Taxi Driver gets a little too frisky

Jazz 9 January 2008 36

Every now and then I hear a piece of office gossip that sounds too outrageous to be true. In this case, it really was, and a short search later I came accross this on ABC Online. It seems that in the early hours of the New Year one particular cabbie thought he’d try and get a ride, rather than just giving one, to the surprise of his female passenger.

naughty boy.

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36 Responses to Taxi Driver gets a little too frisky
Jazz Jazz 1:24 pm 09 Jan 08

my god, two isolated incidents. it must happen to everyone.

stan you are also a dickhead. you too have missed the point of my humor. fuck me, i’ll change my use of language to keep you lot happy. heaven forbid someone have morbid humor from time to time

and sands, i’m sorry to hear that, but to say it is endemic based on your two cases seems a bit steep.

Sands Sands 1:07 pm 09 Jan 08

Someone I know personally used to drive taxis while he was studying and bragged about how often he’d get it on with drunk female passengers. Suffice to say we are not friends.

I also had a friend who had a really bad experience.

stan_bowles stan_bowles 12:22 pm 09 Jan 08

“This is the only incident of its type that i’ve heard of.”

Here you go Jazz, more hilarity for you:

Jazz Jazz 12:13 pm 09 Jan 08

interesting claim Sands. How do you know this behaviour is commonplace without any reports of how often it occurs? This is the only incident of its type that i’ve heard of.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:08 pm 09 Jan 08

“Perhaps people should read the original post again before getting all hysterical.”

No, that’d never work!

Lowey Lowey 11:56 am 09 Jan 08

Perhaps people should read the original post again before getting all hysterical.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:48 am 09 Jan 08

Yep, either he was mentally retarded or had huge cojones. If I was the boyfriend, I would have produced a kick punch to the neck followed by a cab bolt.

Typsy McStaggers Typsy McStaggers 11:39 am 09 Jan 08

Yeah well I thought it was like humour, only different. It makes even odder that he should try it on with the boyfriend there, that really does make it sound like this cabbie is seriously ill and makes you wonder what would be next on his agenda.

Sands Sands 11:33 am 09 Jan 08

This behaviour is commonplace and I imagine goes unreported for the majority given the victim might be drunk and embarrassed.

I doubt this would be the first time this dirty old creep tried it on and who knows how successful he was on the previous attempts.

They’re hardly priests or teachers, but they are still in a position of trust which makes the abuse all the worse.

I’m with Mr Evil. Crush his nuts THEN send him to summernats.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:13 am 09 Jan 08

And to think, all he had to do was drive out to the Nats, and no one would have said a thing if he’d tried this on! 🙁

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:09 am 09 Jan 08


Thumper Thumper 8:27 am 09 Jan 08

I’d say that is quite normal.

Besides, the taxi driver was probably misinterpreted due to cultural misunderstandings.


DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 8:04 am 09 Jan 08

Gotta love how people defend themselves when lots of others have a go at them.

Now that’s funny.

Jazz Jazz 6:46 pm 08 Jan 08

you’re missing the point of my humor. it was more that the office gossip was so outrageous as to be real and that some clown taxi driver would be stupid enough to do that and think he could get away with it..

you know “haha you cant be serious.. no it seems you are. what an idiot”

get a grip people

sepi sepi 5:55 pm 08 Jan 08

Where is the funny bit – you’ve linked to an indecent assault of an 18 year old?

GnT GnT 5:43 pm 08 Jan 08

Sorry Jazz, I’m with caf and toriness. Not funny.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:31 pm 08 Jan 08

Dirty old men need love too!

This guy should have his nuts crushed by a monkey.

toriness toriness 4:27 pm 08 Jan 08

jazz – if you thought this story was hilarious, you must have split your sides and wet your pants laughing at that guy in queensland who raped and murdered his daughter.

i wonder if you would think the story was so amusing if it was your friend or sister who was assaulted by some festy old man. disgusting.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:56 pm 08 Jan 08

ACT Policing’s release on the same incident.

Apparently the assaulted woman and her boyfriend were getting a ride home at the time, so the alleged offender sounds like a knob.

caf caf 3:36 pm 08 Jan 08

I don’t think it’s amusing in the slightest. It’s not the first time something along these lines has happened here recently, either.

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