7 June 2010

The Basement's New Ownership Weekend Party June 11 + 12

| The Basement
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June Friday 11, 9PM, $10:
9:00 – 9:30 THE HEROINES
9:50 – 10:30 DOCTOR JOHNSON
10:50 – 11:30 SUNSET RIOT (SYD)
11:50 – 12:30 JOHNNY ROADKILL

June Saturday 12, 9PM, $10:
9:00 – 9:30 STEADY THE FALL
10:40 – 11:10 TALIESIN
11:30 – 12:00 FUTILITY
12:20 – 12:50 TEEN SKANK PARADE

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The Basement4:19 pm 17 Jun 10

rockinghorse said :

Can I ask you a question, going by the name The Basement you either own, manager or work there so if you have been a promoter for 10+ years then I imagine you are organise most of the gigs that take place there? have you taken on a promoters role as such?

I handle the bookings amongst other duties, I’ve promoted all ages and 18+ events all over Canberra. To tell you the truth a majority of gigs I’ve booked have been through Woden Youth Centre & ANU Bar (years ago) as well as the Pot Belly. Obviously this is going to change with my new job.

Thumper said :

good to see that the basement has widened it’s criteria. good for music and good for canberra.

The Basement has never had a narrow criteria – there have always been a lot of metal (and punk) bands at the Basement because the metal and punk communities organised these events.

Let’s face it, the other venues in Canberra haven’t exactly been overwhelming in their support of these genres (The Green Room was also pretty cool, and the Maram is doing a similar job – but apart from that, the doors just don’t open). The Basement has supported metal and punk, so metal and punk has and will continue to support the Basement. Gone are the days of the Terrace Bar, Terminus, etc. It looks like there are currently plenty of places for people to see indy or folk music, but what about those of us who like something harder?

I really have to disagree that having less avenues for metal and punk bands is ‘good for music’ or ‘good for Canberra’.

While I’m at it, when was the last time the Canberra Music Club had anything to do with metal or punk … or, indeed, anything beyond folk music?

rockinghorse3:23 pm 15 Jun 10

Hey The Basement

Im more than happy to hear you disagree because at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinion and what I wrote is simply my own opinion.

Can I ask you a question, going by the name The Basement you either own, manager or work there so if you have been a promoter for 10+ years then I imagine you are organise most of the gigs that take place there? have you taken on a promoters role as such?

I’m there!!

good to see that the basement has widened it’s criteria. good for music and good for canberra.

The Basement6:55 pm 11 Jun 10

rockinghorse – I’ve been a promoter for over 10 years and I can say I don’t agree with what you wrote whatsoever, except yes there has been quality gigs at The Basement that haven’t been metal in the past but mainly they have been.

JimJones is right, we do have a new incentive which is basically telling bands/promoters to pull their fingers out and plug their gigs greatly, which in turn benefits both them and us. For touring bands that don’t know the scene I help them out with supports and spamming social networking sites here.

I’m not going to go into the fine points of our incentive here as I’m plugging this gig.

I’m not saying all promoters and bands are useless but a few (this isn’t a dig at just locals) are, and as a muso as well it really isn’t that difficult to plug a gig. On that note poor turn outs aren’t strictly because of this reason, the venue or the bands themselves, let’s face it, punters in Canberra can be quite lazy at times and I’ve seen some great gigs that could have been awesome gigs.

rockinghorse12:30 pm 11 Jun 10

Thats great news re the 50% payment of the sound, really is a big step toward encouraging promoters and even bands themselves to organise some shows.

I understand that the Basement has just started a policy of paying a percentage of PA/sound costs based on the amount of punters at a show (i.e. if you draw more than 100 punters, then the venue will pickup 50% of the PA/sound costs – that sort of thing, can’t remember the exact details). Which makes good sense and means that everyone benefits from a good turnout.

You do have to keep in mind that live music venues like the Basement don’t make much money – to ask them to pay for sound/PA on all occasions would just eat into their meagre profits, send them broke, and mean that there’s one less venue for live music.

rockinghorse12:09 pm 11 Jun 10

I see what your saying though I would rather see the venue contribute from the bar sales rather than the bands split be effected. I mean $10 a head split between 4 hardworking bands isnt a great deal at the end of the day.
I know the sound costs a few $’s and the sound is always pretty damn good, there are probably other costs involved in putting on a show like posters and maybe even a door person etc, at the end of the day it wouldnt leave much for the bands on most nights.
Maybe the venue should pay for the sound and what not then the bands and promoters have a bit of money, everyones happy.

Um … if you put on a good show: lots of people turn up, they pay money at the door, and you get to keep some of this money (after distributing the rest of it appropriately).

That seems like a fair reward for putting on a good show.

rockinghorse11:45 am 11 Jun 10

The Basement
I think you are a little quick to comment re the metal promoters being the only people the care enough to sort out gigs. I have seen plenty of quality goods other than metal at the Basement.
I personally think that the only way to continually provide quality line ups and also tap into the travelling circus which more often than not skips Canberra through lack of a solid consistent venue is for a venue to actually pay a booker or reward the people who do it for free (if you dont already do so).
As far as I know the Basement doesnt have a booker (may be different now) and didnt exactly support or reward a promoter for putting on a good show.
Support those who are supporting the scene by being more than just a physical venue.

My two cents, now im off to the pub.

georgesgenitals7:57 pm 09 Jun 10

Jim Jones said :

5 bands is too much anyway.

What are you, 80?

5 bands is too much anyway.

The Basement4:14 pm 09 Jun 10


The Basement1:14 pm 09 Jun 10

Muttsybignuts said :

Does new ownership mean less Metal?

The Basement originally never sought out to be a “metal” bar. Metal promoters are the only ones that really cared enough to get gigs sorted. Having said that, there are more “other” promoters working through us now for diversity.

Muttsybignuts10:05 pm 08 Jun 10

Does new ownership mean less Metal?

The Basement10:06 am 08 Jun 10

Fortunately the idea of this poster has worked

Yeah that is a horrible poster

avirusconspires10:45 am 07 Jun 10

This new owner really needs to hire a graphic designer.

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