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Swine flu here – *yawn*

By johnboy - 26 May 2009 61

So there’s a case of swine flu here in Canberra, details to follow.

The bloke apparently has symptoms similar to a mild cold.

Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, stay home if you’re poorly.

Also watching the ways this is spreading my guess is that it’s already endemic but if panicking makes you feel good then now’s the time.

Swine flu

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UPDATED: The ABC report on this is now online.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The CT’s report is also available.

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61 Responses to
Swine flu here – *yawn*
Mr Waffle 11:12 am 26 May 09
illyria 11:12 am 26 May 09

Just to go off on a tangent for a minute, I drove past a cyclist this morning that had been hit by a car on Mugga Way. The second I have witnessed in as many weeks. Perhaps the Dept of Health should ban cyclists, or cars, they seem to be worse for your mortality than the swine flu……. in Canberra’s inner south at least.

sepi 11:09 am 26 May 09

Well I’d rather not catch it thanks. And if my kids catch it I will be beside myself.
I’m sure lots of asthmatics, pregnant people and other risk groups would also prefer it wasn’t on the loose.

Scoff away though if you are young and healthy – but remember – this is an unknown disease, and the second wave could be a lot worse than the first.

In the spanish flu it was the second wave that killed everyone. And actually in the spanish flu it hit healthy adolescents the hardest.

My grandmother remembered family get togethers shrinking dramatically after a whole lot of the older cousins died of spanish flu.

gun street girl 11:09 am 26 May 09

NoAddedMSG said :

This whole Swine Flu thing concerns me greatly, because it really emphasises just how little hope we would have of containing a zombie outbreak should it ever occurr.

No fear: the zombies already run the Health Department. 😉

illyria 11:07 am 26 May 09

OMG. Panic. My husband is 41 years old! I hope it is not him, he is equally as good a patient as jessieduck’s partner.

Thumper 11:06 am 26 May 09

Indeed, but pigs move faster than zombies.

And can fly…

Zombies can’t.

NoAddedMSG 11:05 am 26 May 09

This whole Swine Flu thing concerns me greatly, because it really emphasises just how little hope we would have of containing a zombie outbreak should it ever occurr.

Whatsup 11:05 am 26 May 09

JB you telling me it OK to panic has taken all the fun out of it. Thanks mate.

Holden Caulfield 11:02 am 26 May 09

Just heard on JJJ news that the man is 41 years old.

That rules me out then. Phew!

BenjaminL 11:00 am 26 May 09

Hmm, well im coming back to Canberra today and so far i’ve been to ANZ Stadium, Darling Harbour, a few mexican restarants, a spanish restarant, an italian joint and countless trains.

While i’m not actually sick, according to the media I’ll probably get it anyhow if i’ve been near anyone even remotely mexican so hopefully I can buff Canberra’s numbers a little so they can finally put this place on the map!


Jim Jones 10:52 am 26 May 09

When in panic, fear or doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!

nutter 10:51 am 26 May 09

Keeps the media happy and the pubes in business. Just don’t mention that more people contract the normal flu and consequently die than from the piggy variety. Oh and that if you have access to basic medical services you’ll be fine. Wouldn’t want to ruin a good panic piece.

rosebud 10:47 am 26 May 09

“I’m a teapot, I’m a teapot…”

jessieduck 10:45 am 26 May 09

Yes- stay home if you are sick. Two weeks ago I had a colleague sniffling all over my desk telling me how crook she was and then “like magic” I got a cold a few days later- then my husband got it* I just wish my colleague had taken a few days off to get better rather then spread the love.

*Actually, he had man-cold which is far, far worse and is like dying only with daytime TV.

trevar 10:40 am 26 May 09

Has anyone stopped shaking hands with people yet? I have tried, but it is just innately ingrained, and I don’t like the idea of spending half an hour explaining why I won’t shake hands, so I just shake hands anyway…

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