

Shannon’s Flat is nice, good country around there.

The Molonglo is just opposite where I am. There’s a low level crossing at Molonglo River Estate, I think it might link the new back road for HQ JOC? From memory, there’s a nice big wide bit there, but it’s usually full of bullrushes.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:16 pm 16 Nov 07

V twin venom…. as an avid trout fisherman, I’m up on these laws. Some of our best trout streams are land locked on private property!

A landholder does not own the water. So, you may walk upstream inside the watercourse quite legally. If you happen upon the land, you are breaking the law by being on someone else’s property without permission.

As to the original topic, I own a land holding near Shannon’s Flat, and it has a nice creek with several permanent waterholes…. absolutely magic place to get to… and it’s all mine! (Permission is granted to my mates to go visit though).

V twin venom V twin venom 2:07 pm 16 Nov 07

Green = weed. This disused pit was a source of road base material for the old Yarrowlumla Council (now Palerang). The water is very deep and very cold. It is also, or at least used to be, crystal clear. The land is now under the control of some enviro-nazi department so access is restricted. The Molonglo upstream of Queanbeyan has some great swimming holes but alas access is via private property. Does anyone know the law regarding accessing a swimming hole (say 1km from a road) by following the river from the road reserve.

QuickRelease QuickRelease 12:39 pm 16 Nov 07

Green = Algae

I’m pretty sure it was just a quarry (rocks, not metal) so I’m thinking the green is just algae. Not as bad for you as copper, but not always healthy.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:55 am 16 Nov 07

Green = copper?
Green = Algae?
Anyone know -what- they mined out there?

I’d be wary of swimming in something that could give my kids a more than healthy dose heavy metals.

Thumper Thumper 9:43 am 16 Nov 07

Yeah, those were the days….

back before they invented dinosaurs….

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:42 am 16 Nov 07

Pine island used to be nice as a kid.. i also remember when it felt like you were driving out in the middle of nowhere to get there.. last time I went it felt like it was directly behind the hippiedrome.

garbles garbles 9:33 am 16 Nov 07

Anyone know if Ginninderra Falls is open? The only info I can find online says it’s closed because drought?

Thumper Thumper 8:51 am 16 Nov 07

Ginninderra Falls is also quite nice…

Thumper Thumper 8:49 am 16 Nov 07

Yeah, I’ll second Heavs, used to go there as a kid and swim and fish and cook beans on a fire….

Gertrude Gertrude 6:23 am 16 Nov 07

Regarding the old mine just outside Bungendore that Danny referred to: I’ve swum there, and on a hot day the water more than a foot or two below the surface is shockingly cold.
Oh, and I should also mention: Last time I looked, a few weeks ago, the water was a rather unnerving shade of green. What did they mine there? Kryptonite?

ant ant 9:54 pm 15 Nov 07

Top of Coree Creek Falls is a nice rock dish-pool. Lovely spot. Bit of a walk but.

Heavs Heavs 7:24 pm 15 Nov 07

I really like the cliffs on the Molonglo down the bottom of Stockdill Drive in Holt. Good jumping, deep water, nice little beach to lie around on and nobody is ever there.

bunyip bunyip 6:03 pm 15 Nov 07

haha is that a good/bad or cool thing for them to do??

theyre tiny arent they?

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 5:59 pm 15 Nov 07

Hey Bunyip, I know that one too – and if you sit still long enough the galaxids will come nibble the dead sking right off your hide!

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