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the 20 new police thingie

By LurkerGal - 10 May 2005 15

I spoke to John Hargreaves last night. He said that the 20 new police were ON TOP OF those that would be needed due to natural attrition. I know a few people were wondering…. So wonder no more!

I can’t find the old post to comment in, hence this new one.

What’s Your opinion?

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15 Responses to
the 20 new police thingie - 3 are blacklisted
RandomGit 11:45 am
10 May 05

From what I recall of the original discussion, it still isn’t nearly enough.

But then people are never satisfied where paranoia is a major factor. Don’t mean their not after you though.

LurkerGal 11:57 am
10 May 05

I didn’t say it was enough. I didn’t say it wasn’t enough. I said that it was on top of attrition. I wasn’t making any comment about whether it was right or wrong, just stating a fact.

RandomGit 12:18 pm
10 May 05

As I just stated a fact about the original conversation. Not taking digs at you at all LG.

LurkerGal 1:43 pm
10 May 05

Sorry Random. Am a big bloody cranky pants lately.

Canberra_unsung_hero 1:46 pm
10 May 05

Back to Queanbeyan with you again then I think!

LurkerGal 1:50 pm
10 May 05

Not without having my shots first.

PS: Fuck you.

Canberra_unsung_hero 1:51 pm
10 May 05

Charming !

RandomGit 2:26 pm
10 May 05

Yes, isn’t she wonderful? I remember the first time she stung me, my heart was won by the sheer simplicity of her ferocity.

Don’t go changing LG.

LurkerGal 9:27 pm
10 May 05

Random: Love you long time.

LurkerGal 9:37 pm
10 May 05

Sorry Gingermick. Will ensure I dispose of all expletives on this side of the border. I promise.

johnboy 12:32 am
11 May 05

The point isn’t the numbers (which ARE laughably low) as much as that it doesn’t take two years to put an ACT Policeperson on the beat. 6 Months maybe and that includes the recruitment and screening process.

By promising the police in remote budget years they promise nothing at all.

Thumper 8:12 am
11 May 05


I applied for Aust Protective Services a few years ago because I was fed up with the public service.

The process from application, through all the testing, to the actual day I was to turn up for recruit training, took 12 months.

If the AFP recruiting is anything like that, and it was an absolute shambles, it would take at least 18 months to have someone on the street.

BTW, I didn’t join APS. The pay was pathetic.


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