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Ted Quinlan pulls the pin on his political career.

By johnboy - 27 January 2006 27

ABC Online is reporting that Treasurer and voice of sanity in the ACT Assembly, Ted Quinlan, is quitting politics in March.

They expect clever clog Andrew Barr to get the vacant position.

UPDATE: Richard Mulcahy has wasted no time in putting out a media release praising Ted and questioning the competence of a ted-less Labor Government.

“In a Territory Government dominated by the high-spending members of the left faction, I can sympathise with Mr Quinlan’s frustration in being unable to manage the territory’s budget against these forces.

“I expect that Mr Corbell will be handed the role of Treasurer and it will be one of life’s mysteries as to how he will balance his propensity for high cost and ill-considered proposals such as the busway with the need to demonstrate restraint and control over government expenditure.

The Chief Minister has also paid tribute:

His departure from Government will leave a huge gap.

Interestingly there is, at this time (15.28), no statement by Ted on his page.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times coverage is now up. Also many people are reading a lot into an old note on Mike Hettinger’s web-page in which he seems to think back in 2004 that he’s got the numbers to fill any labor vacancies. And Mike really is a rocket scientist!

ANOTHER UPDATE AND A BUMP TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE: ABC Online is now reporting Ted saying he thought he was going to lose Treasury in the forthcoming reshuffle anyway. (Also this is one story where the comments are well worth reading)

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27 Responses to
Ted Quinlan pulls the pin on his political career.
Thumper 12:25 pm 27 Jan 06


well kingmaker is a, well, kingmaker…


Indi 9:24 am 27 Jan 06

kingmaker – you sound like the type with the inside knowledge

Thumper 12:13 pm 26 Jan 06

That was supposed to say,

‘I think I will miss Ted.’

Gumby fingers on the keyboard.

Thumper 12:12 pm 26 Jan 06

I think I will Ted, not just because he seemed to be a voice of snity in the wilderness that is ACT politics, but for his dry wit and even drier oratory skills.

As much as I am against a lot of the ALPs policies in the ACT I think to fill with the talent available at present.

kingmaker 10:46 am 26 Jan 06

It seems that if Andrew Barr gets the gig as the next member, he’d have to go straight to the front bench. The Labor Party back bench is poor – Karin will never be the Minister for anything, Mary sholud resign in the same fashion as Ted, and Mick is only good for reading what the others put in front of him.

In fact, the lack of talent on the Govt backbench is only matched by the spectacularly poor performances of Pratt and Burke – maybe they should step down as well so the Libs can find some talent of their own?

por 10:03 pm 25 Jan 06

Please not Simon Call-in as treasurer.

Indi 8:55 pm 25 Jan 06

I wonder if the CM will promote any of the backbenches to the front bench or just keep a 4 member executive.

He’d have to keep treasury all for himself, there’s no way he’s so shortsighted to see that Mr Corbell or Ms Gallagher, with their potential spending habits, would send the town broke…heaven help us, the next incoming govt (whoever that maybe) will be whoring itself to the Feds if either of those two get hold of the purse strings.

Picture the Planning Minister, who believes that everyone in this town thinks we need a busway, also has the chequebook!

Kerces 7:15 pm 25 Jan 06

Brendan Smyth’s now got his own release out on the matter.

He compares Ted’s move to that of Bob Carr, saying it resembles “a rat abandoning a sinking ship”.

He too notes the lack of backbench talent that many of the comments above allude too.

Also ABC News tonight was saying Ms Gallagher would probably be the frontrunner for the deputy job.

bonfire 5:32 pm 25 Jan 06

if we see cabbage busking, it will be a complete rerun of the cain/kirner fiasco.

areaman 4:40 pm 25 Jan 06

this time with not broken html:

From memory it was neck and neck between Barr and the always unpredictable (and exclamation point loving) Mike Hettinger. Though I guess that Quinlan’s votes would be more likely to go to fellow right winger Barr than Hettinger, indeed I’d say that getting Barr in and established would be one of the reasons Quinlan quit at this point in the cycle.

areaman 4:38 pm 25 Jan 06
kimba 4:11 pm 25 Jan 06

Ted has been a good performer in what has been an economically and morally bankrupt government. Wouldn’t be surprised if Nero takes on Treasurer himself as there is no talent to step up apart from Corbell.

Looks like Barr will be the new MLA – the ‘pink’ brigade will be celebrating at Cube tonight!

And Deb is moving out of her public house – politics is never boring in our fair city!

barking toad 4:07 pm 25 Jan 06

Suspect this has been on the cards for a while and, while Mulcahy’s press release smacks of political opportunism, there is no doubt some element of truth in what he says.

Quinlan is too sensible to forever put up with hippie projects like hyperspeed buses, aboretums and bills of rights when grass isn’t being cut, potholes aren’t filled and the health system is fucked.

Just a pity he’s an essendon supporter otherwise he’d be a good bloke.

Thumper 3:38 pm 25 Jan 06

Hmmm. The sane one leaving. Was he pushed? I guess we’ll never know.

Kerces 3:29 pm 25 Jan 06

So Mr Quinlan’s resignation will force the reshuffle we’ve been hearing is imminent for months now.

What did Ted know?

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