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The ACT Road Toll – 2010

By cranky - 6 January 2011 33

Given that road safety related topics are so appreciated by RiotAct readers, I submit the following.

But first up, my condolences to anyone related to the following.

A (rough) breakdown of fatalities on ACT roads for 2010 shows:

Pushbikes – 2. Both were 60+ year old males.

Motorcycles – 4. The official stats have 5, but I am unable to find the 5th. 1 on a rural road, 3 at intersections.

Male, single vehicle, into unforgiving roadside furniture – 3

Male, single vehicle, into other vehicles – 4. Three were into trucks.

The above two catagories would have to include the possibility of suicide.

Multiple fatality – 1. Step up Mully.

Collisions at intersections – 2. The youngest was 74 years old.

Makes justifying red light/speed/point to point cameras a challenge.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
The ACT Road Toll – 2010
LSWCHP 3:06 pm 06 Jan 11

I wonder how many motor vehicle accidents are really accidents in the true sense of the word (eg you’re driving carefully around a corner, lose traction and crash due to hitting a big pothole or something similar), and how many are the equivalent of a pilot performing a “controlled flight into terrain”. This is probably a similar theme to what GOF discusses…distraction, tiredness, drunkenness, confusion, loss of situational awareness, poor judgement etc.

The one “accident” I’ve been involved in was caused by the person behind me becoming distracted by the remnants of a two vehicle crash at the side of the road, and driving into the back of my car in a quite controlled manner and at moderate speed as I was stopped at a set of traffic lights. Most other accidents that people have described to me have had similar causes.

Does anyone know of any sources of background information to car crashes similar to air crash investigations?

Pork Hunt 2:37 pm 06 Jan 11

What GOF said.

DBCooper 1:56 pm 06 Jan 11

Even if they do save lives. Ban them. I’m in a bit of a hurry…….

The Road toll is simply a witch hunt which affords politicans the opportunity to be perceived by their constituents as working hard to “save lives” by creating a “need” for more draconian laws to charge you money ,enhance surveillance of the roads and foster a sense of guilt . This false sense of guilt helps to prevent opposition to or even discussion about the “need” for stronger more coercive laws/penalties which they will choose to enact for their own selfish reasons.

This is about money. It is similar to the heavy fines imposed upon Australians who are stupid enough to actually buy things in Australia. On a positive note this could aid in reducing the number of clandestine plastic bag distribution networks operating within the ACT………if the $27,000 fine doesn’t.

vandam 12:35 pm 06 Jan 11


firstly, It would be very rare in ACT to done for 84km/h in a 80km/h zone as you put it, unless you made an ass of yourself when your speaking to the copper.

secondly, if you think the sign was obscured and were picked up, you can proceed through the courts and dispute liability etc.

Thirdly, I’m really not sure there is any excuse for creeping over the speed limit. If a driver can’t stick to the speed limit or has problems staying under it, the question must be asked whether they should be driving. It’s the same as ‘just’ being over the alcohol limit.

Lastly, I’ve been driving for 15 years. My work involves driving 24/7. I have never been fined or pulled over for breaking road rules. If I can do it, why can’t everyone else?

lobster 12:35 pm 06 Jan 11

If we have a low road toll for the year – More speed cameras as they are undoubtably working.
If we have a high road toll for the year – More speed cameras because people are still speeding.

Jim Jones 12:30 pm 06 Jan 11

So, only deaths count, accidents aren’t important at all?

trevar 11:39 am 06 Jan 11

Cranky, your use of statistics could rival the best Pubes in town!

Speaking of useless statistics, the stat I’d be curious to see is how many of the fatalities on NSW roads were ACT residents prior to their demise.

Grumpy Old Fart 11:11 am 06 Jan 11

The constant examination of the Road Toll and Road Toll reduction strategies never ceases to amaze me. Yes they are traumatic events that impact on the families of those who are killed and the broader community and I extended my sympathy to those effected. Collisions cost the taxpayer a lot of money and drain a lot of public resources from initial response crews, to medical treatment to post accident rehabilitation.

The biggest problem is apathy and the it won’t happen to me attitude. People ignore the campaigns and eventually because of constant bombardment of road reduction toll campaigns are no longer sensitive to the message.

Red light cameras do not stop people going through red lights it simply records it happening. Speed cameras do not stop people speeding it simply captures them doing it. Cameras in banks do not stop armed robberies.

There will never be a zero road toll unless you take everyone off the road or all motor vehicles are rated to withstand catastrophic impacts. No matter how safe you think you are or how good a driver you believe you are you cannot control the other driver.

Until such time as humans have nothing to do with driving vehicles there will always be road deaths.

You cannot regulate stupidity so there will always be someone running a red light, driving to fast, drinking and driving, texting, changing a CD, falling asleep at the wheel or suffering a lapse in concentration. Theses factors will ineviatably lead to a collision causing death or injury.

You can tell people not to do these things until you are blue in the face, you can fine those who get caught but you will never achieve a zero road toll while humans are in control of vehicles.

Erg0 9:42 am 06 Jan 11

Makes justifying red light/speed/point to point cameras a challenge.

If anything, your statistics seem to show that red light and speed cameras are doing an awesome job of keeping the road toll down. If we remove them there’ll be carnage!

That reminds me, it’s time to top up the tiger repellent…

harvyk1 9:31 am 06 Jan 11

“The whole ‘revenue raising’ arguement is just an excuse for poor driving skills. Don’t speed, don’t get caught, dont pay revenue!!! Simple really.”

So your telling me that obscure signage, short area’s of lower speed limits and inconsistant speed limit placements have nothing to do with ‘revenue raising’?

I fully support the idea of catching people who are doing 200km/h in a 100 km/h zone… What I don’t support is this “victorian” idea of catching people doing 84km/h in an 80km/h zone which was 100km/h a couple of km down the road and will be 100km/h a couple of km up the road. There are many legitimate reasons why a persons speed may creep up slightly (eg keeping a close eye on a driver driving erratically)

m_ratt 9:02 am 06 Jan 11

The multiple fatality was at a controlled intersection, so of course it would have been prevented if a speed/redlight camera was installed at that location.

Or not.

Sammy 8:36 am 06 Jan 11

Makes justifying red light/speed/point to point cameras a challenge.

So using your theory of causation, something like mandatory seat belt laws are also difficult to justify?

vandam 8:35 am 06 Jan 11

Where did you get your stats from?

I’d say there were 8 collisions at intersections.

Meaning there were 8 out of 15 crashes that occurred at intersections, resulting in 11 deaths.

True point to point speed camera’s seem hard to justify. However disagree on the red light / speed camera’s.

But people forget the key problem. I’ll let you in on a secret that apparently no one wants to hear. IT’s RESPONSIBILITY. If people obeyed the road rules and stuck to the speed limit, took care entering intersections and didn’t drink drive you could almost expect a fatality free state!

The whole ‘revenue raising’ arguement is just an excuse for poor driving skills. Don’t speed, don’t get caught, dont pay revenue!!! Simple really.

harley 8:35 am 06 Jan 11

I disagree with your closing assertion.

You have not listed contributing factors for any of these deaths. The motorcycle and single vehicle accidents may well have been speeding/redlights by the driver. The bicycle, motorcycle and intersection collisions may well have been speeding or redlights by an other party. In at least one of these motorcycle incidents it was a car vs bike collision at an intersection.

eyeLikeCarrots 8:28 am 06 Jan 11

“Makes justifying red light/speed/point to point cameras a challenge”

Your statement is not supported AT ALL by your statistics (Which have no structure).

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