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Taser used in West Belconnen

By johnboy - 2 November 2006 39

JJJ of all things is reporting that a taser was used on blueing drunks in West Belconnen (where else?) over the weekend.

Anyone know anything more?

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Taser used in West Belconnen
evee 1:34 pm 02 Nov 06

I witnessed something this morning outside of Kippax Fair. Some bogan pretending to talk on a public phone but just saying one word very loudly every now and again…”FUCK!! FUCK!!!” Now there was someone in depserate need of a taser.

Funnily enough, not many people seemed upset or concerned. This behaviour has become the norm it seems.

Heavs 1:18 pm 02 Nov 06

So was it at the Leagues Club or that classy joint known as Magpies?

Thumper 12:46 pm 02 Nov 06

Possibly, but one must remember than a sucking chest wound is Gods way of telling you that your money is out and that you are soon to be on first name terms with a lot of dead people.

boomacat 12:41 pm 02 Nov 06

Perhaps they weren’t drunk at all and were actually overcome with violent emotions after having viewed the fan fence installation?

Thumper 12:40 pm 02 Nov 06

And I’d like to see some concrete stats that tell us how many people per 1000 head of population die from being zapped.

I’m pretty sure it will be lower than those shot.

Thumper 12:38 pm 02 Nov 06

It is a concern, without doubt.

However, how many lives will they actually save?

I’d rather be tasered than shot. A 9mm in your chest can really ruin your day.

Absent Diane 12:38 pm 02 Nov 06

pissed dickheads brawling are hardly violent crims. just young testosterone filled wankers. If they accidentally die because of being tazerised thats a big liability for the cops.. killing someone with a weapon is one thing.. but killing people accidentally for brawling… yeah there is a whole bunch of issues there.

FC 12:33 pm 02 Nov 06

Well it is a concern , because if the police are using the tasers to temporarily immobilise someone not to kill them and then ppl die from it then it kinda defeats the point of the taser gun. They could use their guns if they wanted to kill.
The guy in the US was only 17yrs old too.

snahon 12:29 pm 02 Nov 06

not a concern at all really – if they weren’t fighting they wouldn’t have been tasered.

Absent Diane 12:23 pm 02 Nov 06

I agree but wasn’t there that case in the US yesterday where some weirdo died as result of being tazerised. which is obviously a concern.

FC 12:14 pm 02 Nov 06

I think its good that they are using them. To be fair I don’t really know the full effects of them, but why should the cops have to get in the middle of a brawl and get injured.
Stiff shit to those who got tased -easy lesson – don’t fight

VYBerlinaV8 12:07 pm 02 Nov 06

If you’re pissed and bluing and don’t stop and take it elsewhere when the cops show up you are getting what you deserve. Farks sake, why should the cops put up with that sort of crap? Behave in a socially responsible way and it won’t happen to you.

Thumper 11:23 am 02 Nov 06

Damn! My local watering hole and I wasn’t there!

Well, okay, I was for a short while on Saturday but I saw no crispy critters.

KandyA 11:22 am 02 Nov 06

heard a bit on the radio, the police spokeswoman was unable to confirm anything more detailled than that day follows night, because it is an ONGOING matter, but it was divulged that it is the 15th use of a taser in the ACT, and only 9 such uses have involved someone being tasered. And someone got arrested. Not necessarily the same person that was tasered. Also unalbe to be divulged was their age, sex, or any other details.
I can add to this that I cannot divulge what radio station I was listening to on account of having an ONGOING problem with my memory

terubo 11:06 am 02 Nov 06

-Might help explain Kerces’ photo below.

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