31 July 2009

The bell tolls for Aussie Junk, and the communities that rely on it

| johnboy
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The Department of Territory and Municipal Services has announced that Aussie Junk has been placed in liquidation.

This is going to have some repercussions while the mess is sorted out:

    “A public tender process will commence shortly to engage an operator for the Mugga Lane facility. It is anticipated that a new operator to accept and resell goods should be in the facility within three months,” said Chris Ware, Manager of ACT NOWaste.

    “People will still be able to deposit reusable items at the Mitchell Resource Management Centre as Thiess Services, which has previously sub-contracted to Aussie Junk, transitions to take over management of this facility.”

    Members of the public are encouraged to drop-off their reusables at the Mitchell facility or to one of the charities or businesses that accept second-hand goods for recycling or resale. Details of some of those organisations can be found in the Yellow Pages and on the Department of Territory and Municipal Services’ website.

So for at least the next three months no more nipping out to Aussie Junk for cheap furniture, bicycles, etc.

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Was out at Mugga Lane dropping off some rubbish,on the weekend. Drove past reusable drop off point young guy working there clothes were covered in paint, also noticed the driver of the machine in the transfer station was smoking, in the cub while he was pushing the rubbish, two other workers in the pit floor playing golf, what the hells going on, they have no flipping idea, OHNS,on the way out noticed paint and i mean lots of tins on pellets, gas bottles on pellets beside the pit, paint tins galour in the Aussie junk yard.Whats that NOWASTE, my ****, goverment have no idea. Wheres all the paint go? what do they do with it? there will never be NOWASTE.

I agree that ACT NOWASTE seem to have no idea about recycling. The transfer station has certainly spelt the end to any recycling of saleable goods that are dumped by the public. Theiss plant destroys what isn’t broken from going over the wall and then scoop it up before the the recycle contractor employees can pick it up. In the old days REVOLVE would collect up to four large truck loads at the tip face on Saturdays and Sundays. AJ was lucky to recover a small ute load of basically usless crap. It is time the Government understood that there is a difference between recycling and reselling. Recycling the vast amounts of consumer goods that cannot be resold and subsequently end up as landfill, requires a lot more smarts than your average junkyard dog. Perhaps there is a need to have two contract; one for reusable goods and one for recycling. The current volume of waste that ends up in landfill is a joke and a sad indictment of the Government’s failure to address the issue. I recall the fanfare and the press release when the contract was awarded to AJ. Blind Freddy would have known that they were not up to the task. A trip to the Wagga or Albury operation would have confirmed this for them.

I knew that aussie junk would not last long at mugga.
They never had no stock it was the same old stuff week in week out, they never had any timber,no roofing iron, no gates, no steel off cuts, no wire, no bricks or pavers, no old tools, no nic nacs and nothing for the weekend project.
If it went past the drop off it would be crushed and sent to landfill all they would get from the tranfer station was video players, dvd players, old tvs and paint.
I think it’s a joke how ACT nowaste lets this happen nothing is recycled for reuse they just wacth it all go to the tranfer station. When they go to pickup the goods they are not there.
The contracter of the tranfer station would say it was no good or it’s was broken or we didnt see it.
I dont know who wrote the contract for mugga lane but they didnt write it for the purpose of reuse recycling at all, what were they thimking of!
It’s a contract that only ACT nowaste puplic servents with only a text book knowledge of recycling and no real first hand expererance at all would be proud of.
Will they ever get it right.

The Revolve shop is at Stonehenge, the first shed you come to. It’s full of stuff, kind-of interesting, but I think they still tend to bung on the prices a bit. A shame.

The cat did it10:27 pm 31 Jul 09

Has anyone been to the Revolve ‘Better Bits’ store that is supposed to operate at Pialligo? or is it merely a ruse to get stuff out of the Hume site and onto eBay?

They just need a spot out the front of the tip, where people can offload stuff that could be re-useable. And they just need one person to check that it’s not actual useless rubbish, and to point them where to put it. Then people can come and look at it, and take what they want. It doesn’t need to be charged-for, and it would all work much better.

