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Tag lines for the pool room

By johnboy - 29 September 2006 69

As there appears to be no news this morning (Go Brumbies!) let’s amuse ourselves otherwise,

It’s been a while since we put more witticisms into the byline so let’s have some suggestions.

Be it something said about RiotACT, it’s owners, or something amusing said here about others.

Knock yourselves out.

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
Tag lines for the pool room
Maelinar 12:02 pm 29 Sep 06

Auto-nomination is fine. Johnboy September 2006

johnboy 11:56 am 29 Sep 06

Well done Mr. Shab! Not at all what Simto was attributing to me.

And yes, auto-nomination is fine.

Danman 11:34 am 29 Sep 06

I blame Dj’s death entirely on the police – Rach in the whole “David McLaughlin’s family and friends get their say” saga

Mr_Shab 11:33 am 29 Sep 06

I dunno how saying (and I paraphrase) “Most contributors on RiotACT are good people, but there are some real fucking wankers out there” can be misquoted or taken out of context, JB.

And yes – I did download the podcast.

If you’re prepared to quote the podcasts, there’s some gold out there.

Smackbang 11:31 am 29 Sep 06

can i nominate myself?! from the thread about the siev x memorial: “so many angry, angry people”.

snahon 11:17 am 29 Sep 06

Comments made by me do not necessarily reflect the views held by me.

captainwhorebags 11:11 am 29 Sep 06

“I’m a staunch dragway supporter, and all you leso commo pinko greenos can go and fuck off, your arguments are bullshit and I laugh at them.” – Vic Bitterman in the Tharwa Bridge piece.

johnboy 11:07 am 29 Sep 06

c’mon, give me examples

terubo 11:00 am 29 Sep 06

Anything from the polite, friendly and civilised exchange between vg and Big Al recently, should do…

johnboy 10:58 am 29 Sep 06

I believe i have been both misquoted AND been taken out of context, in any event you’ll all have to listen to the podcast.

simto 10:50 am 29 Sep 06

What was the line from your podcast, JB? Somethign about there being an awful lot of tossers here?

Absent Diane 10:48 am 29 Sep 06

everything I say is dripping in (nit)wit

VYBerlinaV8 10:45 am 29 Sep 06

I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.


Mr_Shab 10:38 am 29 Sep 06

How about:

“…softhead…” – Bonfire on anyone.

Speaking of which, we haven’t had a knock-down, drag-out for a while. Somebody post something on speed cameras.

el 10:32 am 29 Sep 06

Don’t know if it slipped under the radar or was deemed unworthy, but I nominated Big Al’s “I think that it’s rude to accuse someone of reading the Canberra Times” last week.

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