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Your wedding day is a huge milestone in your life, and you want it to be perfect. You have all of the little details checked off your list, and now you’re ready to focus on the bigger details like the wedding band.

From your first dance to entertaining your guests during the reception, the wedding band is an essential part of the wedding celebration. With all of this responsibility, it’s no wonder people often book months in advance.

If you’re searching for a reliable and professional wedding band in Canberra, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ll share what makes a great wedding band along with our recommendations for the best wedding bands in the Canberra region.

What Makes a Reliable Wedding Band?

Finding a professional and dedicated wedding band to help you celebrate your big day can be intimidating. When you’re searching for your wedding band, we suggest keeping an eye out for these must-have traits.

  • Passion for their performances. Musical talent is only one important part of your wedding band. If your band displays a true passion for their craft, this is what is going to translate to your guests. They should be able to project infectious energy that gets your guests on their feet and onto the dance floor.
  • Years of experience and flexibility. Some of the best wedding bands could play between 100 and 200 shows per year. Each show is another chance to add a layer of experience and improve. Great wedding bands will be able to respond to your guests by remixing or adding songs to match the current mood.
  • Willingness to take requests and an extensive repertoire. When you’re trying to decide between a few bands, contact them and ask them to send you their song lists. This is also the time to make any special song requests. Great bands work hard to deliver memorable moments, and they’re usually happy to take song requests.
  • They’re honest and transparent. Whichever wedding band you choose, they should be ready and willing to answer any questions or address any concerns you have.

The Top Wedding Bands in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

Something Like This

Experienced, professional, flexible, and with a large repertoire, Something Like This offers tailored wedding packages with a variety of musical talents, instruments, and music styles. For over 10 years, this group has been touring Australia and providing high-quality performances at weddings, private parties, black tie functions and more. Liz B. wrote that she stumbled uoon them by accident and, “She wouldn’t hesitate to hire them for any occasion!”

Smooth Ops 

Smooth Ops is a group of three talented musicians that are capable of delivering a vast range of hits. Whether you want The Beatles, Beyonce or any other decade, they can deliver. You’ll get a light show, a high-quality PA system and a sound engineer that helps to ensure everything runs smoothly. Fun and energetic, this wedding band brings powerful vocals and tight harmonies to give you a wedding experience that you won’t forget.


Hitparade is a multi-talented band that delivers a rich four-person sound with two male and two female vocalists. You only need a small amount of space for this band, but they’ll work hard to give you a memorable performance and energise your guests well into the evening hours. With over 60 wedding performances each year and 1,500 wedding performances and counting, Hitparade brings the experience and passion you want to see on your wedding day.

Your Experience with Wedding Bands in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback, if you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you experienced any of the bands above in person? Maybe you don’t see your favourite band. Leave us a comment and let us know.

What's Your Opinion?

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19 Responses to The Best Wedding Bands in Canberra
zllauh zllauh 4:46 pm 27 Sep 15
MissPandora MissPandora 11:38 am 25 Sep 14

I had Something like this play at my wedding last year. As you can understand planning a wedding is very stressful, but the band were incredibly helpful and professional. It put my mind at ease knowing it was one last thing to worry about on the day.
I had them play my ceremony and reception.
They played all the hits- from older stuff my parents and relatives could dance to, to current songs. They even stayed later to play when speaches and dinner ran over time.
I would definately recommend Something like this.

BHughes BHughes 2:51 pm 06 Jun 14

The Silky Six are a great option. I saw them at a corporate function a couple of months ago. They are a six piece (funnily enough) with male and female vocalists. Great set list. They also played some acoustic stuff over dinner.

Paula89 Paula89 1:45 pm 01 May 14

+1 to “Something Like This”.

Myself and my fiancee had them play for us at our reception a month or two ago. FANTASTIC! Super easy to deal with and got everyone up and dancing the whole night…highly recommended.

tamashanta tamashanta 8:13 pm 28 Mar 13

marcus77 said :

I’ve just had ‘Something Like This’ play at my wedding, and they were fantastic (And reasonably priced)
They played 60’s classics thru to modern day stuff, very professional and great to deal with.
We had them play as a duo during canapes and then as a four piece band at the reception.
Highly recommended!..

Thanks for the rec, marcus77! I’ve just booked these guys, which is not how I thought my day would end, but what can I say, they won me over! I’ve had a really positive experience so far, and Rohan is great — very professional, prompt email replies, really friendly, and made a real effort to give us what we wanted.

Hopefully I’ll be back after the wedding (which is still a fair way off) with a similarly glowing review about their actual performance!

stingrayhead stingrayhead 7:13 pm 30 Mar 12

Annie and the Armadillos are not the band they were a few years ago, the musicians all quit in March 2010 when they found they were being ripped off, what’s been patched together since is a very dull band with an old-time blues based repertoire.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 9:52 pm 15 Aug 11

I’ll vote for Annie and the Armadillos as well. I hired them for a work gig a few years ago, and they had the place rocking.

marcus77 marcus77 8:50 pm 15 Aug 11

I’ve just had ‘Something Like This’ play at my wedding, and they were fantastic (And reasonably priced)
They played 60’s classics thru to modern day stuff, very professional and great to deal with.
We had them play as a duo during canapes and then as a four piece band at the reception.
Highly recommended!..

donkers donkers 12:12 pm 07 Jul 11

thanks folks – look forward to checking some of the bands out

flashy400 flashy400 1:59 pm 03 Jul 11

Check out the band Who’s Ya Daddy (
They have an amazing list of covers and have a great list of soul/motown and hits from the 50s all the way up to current.

Mossop13 Mossop13 3:31 pm 29 Jun 11

Hiya Donkers. I play in a local cover band called Identical Strangers, and we’d love to talk to you. We do a wide range of music and can cope with whatever you are after.

You can email us at and check out our website (including testimonials) at

If you want to see us live, we are playing at the Holy Grail in Kingston on Friday July 8, and King O’Malley’s in the city on Friday July 15. Both shows kick off at 10pm.

Hope to hear from you,

schmeah schmeah 3:51 pm 27 Jun 11

You’re getting married? Now, there’s your first problem.

Overheard Overheard 3:17 pm 27 Jun 11

While we’re sharing the love around, I’ll heartily second both Annie and the Armadillos plus Groovalicious.

I’d challenge the comment about Heuristic being Latin. Mitch had another Latin-based band, but Heuristic are much more versatile than that. He has a song list at the link above.

emd emd 2:52 pm 27 Jun 11

+1 for Annie and the Armadillos, they did my wedding and everyone had a good time.
Heuristic are good too, if you like a more Latin style.
Or if you want Top 40 rock covers, get Charlie Bold.

Swaggie Swaggie 1:43 pm 27 Jun 11

+1 for Heuristic and also look up Hit Parade, seen them 3 times and they’ve had the place rocking every time

pajumist pajumist 12:44 pm 27 Jun 11

Can highly recommend Groovalicious for dancing, awesome set list! 🙂 They play lots of local gigs so you can see them in action beforehand as well.

Overheard Overheard 8:00 am 27 Jun 11

Can personally recommend ‘Heuristic’ from having attended two weddings they played at.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 7:50 pm 26 Jun 11

M0les said :

Annie and the Armadillos?

+1 on that. We had them at a work gig a few years ago, and they had the joint rocking.

M0les M0les 4:20 pm 26 Jun 11

Annie and the Armadillos?

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