Felix the Cat9:35 pm 31 Jul 09

How does a business that doesn’t pay anything for it’s stock go broke?

Hells_Bells745:30 pm 31 Jul 09

It’s our junk at the tip and for want of donating!

Hells_Bells745:28 pm 31 Jul 09

Where’s the community consultation on this one?

Thanks Loose Brown

Affirmative Action Man1:40 pm 31 Jul 09

Keep it closed closed permanently rather than bring back Revolve. They were shockers often charging more than the brand new price for old junk.

What’s to stop the next successfull tender from promising licence fees that are too high – and again going bust soon after it opens?

Any chance the jokers at urban services might have half a clue what sort of turnover can be generated and therefore what to expect in monthly payments form the operators…..I won’t be holding my breath.

I you can’t make a business work when you have no costs for stock, presumably pay not much above minimum wage, and fixed term rent, then no business can make money.

I think that Aussie Junks problem was the greed factor, ie, someone wanted to be making a profit. A non-profit organisation should be able to break even no worries.

Clown Killer said :

Maybe a business based on selling other peoples crap just doesn’t work

eBay? Antique shops? Real estate or used car dealers?

I’d think a Revolve with an online classifieds similar to AllClassifieds would make me more likely to actually take advantage of this kind of service =)

We will call it Revolve 2.0 .

clown killer, in response to comment#8

I think the point is that Revolve never did make money, therefore they are in the perfect position to make it work, not paying rent was in relation to the poor quality site the government gave them that they now occupy in Hume.

Revolve is a not for profit company that is only about job creation and Recycling, They should have never lost the tender in the first place.

I’ve got it!

We could set up our own version of Scrapheap challenge!
And the teams that participate should be made up entirely of unemployed youth!
And the ABC should be forced to purchase the series until 2020 – thus providing the $$ to pay everyone.

And we could hold the challenges at Manuka Oval. That would pull in more cash than the f*&%$ing AFL!

I’m a genius!

Thanks Loose Brown, I was hoping that’s what you meant. I must get around to getting the insulation for my place.

Peewee Slasher11:13 am 31 Jul 09

The ultimate in recycling – bringing back Revolve.

Hells_Bells7411:12 am 31 Jul 09

I went to Aussie Junk in Mitchell once, it was unpleasant. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

I love Revolve!

I want Revolve to have a shed, electricity and running water. I think what was done to them was cruel and if it was a learning curve, they learnt and are rising from the ashes.

The Energy Efficient Homes Package that subsidises the cost of ceiling insulation is not means tested.

wrong in what way, Loose Brown?

barking toad said :

But he’ll soon find that the kiddies he’s going to train for 12 months to install pink batts from China have nought to do because the rebate only applies to those who can’t afford to pay for insulation.


Clown Killer10:38 am 31 Jul 09

I still think that the whole business model needs to be looked at closely. On face value it would seem to be inherently unstable. Revolve wasn’t able to make it work without shafting their landlords and Aussie Junk weren’t able to make it work without shafting their employees. Maybe a business based on selling other peoples crap just doesn’t work

Whatsup said :

Bring back Revolve !

when will the ACT govt learn?

Revolve would never have put them through this cr@p. And now, they are going to go back to tender? well done.

Bring Back Revolve!

Which communities rely on Aussie Junk?

Revolve is still there, it’s just around the corner.

barking toad10:14 am 31 Jul 09

Revolve worked for a few years until it was decided it had to be a business, making money. Then they started rejecting stuff and charging too much for what they kept.

Kev07 will fix it though with his 50,000 green jobs costing 100 mil.

But he’ll soon find that the kiddies he’s going to train for 12 months to install pink batts from China have nought to do because the rebate only applies to those who can’t afford to pay for insulation.

So those kiddies would be better off working at the original Revolve concept.

Or is it better to go back to the old days – if you’ve got junk, take it to the tip and dump it it free of charge. Let the various scavengers (including those that just dumped their stuff) grab what they want. Some will keep it for their use, others will try and flog it.

Bring back Revolve!


another wild success for ACT Government’s contracting process.

Bring back Revolve !

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