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Taxi Bashings

By Maelinar 16 January 2008 57

The ABC are reporting here and here about the ACT Government employing security guards to protect taxi drivers.

Personally, I think its a waste of taxpayers money and not a Government responsibility to provide personalised protection squads to niche groups. The police have a role, and they should be able to respond accordingly – if they have failed in that duty, then appropriate action should be taken, rather than appointing security guards willy-nilly.

 I don’t see the ACT Government co-funding the security guard outside the ANZ bank is another great example of a business looking after it’s own damn interests.

Over to the Rioters.

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Taxi Bashings
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DJ 12:20 am 19 Jan 08

Ingee, give yourself an upper cut. Several – you are on par with Eastman and his ilk.

WTF are the plods doing about it? How about you use some of your obvious wisdom. Share with us what they should be doing. I am forever amazed at the ignorance displayed by people like Ingee and co (CT included). Come on, part with a gem of modern law enforcement that would make you feel safer when you take off your aluminum beanie and join the rest of the population….

Going back a bit? 25 years at least I would say. Take your medication and have a long lie down.

Doctor Evil 11:51 am 18 Jan 08

Ingee, nothing wrong with getting stuck into the slacker members of the PS as a whole, but you come across as having a massive chip on your shoulder in regards to the AFP. To the point of being scary.

Ingeegoodbee 11:45 am 18 Jan 08

Thumper, this was going back a bit now. When the original Graham “Dolly” Dwyer was running it you used to get a bunch of regular uniforms and the occasional detective hanging around out the back – scotch was served in coffee mugs and if you wanted a beer it was slipped into a hot dog bag. It was pretty popular.

Thumper 11:34 am 18 Jan 08

Nope, passed out next to it though.

But are you seriously telling me that unifrmed cops are on the juice at midnight in civic?

I’d really like to see some evidence of that.

Ingeegoodbee 11:32 am 18 Jan 08

“Yeah, I guess they do sit around in uniform and get plastered…”

Thumper, I’m guessing that you never ducked around the back of the old Dolly’s van after midnight.

Ingeegoodbee 11:28 am 18 Jan 08

Doctor E, if expecting public servants to do the job they’re paid to do is “nuts” then yeah, you could call me that.

But David Eastman I aint. I actually met the guy once as part of an investigation into illegal collection of Aboriginal artefacts from the Canberra area. The man’s a genuine fruit-cake.

Doctor Evil 11:08 am 18 Jan 08

Is Ingee really David Eastman, or does he just sound like him (i.e. nuts)?

Ingeegoodbee 9:54 am 18 Jan 08

Seems like I’ve managed to turn over a rock hear and it’s curious to see all the low-life having a go as they scuttle off to find another place to hide.

If taxi driver’s really are as bad as the AFP would have us believe, then WTF are the plods doing about it? You’d imagine that our puffed up public servants in blue should be out there enforcing the law rather than fannying about.

And as for homo-erotic fantasy people – you’ve got to be joking! The AFP takes the cake in that department and the brass at the top lead by example – you might forget that the immediate past “head” of local policing come to grief in circumstances that make Michael Hutchins demise look like an unfortunate accident. And then there’s ol’ Mick Kelty who loves nothing more than bending over for his masters whenever the opportunity for a good flip-flop arises.

Thumper 8:54 am 18 Jan 08

Antisocial behaviour by the cops?


Yeah, I guess they do sit around in uniform and get plastered ot the Moose, then go out and harass little old ladies, get into fights, eat late night pizzas and kebabs, chase kittens up trees, steal your letterboxes.

What is society coming to? Won’t someone think of the children?

Special G 5:46 am 18 Jan 08

Antisocial behaviour by cops, no matter how much justified by strict interpretation of the law, is a misguided policy that eventually causes problems that could have been avoided by application of some commonsense.

unfortunately in my experience the 20% or so of cops who don’t possesss common sense reflect badly on the remainder.

Comment by JD114 — 17 January, 2008 @ 1:50 pm

I am wondering what the cops antisocial behaviour is that JD is referring to? Is that the giving of tickets? Commonsense says catch it early and it will stop.

Try this for an article – Police activily target taxi drivers – top cop says ‘we have identified a distinct drop in the standard of driving and behaviour amongst the cities professional drivers. They have indicated that they are above the Australian Road Rules and these laws need to be enforced. —

Could you ever see it happening? not likely
Would taxi drivers obey the road rules? I am tipping they would? Who hasn’t almost been run over by a taxi driving twice the speed limit through the bus interchange?

Headbone 3:24 am 18 Jan 08

LOL Dr Evil, on the contrary, it would appear that Ingee probably enjoyed that taste a bit too much. Just so this post has some relevance other than sledging Ingee – I agree with Maelinar.

Doctor Evil 10:28 pm 17 Jan 08

I think Ingee may have experienced a period of incarceration that has left a bad taste in his mouth 😉

Headbone 10:11 pm 17 Jan 08

Ingee, you are an intellectual minnow ( I love fishing and fishing related words). Your comment was irrelevant amd puerile. The post clearly demonstrated my point – YOU ARE AN IDIOT. When you have something sensible to add, please do so. Until then keep your homosexual fantasies to yourself.

Deadmandrinking 9:10 pm 17 Jan 08

But what is wrong with providing some extra manpower to keep order? Everyone knows the police need more numbers and funding. Security dealing with some of the bum jobs could do a lot to ease the stress.

Special G 8:11 pm 17 Jan 08

Ingee’s head in the sand I hate cops comments haven’t been seen for a little while. A couple of did you knows:

1 -There is a fine if a taxi driver doesn’t help put your bags in the car.
2 – There used to be fines for standard of dress and neatness in cabs although they were repealed. Since then standards have dropped – anyone surprised?
3 – If Police actually targetted them as they suggest there would be few on the road. If you doubt this have a look at the cabs on the road – cutting people off, speeding, going through stop signs, red/yellow lights etc… They don’t exactly set an example as professional drivers.

On a similar kind of thread – The ACT could save plenty of money by setting fines for minor offences, such as common assault, offensive behaviour, low range DUI, as per other states (NSW,VIC, SA – that I know of) other than handling these through the courts (costing bucketloads. Same as a ticket if people wish to dispute it they can go to court and argue their case.

DJ 6:22 pm 17 Jan 08

Ingee it would appear that Headbone is right… you are an idiot. You too fearlessfly. No cops in Garema Place? Idiot.

Taxi drivers in both the ACT and elsewhere are well known for their approach to Police – they will say anything to get off an infringment… or redirect the public spotlight.

While you may think that small infringments are petty these people are supposed to be professional however over the years it has been demonstrated over and over again that many fall short. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a taxi driver with all their points and to know that they are competent?

Generally speaking their driving standards are poor and their knowledge of where to go is even lower. Who hasn’t given a taxi driver directions?

As for the CT. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. To all the well informed that read Riot you would be able to regularly point out inconsistencies in the stories CT print. To those that can’t obviously you have your heads in the sand.

Dante 4:34 pm 17 Jan 08

Never said it would do quell violence or stop people buying drinks… but if the Government wanted to be seen as acting, there’s a quick win for them 😛

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