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azi81 1 June 2016 6

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Hi all,

I have a 7-year-old son who I am looking to get swimming lessons for (preferably private). Ideally this is on the south side.

Do you have any recommendations?


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6 Responses to Ask RiotACT: Swimming Lesson Recommendation
chrysalis chrysalis 4:38 pm 22 Feb 16

I found Aquatots great for my toddler. They have programmes for older children, too. They are mostly on the northside, however, Black Mountain is the nearest to you, it seems.

Xtra Xtra 11:02 pm 19 Feb 16

Avoid group lessons if you can afford private lessons. Group lessons like those offered by Kings provide 30 minute lessons – in that time you’re lucky if your child in being watched for more than 5 minutes in total. Progress is also slow despite their assurance that they’ll assess and move your child up through the levels according to their actual progress. In reality they can only move a child up if they have space in the level above and obviously it pays for them to have full classes – so not so much movement. The pool is overcrowded. At least with private lessons the child is not competing with other children and 100% of the attention and focus is on your child – in the long run this should mean that the child becomes a proficient swimmer sooner. I took my child out of group lessons when she came 4th in the ACT despite them telling me that they couldn’t progress her! Prior to this she’d be taught privately.

tooltime tooltime 7:19 pm 15 Feb 16

Lorrae Black is in Queanbeyan & Googong. Public though, she’s firm with the kids and that’s exactly how we like it. Expect to wait a few months to get a place though…

scentednightgardens scentednightgardens 7:03 pm 15 Feb 16

Without knowing anything about the OP’s circumstances, it is possible that some kids need one-on-one attention for issues related to gross motor development, behavioral issues, and the like. Group classes work for most kids most of the time but simply learning not to sink like a stone in the first place is more important than anything else.

jett18 jett18 12:34 pm 15 Feb 16

Hi OP,

If you don’t mind me asking, is there a particular reason why you would like your son to do private lessons? From my experience the group ones are a great way to meet new people and gives them the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be in a public swimming area.

Not judging whatsoever, just curious.

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