Thank god we are not alone

Scamp 2 August 2005 12

Thank god I am not alone, I drive a taxi on the gold coast and these fog light freaks are driving me nuts. At first when these idiots let loose their gullibility due to watching the movie Fast and Furious. I thought may be just a quick flash of my head lights may just help them to realize that they were blinding me, BUT NO. The f….ers were only just coming out of the woodwork.

The car manufacturers got wind of this irritating affliction and thought to cash in on it. They started to build the damn things already fitted to all the popular models and created the biggest monster on our roads today. These weak minded morons could not wait to get thier hands on a new car and tell the rest of us how spiff their new baby was, blinding everyone took second place to this, even to the point of refusing to notice that some other pr…k was also blinding them too. Are these people from another planet or are the rest of us? When I see fog lights coming it does not make me think “wow there’s a cool looking dude” it says in all but too clear language that a moron is behind the wheel of an oncoming vehicle and to extreme care because if this idiot has been sucked in by this moronic practice it may do something else stupid at any minute and be proud of it. Flashing the head lights will not, I repeat WILL NOT penetrate the ego of these w….kers. Flashing light, tooting horns, nothing can get through. These idiots are so wrapped up in themselves it’s a wonder they even realize that there is anyone else on the road at all. My philosophy is; anyone with so little consideration for others will, given enough space, eventually get swallowed up by their own black hole. Maybe then, and only then, find another use for fog lights other that the blatantly obvious, FOG.
I wonder how many of these doomed species actually uses them when it really is foggy. Thank god I am not alone with these Pr..ks, I think I would shoot myself.

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12 Responses to Thank god we are not alone
Spitfire3 Spitfire3 11:01 pm 02 Aug 05

Oops. Ok, I’ll shut up now. Sorry mums.

Kerces Kerces 10:03 pm 02 Aug 05

Don’t you read the quotes underneath the banner spitfire? Their mothers read this site…

Jazz Jazz 7:15 pm 02 Aug 05

you people with fog light issues need to get over it. focus on something that is actually important

johnboy johnboy 5:27 pm 02 Aug 05

we do prefer it.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 4:55 pm 02 Aug 05

What’s with all the self-censorship, guys? You don’t fucking need it.

bulldog bulldog 1:01 pm 02 Aug 05

Don’t blame anyone but the f*cktards driving the cars… You know who you are, so if you’re reading this give yourself an uppercut.

I bet there were heaps of little horns springing up around Canberra this morning when the f*ckwit brigade woke up and saw they might have a legitimate excuse to look like a wanker.

gingermick gingermick 11:55 am 02 Aug 05

I like pictures of skinny girls.

terubo terubo 11:34 am 02 Aug 05

Stop quoting politicians and you solve that problem too.

Kerces Kerces 11:21 am 02 Aug 05

I asked my car0minded friends why peopel drive round with fog lights on, and they all said it was cos vehicles in car magazines are always photographed with all their lights on — fog lights included.

So this seems to be like the female body issues thing: stop showing magazine pictures of skinny girls as ideal and you fix the problem. Stop showing pictures of cars with their fog lights on and you fix that problem.

In theory.


johnboy johnboy 11:20 am 02 Aug 05

Not really in focus but I got the feeling someone really needed to vent and didn’t want to stand in the way.

RandomGit RandomGit 10:53 am 02 Aug 05

I didn’t even use my headlights this morning. Visibility up to 200 metres or more and plenty of natural light. Not needed.

I bet the NRMA love foggy days. Lots of jump starts in the afternoon.

Ralph Ralph 10:45 am 02 Aug 05

A man after my own heart. Yes, these people are wrapped up in themselves.

In this morning’s foggy conditions I used my headlights, but not my fog lights. I don’t see how fog lights would’ve made any difference.

I heard on the UHF that the fog around Lake George had reduced visibility to around 20 metres. Fog lights might’ve been useful in those conditions.

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