Tender released for Weston-Lyons bike link

Ian Bushnell 12 May 2020 26
Minister for Roads and Active Travel Chris Steel

Minister for Roads and Active Travel Chris Steel with community representatives at Oakey Hill Nature Reserve in December. Photo: File.

Construction of what has been called a missing link in the southside bike path network will soon make riding from Weston to Woden a safer and quicker option.

A tender has been released for the $1.5 million project to build a three-metre wide asphalt path from the Hilder Street/Heysen Street roundabout in Weston to the intersection of Devonport and Derwent streets in Lyons.

The shared path will run along the Heysen Street road reserve under the Tuggeranong Parkway, down the hill to about 100 metres west of the EvoEnergy Woden Zone Substation and through the Oakey Hill Nature Reserve to Devenport Street.

The tender documents say the project will formalise an equestrian trail crossing including construction of new timber rails.

There will also be new street and path lighting, new raised zebra crossings at the Hilder Street roundabout, a new kerb on the southern side of Heysen Street and drainage works.

Two trees will need to be removed and then two replacements planted.

The Minister for Roads and Active Travel Chris Steel released designs for the new path last December.

“The Heysen Street link is one of the key missing connections in our cycle path network joining Weston with Woden,” Mr Steel said.

“We know this path is an important link for cycle commuters and school students, with the alternative alignment through the Oakey Hill Nature Reserve providing a more direct and safer route for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian users.”

The decision to go across the reserve added to the approvals process and delayed the project, which came about after a lengthy community campaign including a petition to the Legislative Assembly.

Path map

Map of the bike path ‘missing link’. Image: Supplied.

Pedal Power ACT CEO Ian Ross said the ACT Equestrian Association, Weston Creek Community Council and his organisation had worked together to achieve a design that should work well for residents, horse riders and bike riders.

”This new section of path will improve the safety of riders commuting between Weston Creek and Woden over Oakley Hill,” he said.

”Previously, the only way for riders to make this journey was to risk riding on the crumbling and inadequate shoulder on Heysen Street, which was doubly dangerous due to the elevation and poor sightlines, or to take a long detour adding many minutes to the daily commute.”

But Mr Ross called on the government not to install unnecessary bollards on the path as the nature reserve in this area was very small and any obstruction to the path would pose a risk to bike and horse riders alike.

He said Canberra’s path network had many of these “missing links” which presented riders with the choice of a dangerous road or a long detour.

”Kuringa drive which links north Belconnen and Gungahlin is also a notoriously dangerous example,” he said.

Mr Ross said that with normal transport habits perhaps forever changed by COVID-19, there had never been a better time to invest in the city’s path network.

”Pedal Power urges the ACT Government to invest in completing the many missing links to our path network outlined in the Pedal Power Budget Submission,” he said.

Stage 2 will take the bike path to the Lyons Shops and Melrose Drive, but is subject to part funding from the Commonwealth Government.

The tender closes on 26 May and construction is expected to start in the second half of the year.

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26 Responses to Tender released for Weston-Lyons bike link
Leanne McKay Leanne McKay 2:49 pm 17 May 20

Not from north-western Weston Creek suburbs, and the new Coombs Dunlop Denman Prospect areas, their trip to Woden would be more direct.

Hope the last bit goes through the underpass near Lyons Shops, underpass at Burnie Street, and under Melrose Drive. That would be a beautiful, safe and direct ride to Woden commercial areas. And I hope for more dedicated bike parking, placed so pedestrians and businesses are not inconvenienced when more people use it.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:11 am 15 May 20

The term “missing link” terminology is appropriate to use when describing the actions of some cyclists.

Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 7:51 pm 14 May 20

Fantastic that this missing link will be completed finally. I have had many frights going over there and have been concerned about the safety of the many school age children walking over there.

Ian Barges Ian Barges 6:53 pm 14 May 20

As a cyclist and driver I think the Hindmarsh path is sufficient.

