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poptop 24 December 2008 19

Katy is asking for your advice on how to organise the ACT’s Budget for next year.

While she seems to be at pains to remind us that the Rivers of Gold have dried up, she is really interested to hear any suggestions you might have to lead the ACT through these dark economic times.

If you feel like giving her a hand, drop her a line at any time between now and 10 February.

[ED (Kramer) – Meanwhile Zed puts the boot in, saying the goverment will sacrifice election promises to pull the budget back on track. So should we drop some projects? or continue to deliver the promises and run the budget into the ground?]

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19 Responses to Tell them how it’s done!
ilmarinen ilmarinen 2:37 pm 25 Dec 08

Uh yeah canals.. How about we get some real lakes first, i.e. not artifical ones of reclaimed sewage and different types of toxic algae? Might be a good idea to think about conserving water too, like the rest of Australia’s been at least trying to do for a while now.

nyssa76 nyssa76 2:06 pm 25 Dec 08

miz, it was more than likely ‘designed’ by executive teachers who don’t teach more than 2 classes (some I’ve known teach none and still get $78K+).

Some people shouldn’t ever be promoted. They can talk the talk but sure as hell can’t walk the walk.

As for the teacher turn over, just watch what happens when the older teachers are all gone. Some have left now and all these first years are coming out with a smaller cohort of experienced teachers to guide them.

miz miz 11:04 am 25 Dec 08

Nyssa, spot on – Nothing more annoying than seeing the amount of money poured into departmental placements after so many closures.

I am particularly annoyed with the new principal of the newfangled, amalgamated caroline chisholm school. She (presumably on behalf of the dept) seems to think it’s OK to mess with all the things that were great about CCHS – the subschool system (which delivers excellent pastoral care), the superb four-classes-a-day seven day cyclic timetable, the USSR reading program . . . but hey, now they’ve got a chaplain, a youth worker, and an oval they can’t go on because there are not enough teachers to supervise. What’s the betting there is a huge teacher turnover over the next year or so.

And as for the new fixed day timetable, don’t they realise these were phased out thirty years ago so Monday classes (the day most puv hols fall) are not disadvantaged? I can’t believe they are back! Someone has probably spent hours and $$$ reinventing that blinking bent wheel.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:42 pm 24 Dec 08

I like the MLAs catching buses idea. Then they might get to witness the ‘pluses of buses’ BS.

But to be honest, they’ll sell off (if they already haven’t) the school sites which were closed of late. I would’t put it past them.

Or better still, get rid of half the idiots in education getting $100K+ for making BS decisions. There’s some money saved.

winning star winning star 3:52 pm 24 Dec 08

It’s amazing how RIOT ACT always seems to come up with more solutions than MLAs do. Still waiting to here a solution from the Libs and ALP.

Imagine if we had scrapped stamp duty, we’d be even worse off for sure.

PantsMan PantsMan 3:16 pm 24 Dec 08

Budget saving number one: sack the Treasury Department.

miz miz 11:33 am 24 Dec 08

Avoid silly and unnecessary artworks, and instead implement the *new, improved* weekend bus timetable we should have already, that stil hasn’t got up for some reason . . .

and how about a few bins at Pine Island?

peterh peterh 11:32 am 24 Dec 08

all MLA’s catch the bus, sell the ACT govt car fleet, kill off InTACT – redeploy necessary staff to the depts, cancel all ICT Contracts, make the users stay with pc’s / printers / copiers, for at least 3-years, not refresh per year, and auction off the art.


Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:16 am 24 Dec 08

Okay, to start the austerity measures, and bring it to the public consciousness, encourage all MLA’s to only do home-haircutting.

Fiona Fiona 10:29 am 24 Dec 08

cost cutting?

but how much are the people bing paid who then have to READ the re-submissions?

la mente torbida la mente torbida 10:25 am 24 Dec 08

Unlike the permanent staff that are paid to perform these functions she now wants people to volunteer? WTF?

H1NG0 H1NG0 10:09 am 24 Dec 08

We need more spiky monuments, boulders on painted wooden palettes, crashed helicopters and flailing arm thingys littering our one lane arteries….oh and more bike lanes!!

Note: sarcasm intended

jimbocool jimbocool 10:03 am 24 Dec 08

And the beauty is that the infrastructure is already in place for a canal network – there are all these empty concrete-lined channels all over the city!

Ian Ian 10:01 am 24 Dec 08

Here’s my advice. Waste less money on bullshit fairy floss stuff, and stick to the essentials. Get rid of all the people who don’t actually perform useful functions, and employ more who actually have a purpose to their jobs.

What will actually happen? They’ll raise a few taxes, make a few token cuts to important things (not their fluffy pet projects) and hope like hell the property market picks up.

poptop poptop 9:30 am 24 Dec 08

Venice of the Antipodes – love it!

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 9:23 am 24 Dec 08

Thumper: Canals is a truly brilliant idea.

I’d like to see it extended though to have canals linking all the Canberra “lakes” through various locks and lifts.

For a while the water speed record was set on Blowering Dam near Tumut, so give the VFT a miss and have VFB instead.

Thumper Thumper 9:21 am 24 Dec 08

Interesting point Kramer. I’d suggest that the idea was to not do these projewcts all along, and then blame the world wide recession for them not being done.

Canny politics. Promise the earth, then find a (albeit, legitimate) reason why not to deliver.

Thumper Thumper 9:18 am 24 Dec 08

Give it to me.

I’ll singlehandedly kickstart the economy by drinking lots, and building canals around civic so people can kayak to work. In fact, I’d build canals to Belconnen and Woden as well.

And canal boats!

You know it makes sense.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:06 am 24 Dec 08

I say we spend it all on Swarovski baubles, moissanite rings, and glass beads.

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