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The Best Dermatologists in Canberra

Emily Morris 10 January 2018 16

Having a skin condition can be frustrating and uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing. If you do have problem skin, you are not alone; it is estimated that one in ten visits to a GP are for a skin related concern. Most of the time your GP will be able to treat your condition, however for more complex issues you will be referred to a dermatologist.

Dermatologists are doctors who have undergone a further four years of training to specialise in the treatment of skin diseases and cancers.

Did you know the skin is the largest organ of the body and includes the hair and nails? Dermatologists see patients of all ages for a wide variety of conditions from acne to skin cancers. They are also able to provide professional application of cosmetic services. No wonder dermatologists are so busy and no wonder it can be hard to find a dermatologist.

What Makes a Good Dermatologist?

Lets take a look at some things to look out for.

  • Up to date treatments. Dermatologists are constantly updating their knowledge and skills. Options may include surgical and laser treatments. New breakthroughs in treatments become available often so make sure you’re getting the best possible solution for your condition.
  • Caring. Skin conditions can be chronic, some even lifelong. If this is the case for you it is important that your dermatologist has a caring and sympathetic approach that helps to ease any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing.
  • Availability. As mentioned above, skin problems can require ongoing treatment so it’s vital that your dermatologist is available when you need them. Dermatologists are usually very busy; if you need ongoing treatment, check that they can manage a new patient. Keep in mind that dermatologists also work in hospital settings and you may be able to see them there.
  • Patient Education. Managing skin conditions is a team effort between you and your dermatologist. Home management is an important part of a treatment plan. Your dermatologist should be able to provide you with knowledge of your condition as well as useful at-home instructions. With these tools you will feel more confident with your treatment plan.

The Top Three Dermatologists in Canberra

Here are our picks for the top three dermatologists in Canberra.

1. Dr Leona Yip

Dr Leona Yip is a Melbourne trained dermatologist who has been practicing in Canberra since 2014. She is a member of the Australian College of Dermatologists. With the assistance of two nurses Dr Yip offers the following services: general adult and pediatric dermatology, skin cancers and sun damaged skin, hair and scalp disorders, excessive sweating, medical laser treatments, Dermapen for scarring and cosmetic dermatology.

Dr Yip has many years of experience and is an active member and contributor to many professional bodies as well as being involved in training dermatology registrars and educating other health professionals. Her practice is open Tuesday to Friday from 8.30 to 5.

2. Dr Catherine Drummond

Dr Catherine Drummond runs her practice out of the McKay Gardens Professional Centre in Turner. She is also available for pediatric dermatology appointments at the Canberra Hospital.

As well as attending her busy practice, Dr Drummond is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Australian National University Medical School and an accredited NSW Workcover Assessor. She offers a range of dermatological services including general dermatology, pediatric dermatology, Teledermatology for rural or remote patients, patch testing and unbiased assessment of workers’ compensation and medicolegal claims.

3. Dr Mark Healsmith

Dr Mark Healsmith gets three mentions in the comments. Random reports, “A few family members have had good experiences with Dr. Mark Healsmith.” Holden Caufield says, “I’ve used him for other skin related issues and I always found him to be very good,” and sumarai concurs, “Try Dr Healsmith. Very good, been seeing him for 4 years though for skin cancers.”

There are plenty of recommendations for Dr Healsmith. His practice is centrally located on University Avenue in the city. Opening hours are 8.30 to 5 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 8.30 to 1 Wednesday and Friday.

Your Experience with Dermatologists in Canberra

If you have been to any of these dermatologists or have experience with other dermatologists in Canberra we would love to hear from you. Just use the comment section below to tell us all about it.

What’s Your opinion?

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The Best Dermatologists in Canberra
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Mohamad Hameed Jebur 5:27 pm 18 Nov 18

I don’t know about other dermatologist beside Dr Mark Healsmith which he helped me clear up my skin that was seriously a problem to me. I recommend him for those who suffer from acne.

zllauh 2:01 pm 14 Jul 15

Hello Blamanda,

Acne is one heck of a problem when it becomes a chronic issue. I used to face the same issue. Tried everything i could.

My neighbor recommended me to the skin clinic in Kingston shops,now there is no looking back . is what i could dig out from good old google !

Would surely recommend giving them a call.

My 2 cents.

Ceej1973 4:44 am 22 Apr 10

I found Dr Andrew Miller excellent, if he’s still around. Sorry cant help you with advise after the Roacutane therapy as mine went post Roacutane. Good luck. Cystic Acne is a nasty condition.

saraj 1:44 am 20 Apr 10

Beau Locks said :

Dr Diana Rubel in Woden. She’s an excellent and sympathetic quack, and actually goes to the bother of listening as well as explaining things well. Good luck.

seconded. she’s fantastic.

cleo 12:00 am 20 Apr 10

My dear old dad swore eating carrots cleared his skin, after trying everything, but that was at least 60 years ago.

Holden Caulfield 11:43 pm 19 Apr 10

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Not Dr Healsmith. Arrogant and expensive.


Expensive? Possibly, I guess that comes with the territory to be honest.

Arrogant? Not once in the 2-3 years that I was regularly seeing him would I have called him that. I have always found him pretty easy going and likeable.

Beau Locks 9:15 pm 19 Apr 10

Dr Diana Rubel in Woden. She’s an excellent and sympathetic quack, and actually goes to the bother of listening as well as explaining things well. Good luck.

la mente torbida 5:14 pm 19 Apr 10

@colourful sydney racing identity

a specialist that is expensive and arrogant….lordy, lordy, who would have thunk that?

Holden Caulfield 4:48 pm 19 Apr 10

@ #6 – well it’s a damn sight better than Dr Death!

Not Dr Healsmith. Arrogant and expensive.

justin heywood 4:15 pm 19 Apr 10

Surely a doctor could not have a better name than Healsmith.


blamanda 3:18 pm 19 Apr 10

Thank you all for your help. My apologies for the error in the heading….

random 2:26 pm 19 Apr 10

A few family members have had good experiences with Dr. Mark Healsmith.

Holden Caulfield 2:21 pm 19 Apr 10

Pardon the pun, but give Dr Healsmith a try. He’s in Civic, cnr of Marcus Clarke St and University Ave. I’ve used him for other skin related issues and I always found him to be very good. He gives background on his approach and the medication and he prescribes, too, which, oddly enough, seems to be quite rare.

sumarai 2:19 pm 19 Apr 10

Try Dr Healsmith. Very good,been seeing him for 4 years though for skin cancers. I think the problem may be actually getting in as a lot of specialists are not taking on new patients

astrojax 1:57 pm 19 Apr 10

can we have the title changed to read “…in canberra” – i currently get a very bad mental image of a scaly dry stretching across the capital and i am close to throwing up a little in my mouth… 🙂

as for recommendations, if you’re at all open to alternative therapies, the acupuncturist/chinese medicine dude near tilleys is good, i hear.

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