Simon Bugs Simon Bugs 2:42 pm 14 May 20

Cool, we get the missing link and chevrons, good times.. hopefully we’ll get 666.66 missing links to almost cover the light rail

Matt Turtles Matt Turtles 11:38 am 14 May 20

This is definitely a missing link. I tried to ride that way in the dark once (it’s the direct route) and I thought I was going to die.

Peter McDonald Peter McDonald 11:34 am 14 May 20

There needs to be one built along the Manaro Hwy from Rose cottage to Fyshwick. Lots of cyclists use this route to commute to work in Hume. Very dangerous for them to be riding along a Hwy with 100kmh speed limits breathing exhaust gases and such.

Steve Aust Steve Aust 9:17 am 14 May 20

This path with pretty much suit 2 cases. Anyone living in Weston Creek who currently uses Heysen St to get to Woden for work *and* people in Woden /Lyons who work at HPS ACT Health at Holder.

Hamish Wise Hamish Wise 9:00 am 14 May 20

Remy Martin Weston Lions to feature in the heated clash against the Molonglo Juggers

Monty Ki Monty Ki 8:18 am 14 May 20

Canberra has always been progressive when it comes to planning for bike paths and it really pays off with benefits most people don't consider. These paths give us a fabulous lifestyle in Canberra and contribute immensely to public health structural issues as well as economical benefits, longer term. 👌🏽

Benjy Murphy Benjy Murphy 4:00 am 14 May 20

Excellent! Another bike path they won’t use 🙄

Rob Langridge Rob Langridge 10:51 pm 13 May 20

This section can be a little hairy when cars overtake me despite there being oncoming traffic. Fortunately no Action bus has ever tried this manoeuvre when cars were coming from the other way.

Dane Roberts Dane Roberts 9:30 pm 13 May 20

Great news. It always feels dodgy riding heysen street through there due to the lack of shoulder and the hill which reduces sight lines. Now if they can just do something about the 2 heysen street magpies!

Stephen Burg Stephen Burg 8:43 pm 13 May 20

Hey, it means they can take even more busses off the roads!

Lucas Atmanagara Lucas Atmanagara 6:17 pm 13 May 20

That’s it? It doesn’t even take you to Woden.

David Newman David Newman 6:11 pm 13 May 20

$1.5M for just that? 😱

    Monty Ki Monty Ki 8:13 am 14 May 20

    David Newman bike paths aren't cheap. But they reap rewards in so many public health and other economical ways. Long term, they are a fabulous community investment.

    David Newman David Newman 8:23 am 14 May 20

    Monty Ki, I totally agree. I love bike paths and feel much safer using them than just riding on the road. My concern was about the cost for such a short distance

    Peter Zimmermann Peter Zimmermann 11:54 am 14 May 20

    David Newman the actual construction is not that expensive but they probably spent 1M for planning as it has to go through 50 various Dept. and consulting Engineers and don’t forget the hire of fences and traffic wardens in every corner.

    It’s a bloody disgrace☹️

    Ben McDuff Ben McDuff 5:58 pm 14 May 20

    David Newman yep, seems expensive... until you compare it to the cost per km for road construction.

AA-Ron Kelly AA-Ron Kelly 5:00 pm 13 May 20

A Government tender process....the winning business will be able to build a 200mtr path with quick set concrete from bunnings for 1.4mil.

David Murn David Murn 4:31 pm 13 May 20

Isn't there already a fair good bike track from Cooleman Court to Woden? I remember riding it 30 years ago.

    Rob Langridge Rob Langridge 9:49 pm 13 May 20

    David Murn Yes, it runs parallel to Hindmarsh Drive, but it's the long way around if going from Lyons to Weston.

    David Murn David Murn 8:32 am 14 May 20

    It's pretty much a straight line, along Hindmarsh.. Except for either end, where you access the town centre.

    Either way, the cycle path from Woden to Weston isn't a 'Missing link', except maybe to people in cars, who have never seen it.

Chris Mitchell Chris Mitchell 3:41 pm 13 May 20

Tom Gibson this will be as big as the England to France Tunnel for our suburbs

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