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Telstrayama Everywhere!

By johnboy - 7 May 2010 20

Telstrayama Everywhere!

Wouter sent through this image with the following text:

E-ve-ry-where, I go in the Canberra area I can always see the Telstra-tower.

One would think having a needle like this pointing out at the horizon would help you orientate; navigate. Nothing is further from the truth. I think there’s such thing as a Telstra-tower conspiracy. It’s just all over the place. I think there are a number of smaller copies around just to confuse me, because I sure as hell can’t navigate using the Telstra-tower as my guiding star.

I made this picture when I had just moved to the ACT (…)

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20 Responses to
Telstrayama Everywhere!
Woody Mann-Caruso 9:26 pm 07 May 10

I love taking interstate and international visitors to the tower.

“Can we go to the top?”
“Sure! There’s an observation deck up there. See the metal rail above the double row of windows?”
“Yep! All you have to do is climb those stairs on the outside of the tower.”
“The stairs. Outside the double row of windows. It’s easy. The view is great, but it’s a bit breezy.”

screaming banshee 8:37 pm 07 May 10

I too have fallen prey to its guiding light at night, thinking I was somewhere in Reid then all of sudden trying to reconcile the buildings I was seeing with where I thought I was. For about a minute I was wondering how the hell I came to be driving along Commonwealth Ave before I realised I had actually just turned left onto Barry Drive and was heading into Turner….go figure.

Next question……where did the colloquialism ‘Telstrayama’ come from

facet 5:07 pm 07 May 10

Nostalgic graffiti from ANU men’s toilet (circa 1973) Everytime Telstra has an erection it rapes a mountain. They built it anyway.

Devil_n_Disquiz 3:09 pm 07 May 10


I had a similar problem when I moved to Canberra. Was in Giralang and thought I would go visit this tower that can be seen from everywhere. I figured I’d just driver towards the thing. Ended up in Watson !!! So took a diff route and ended up in Deakin. Gave up and went back home.

Dazzlar 2:36 pm 07 May 10

Mars attacks, ack ack ack.

Gungahlin Al 1:39 pm 07 May 10

Funky1 said :

Who else would be a suitable sponsor fo the tower??

Viagra? (The Viagra Tower)
Canberra Medical Supplies?
Tower Computing? (The Tower Tower)
Or a Japanese company specialising in WW2 memorabilia? (Tora Tora Tora Tower)



Or none. Or everything?
The Cheesecake Questacon Building
Border’s National Library
The Bloomers High Court

montana 12:50 pm 07 May 10

that picture reminds me of that old BBC tv show ‘tripods’ which was based on the war of the worlds book

montana 12:49 pm 07 May 10

i guess if you couldnt see it everywhere, then it wouldnt be doing its job would it?

Loxmyf 12:46 pm 07 May 10

I like your style.

I moved to Canberra almost 8 years ago and it used to confuse the hell out of me too. To this day I still tell visitors that the reason they think Canberra is so hard to navigate is because they think the tower doesn’t move.

Funky1 12:45 pm 07 May 10

Who else would be a suitable sponsor fo the tower??

Viagra? (The Viagra Tower)
Canberra Medical Supplies?
Tower Computing? (The Tower Tower)
Or a Japanese company specialising in WW2 memorabilia? (Tora Tora Tora Tower)


Rawhide Kid No 2 12:15 pm 07 May 10

Will the real Tower please stand up.

Gungahlin Al 11:47 am 07 May 10

Everywhere you go in Brisbane you see Mt Cootha festooned with multiple lattice towers. Closer to home, Goulburn’s hill is lousy with them.

I remember when I was a kid and we had just Roger Climson on CTC7 and Aunty, but were facing the delight of more channels, the big debate raged over this tower or whether to allow a Mt Cootha style mess. I’m glad we got a stylish single tower. And it is brilliantly located, framed wonderfully by the trees lining Majura Avenue.

Just a shame to spoil it with branding of the worst telco we’ve ever had…but I hope like with Lang Park that sponsor name will one day go away.

BimboGeek 11:28 am 07 May 10

I agree with Snarky. I have seen quite a few shops in my time.

Snarky 11:04 am 07 May 10

I think this has been photoshopped – I can tell by teh pixels!

waldherr 10:26 am 07 May 10 > see the image a bit bigger 🙂

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