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Taxi Bashings

By Maelinar - 16 January 2008 57

The ABC are reporting here and here about the ACT Government employing security guards to protect taxi drivers.

Personally, I think its a waste of taxpayers money and not a Government responsibility to provide personalised protection squads to niche groups. The police have a role, and they should be able to respond accordingly – if they have failed in that duty, then appropriate action should be taken, rather than appointing security guards willy-nilly.

 I don’t see the ACT Government co-funding the security guard outside the ANZ bank is another great example of a business looking after it’s own damn interests.

Over to the Rioters.

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Taxi Bashings
vandam 8:07 pm 16 Jan 08

I konw your fishing for a bite, but beta get your facts right first! in the last week 10 tickets were issued to cabbies! From the start Cabbies, have made this bigger than it needed, purely to get the Govt to do something. i suspect it may have something to do with the bad press recently with cabbies and their wandering hands!

JD114 6:09 pm 16 Jan 08

According to the Canberra Times today it seems the cops are acting like little cry babies, petulant pricks apparently. One would expect a bit more maturity than a high school level of retribution for a perceived slight following their dragging of the heels the other night…

Ingeegoodbee 5:06 pm 16 Jan 08

How about putting in a boom-gate like at the air port and hitting the customers for the $2 or whatever it costs the cabbie – that money could fund the purchase of a bloody big stick which could be used to administer punishment to people stupid enough to be out drunk in town after mid-night.

Dante 4:49 pm 16 Jan 08

Guys, there are now TWO taxi companies operating in Canberra. Canberra/Elite Cabs, and Cabxpress.

Security was provided by Canberra/Elite previously, until Cabxpress entered into the game. As soon as this happened, Canberra/Elite pulled their security guards.

No point saying ‘the taxi company should pay’ when there’s more than one around.

Mr Evil 4:45 pm 16 Jan 08

I hope the taxi marshals all have personalities like Lleyton Hewett: then that’ll make things interesting for all involved.

Skidbladnir 4:17 pm 16 Jan 08

No longer will young or vulnerable women be (allegedly) molested by taxi drivers while alone…
Young or vulnerable drunk women can instead get molested by someone who lives nearby, because the Marshalls hook them up together?

Sammy 4:10 pm 16 Jan 08

Which is roughly how the Action Nightrider service operated, was it not? (only cheaper)

Sammy 4:09 pm 16 Jan 08

And there was talk of a fixed cost per passenger arrangement. For example, if the cab companies agree that a fare to the outer limits of Belconnen is worth $40, and the taxi takes four passengers, then each passenger pays $10.

Sammy 4:08 pm 16 Jan 08

The point you’re all missing is that part of this plan is to enable the Taxi marshalls to organise mass bookings of taxis to the suburbs.

“Mr Barr said the Nightlink trial, which will start in about a month if agreement is reached tomorrow, will see special marshals organise rides so that people travelling in the same general direction travel together, thereby reducing the time that patrons have to wait for a taxi.”

pelican 3:38 pm 16 Jan 08

I have to agree. It smacks of corporate welfare and should be a cost of doing business just as hiring a bouncer is for a nightclub etc. We will pay for it one way or the other either through taxes or fares.

What about targetting the problem rather than the bandaid solution.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 3:28 pm 16 Jan 08

I think this should be funded by the Taxi company. Surely they are responsible for the wellbeing of their staff.

Mr Evil 2:58 pm 16 Jan 08

Taxi drivers must be the most pampered group in Australian society, after the Irwin family.

Why can’t Canberra Cabs fork out for this?

Mælinar 2:17 pm 16 Jan 08

Where did I go wrong to make it like this ?

Or is that just too much UB40 in one sentence ?

Jazz 2:15 pm 16 Jan 08

better mael?

Mælinar 2:10 pm 16 Jan 08

I hate links.

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