Taser used in West Belconnen

johnboy 2 November 2006 39

JJJ of all things is reporting that a taser was used on blueing drunks in West Belconnen (where else?) over the weekend.

Anyone know anything more?

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39 Responses to Taser used in West Belconnen
TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 9:42 am 10 Nov 06

I too thought the Taser was for people with weapons. I know of one time it was used(twice)because they had trouble getting someone into the back of the paddywagon.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:28 am 06 Nov 06

thankfully for me I wasnt born there!.. LOL

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:10 am 06 Nov 06

aren’t all queanbeyan chicks born with excessive hair on the backs.. and donkey teeth?

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:05 am 06 Nov 06

“Booner heartland in West Belco or Tuggers? F$cking amateurs – come and visit Queanbeyan.”

Just in response to VYBerlinaV8’s comment… how god damn true! Though Queanbeyan does of course sport some intellectual, well dressed and normal people if you look hard enough…

aich jay aich jay 5:04 pm 03 Nov 06

Every time I go to the Belconnen mall I wish I had a taser.

Don;t polic still carry clubs/nightsticks? Surely a swift whack to the back of the legs with that would stop the brawling…?

I though the idea of tasers was not to use them on brawling drunken bogan idiots, but on machete/knife/katan-wielding nut-jubs who they’d otherwise have to shoot – the taser offer an option to immobilise someone who they can’t actually wlak up to and tackle but, because it’s not a firearm, to get away with not killing them. If the cops can’t break up a bar fight without a projectile weapon they shouldn’t be on the beat. (If there were 10 odd brawlers to the 2 cops it’d be different, I guess.)

snahon snahon 4:20 pm 03 Nov 06

Nothing like a good ol’ stroll through qbn on pension day to see a broad represenation of the members of the human sub-species homo-boganus.

S4anta S4anta 2:00 pm 03 Nov 06

high five evee, The DaVinci Code is bringing down the understanding of fiction and non-fiction alike, across the globe.

evee evee 12:58 pm 03 Nov 06

I remember once doing a self defence course in Brisbane and the instructor trying to seel us some kind of taser ‘under the table’ so to speak. Imagine if you used one illegaly against an attacker and then had to face court because of it?

I think bogans ARE australia, and you have got dodgy areas everywhere. But the aspirational ones…the ‘Cubs’…(Cashed up Bogans) are the worst. I tolerate them due to circumstance, but I vow never to own a four wheel drive, a big screen tv, or read the da vinci code for as long as I live.

Lets just rename Australia as ‘Struggle Street’.

snahon snahon 12:57 pm 03 Nov 06

FC – I still stand by my comments – if they weren’t fighting the cops wouldn’t have felt the need to use the taser.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:58 am 03 Nov 06

I thought they were only supposed to use tasers in situations where they would otherwise use a firearm, eg against an armed assailant. Guess we’ll find out all the circumstances later; then again, if this is the 9th time somebody’s been zapped, maybe not.

FC FC 9:17 am 03 Nov 06

Queanbo definetly beats any place in canberra for booners.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 9:13 am 03 Nov 06

Booner heartland in West Belco or Tuggers? F$cking amateurs – come and visit Queanbeyan.

boomacat boomacat 8:55 pm 02 Nov 06

“Troyanne, get ‘ere ya little bastard!”…


As for Booner heartland, that is easy Tuggeranong.

Special G Special G 4:42 pm 02 Nov 06

Shaniece… noice!

evee evee 2:39 pm 02 Nov 06

I know its become really bad in this area. But where to move, chances are they are everywhere!! My daughter has a friend at school and her name is Shaniece…its like a combination of Shane and Denise, now thats bogan. Next someone will call their kid Troyanne

Special G Special G 2:32 pm 02 Nov 06

Yet how many people die because they have fallen over outside a pub in a harmless brawl. I am betting its more than people who have died from being tasered.

FC FC 2:06 pm 02 Nov 06

I hope not. They are putting an aldi at my local.
There is enough booners already!!

KandyA KandyA 1:58 pm 02 Nov 06

I think you’ll find that Aldi put their store for that reason
after all, West Belco remains the Booner heartland

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:54 pm 02 Nov 06

you could be onto something there andy… aldi attracts mega bogans.

S4anta S4anta 1:53 pm 02 Nov 06

perhaps a few of the girls had to punch on at the eighteenth of royal belco to work out who got the last cucumber sandwich (ladies day is wednesday i hear).

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