Sydney-siders escape to Canberra

GnT 5 September 2007 30

The big national news this week is APEC, and with Sydney in lockdown, Australian Capital Tourism is hoping people will come here. Even if it is just on their way to the snow or the coast, Canberra could stand to benefit from APEC while Sydney businesses are feeling the pinch.

In some ways I think APEC should be hosted by Canberra, being the national capital, but from a practical point of view I’m glad it’s them dealing with all this BS not us.

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30 Responses to Sydney-siders escape to Canberra
Ralph Ralph 12:01 am 08 Sep 07

So that’s the best you can come up with? I’ll let the admins know next week where you can contact me, for my VB.

pierce pierce 10:14 pm 07 Sep 07


Ralph Ralph 8:55 pm 07 Sep 07

Let it be offical then that pieeerce has officaly backed out of this one.

She was on a hiding to nothing to start with.

Of course I know you would scoff at VB, with you being a champagne sipping elitist.

So what was it you were arguing again? Something to do with left wingers (as usual). Actually to start with I don’t think you were arguing anything, except that there would be no violence at APEC.

Yes pieerce, you are a tool.

Run along now.

pierce pierce 9:52 am 07 Sep 07

No Ralph, I think I’ll stick to my original terms, as “cars torched” is more quantifiable and VB sits just a smidge about Fosters, Powers and XXXX.

I’m glad to see you that you’ve recognised your OTT hyperbole for what it is though and are now furiously backpedalling away from it. Shame it only takes a quick scroll up for anyone to see that was no “may” anywhere in the prophecy of doom.

I’m happy for everbody (sic) to make up their own minds – given that even though we may disagree on some matters, most people here are able to construct an argument containing more than simple Faux news style naysaying or name-calling.

Ralph Ralph 8:04 pm 06 Sep 07

No pierce, I said violent protests, which may include cars getting torched.

You’re on.

Before you lose, everbody already knows you’re a tool.

Box of VB.

pierce pierce 4:37 pm 06 Sep 07

By the by Thumper – Gandhi’s method was civil disobedience – just more of a “beat us over the head with your clubs until you get tired” form.

pierce pierce 4:33 pm 06 Sep 07

Ok, so you can’t embed youtube video in comments – try here

If you can’t be bothered, Quebec police had to admit that three officers were exposed dressed as protesters at a quiet protest when they refused to put down rocks in their hands when asked to by protest organisers.

pierce pierce 4:31 pm 06 Sep 07

Cars getting torched? You’re on ralph

The wager – loser has to post “I was wrong, I’m a tool” 100 times if this happens.

As for what role police might play in protest violence – I’d like to think it wouldn’t happen here but there are precedents internationally.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:39 pm 06 Sep 07

Pierce, the problem is that there ARE idiots amongst the protest groups who will resort to violence because they’re stupid a-holes: which of course spoils it for the genuinely peaceful protesters who march for whatever reason. No doubt there will again be 500 different placards on display with everything from anti-war sentiments to global warming to abortion to womyns rights, etc.

I’m wondering if many people turn out on Saturday, because all this talk of potential violence will no doubt deter a lot of people. I don’t believe this is a deliberate Police ploy or anything though.

Thumper Thumper 3:23 pm 06 Sep 07

That looks like a reputable website there Caf….

You aren’t saying that all the trouble with the G20 was caused by police are you?

I actually believe that everyone has the right to protest, however, they do not have the right to conduct civil disobedience and to harass people who are doing nothing more than their job.

As such, that’s why I advocate the Ghandi method.

I went along to an anti Hansen rally at the National Press Club many years ago and was disgusted by the way many of the protesters acted. The people who were attending the Hansen speech were spat on, yelled at, ridiculed and probably feared for their safety.

Indeed, lots of people there were appalled at this behaviour. It was, in an ironic way, a restriction on free speech.

Anyway, it’ll all be over soon and Sydney can go back to Melbourne and canberra bashing instead, and we’ll have an election as well (thank god, i’ve had enough of this phoney war…)

Ralph Ralph 3:20 pm 06 Sep 07

I call you, pierce.

Violent protests will occur this Saturday, with peoples’ private property destroyed, cars torched etc.

Want to bet otherwise?

And what happens to the issues the protesters are trying to raise?

All their issues are poppycock.

caf caf 3:12 pm 06 Sep 07

Anticipating, or planning?

Thumper Thumper 2:53 pm 06 Sep 07

Besides, it’s just Sydneysiders whinging 🙂

Thumper Thumper 2:52 pm 06 Sep 07

I’d say that they are anticipating the rioting that occured in Melbourne with G20 (was it G20?)

pierce pierce 2:21 pm 06 Sep 07

Where exactly did all this talk about violent protesters come from anyway?

The best evidence the cops could come up with is that someone maybe published a flyer for the hardcore anarchists (who would potentially make up around .1% of the whole protest) saying that a hanky doused in vinegar counters tear gas and it might be a good idea to wear runners.

They found no secret army of anarcho-ninjas out there, no plans to do anything but march and chant and sell copies of green left weekly as far as I can see.

You’d almost think that the powers that be want a bit of civic strife, the way they’re trying to pump everyone up. (Reminds me a little of the leadup to Cronulla actually)

And what happens to the issues the protesters are trying to raise? Silenced in the fear campaign.

I call shenanigans.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:24 pm 06 Sep 07

i like violent protests because of my deep passion for chaos/disaster etc – of course viewed from afar. I wanna see some shite go down – it makes for great TV.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:20 pm 06 Sep 07

But Thumper, the protesters are doing it all for us – because they care!

I must admit, I can’t wait to see the carnage when the water cannon lets rip! 🙂

Thumper Thumper 12:42 pm 06 Sep 07

Yep, Ghandi’s passive resistance appeals to me.

Afterall, how can you protest against the war in Iraq whilst using violence to get your point across?

A tad hypocritical methinks.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:23 pm 06 Sep 07

Quite frankly I am sick to death of hearing how much of an inconvenience APEC is to Sydney! The media (and some Sydneysiders) constantly say that Sydney should be the capital city of Australia anyway, but when an event like this occurs they whinge about all the hassle it creates!

I’d rather have all this security, rather than take the risk of having a foreign leader topped because we all like to think it’s all so safe here. And it’s not all about Bush either – any of those APEC leaders could be a target for some looney.

Plus, some of those violent tossers who are threatening to cause all sorts of chaos at the protest on Saturday are part of the reason for some much security too. I think peaceful protests are a great thing, but I truly hope the Police beat the living crap out of the ones who cause trouble.

Thumper Thumper 10:56 am 06 Sep 07

beat to a pulp…

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