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Beyond the expected

Sydney-siders escape to Canberra

By GnT - 5 September 2007 30

The big national news this week is APEC, and with Sydney in lockdown, Australian Capital Tourism is hoping people will come here. Even if it is just on their way to the snow or the coast, Canberra could stand to benefit from APEC while Sydney businesses are feeling the pinch.

In some ways I think APEC should be hosted by Canberra, being the national capital, but from a practical point of view I’m glad it’s them dealing with all this BS not us.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Sydney-siders escape to Canberra
Absent Diane 1:24 pm 06 Sep 07

i like violent protests because of my deep passion for chaos/disaster etc – of course viewed from afar. I wanna see some shite go down – it makes for great TV.

Mr Evil 1:20 pm 06 Sep 07

But Thumper, the protesters are doing it all for us – because they care!

I must admit, I can’t wait to see the carnage when the water cannon lets rip! 🙂

Thumper 12:42 pm 06 Sep 07

Yep, Ghandi’s passive resistance appeals to me.

Afterall, how can you protest against the war in Iraq whilst using violence to get your point across?

A tad hypocritical methinks.

Mr Evil 12:23 pm 06 Sep 07

Quite frankly I am sick to death of hearing how much of an inconvenience APEC is to Sydney! The media (and some Sydneysiders) constantly say that Sydney should be the capital city of Australia anyway, but when an event like this occurs they whinge about all the hassle it creates!

I’d rather have all this security, rather than take the risk of having a foreign leader topped because we all like to think it’s all so safe here. And it’s not all about Bush either – any of those APEC leaders could be a target for some looney.

Plus, some of those violent tossers who are threatening to cause all sorts of chaos at the protest on Saturday are part of the reason for some much security too. I think peaceful protests are a great thing, but I truly hope the Police beat the living crap out of the ones who cause trouble.

Thumper 10:56 am 06 Sep 07

beat to a pulp…

Thumper 10:55 am 06 Sep 07


in Asian countries they just shoot anyone that looks slightly suspicious.

Or if not shoot, at least to a pulp.

sepi 9:51 am 06 Sep 07

Surely the wall they built at huge expense was unneccessary. They don’t do that when the Asian countries host APEC do they?

I think the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

GnT 9:27 am 06 Sep 07

It’s supposed to showcase Sydney on the world stage. But the dignitaries wont get to see the city pulsing with life, tourists at the Opera House, buskers at Circular Quay, masses of boats on the harbour, they won’t even get to see the animals at Taronga Zoo. They’ll go home and say “Sydney is a dead, boring city”.

By the way, do you think if Dubya went for a morning walk with 2 security guards, like JW, that anything would happen? I reckon they (we?) have necessitated all this OTT security due to a culture of fear. Then again, if he went out without his security detail and something did happen, there’d be hell to pay.

Thumper 8:07 am 06 Sep 07

I can’t see what the problem is.

Sydney is hosting APEC this year. So what? It should be seen as a bonus to Australians that 21 world leaders considered this country good enough to hold the meeting.

But then again, it’s just another Howard bashing exercise for all and sundry….

asp 12:29 am 06 Sep 07

“Showcase Sydney on the world stage” I believe was one of the reasons given. Though I think that’s what the Olympics were for.

Deadmandrinking 11:57 pm 05 Sep 07

V8, I agree. What’s the point of having them in a major population centre if no-one is going to see them? It’s not like they’re really doing anything anyway – nothing that’s not properly handled through secret telephone calls and behind-closed-door handshakes. Screw them. This is yet another nail being quickly hammered shut on the coffin of the Howard Government.

justme78 9:25 pm 05 Sep 07

Hubby is in Sydney working for APEC, and he’s just called me from a pub near the Intercontinental to say that they’ve been locked into the area – there are big gates up and they’ve been locked closed. When he asked security how long they’d be locked they said they couldn’t tell him. I guess I can think of worse places to be locked in, at least he’s got the pub!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:57 pm 05 Sep 07

Why don’t they just rent out a whole Whitsunday Island or something? Nicer than Sydney, no room for protesters (or even opportunity to get there), armed forces patrols sea and air. Easy! And, it doesn’t disrupt normal life.

boomacat 7:12 pm 05 Sep 07

Sydney can keep the APEC chaos.

I feel sorry for the small business people that have had their trade completely buggerred for a whole week so that little Johnny can play big grown up world leader with his mate Dubya.


asp 3:53 pm 05 Sep 07

Telegraph website didn’t have comment enable for this story so I though I post the following remark in responce to a comment by Dubya here.

“”I’m looking forward to you buying me lunch today. I’m a meat guy,”
-George W “dubya” Bush (quote from Telegraph)

Doesn’t he mean “i’m a meathead”

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