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The bike lane is for…? (They see me rollin’)

By johnboy - 6 September 2012 25

high roller

Damien Haas has sent in this intriguing user of a bicycle lane seen today heading down Northbourne Avenue.

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25 Responses to
The bike lane is for…? (They see me rollin’)
Impoverished_Student 10:24 am 07 Sep 12

Currently in a wheelchair and it’s hell on most footpaths. Not only are they almost impossible to navigate being uneven and at times non-existent, but you also have to keep an eye out for pedestrians who don’t give way.

Don’t blame the guy in the gopher. It’s probably his safest option. Both for him, and the pedestrians.

Pitchka 8:19 am 07 Sep 12

grunge_hippy said :

there was a dude who used to do this in gowrie, but didnt wear any pants, just a hospital gown.

not nearly as pleasant.

I think you will find that person is infact Henry_BG, a regular on this forum.

grunge_hippy 7:57 pm 06 Sep 12

there was a dude who used to do this in gowrie, but didnt wear any pants, just a hospital gown.

not nearly as pleasant.

Jethro 7:51 pm 06 Sep 12

Having worked as a carer for wheelchair bound people, many footpaths are literally impossible for wheelchairs to go on. The guy probably didn’t have much choice.

I can’t speak for the ACT, but motorised wheelchairs in QLD are even registered. It does look like a little number plate on the back there.

Wraith 7:05 pm 06 Sep 12

milkman said :

Good on him, I don’t see the problem.

I only see one problem, he doesn’t have a sticker on the back saying “Don’t like my driving? Watch for finger!”

c_c 6:32 pm 06 Sep 12

No problem I can see. He’s in the lane, doesn’t appear to be obstructing anyone.

I do have a problem with the cyclists who don’t use the lanes properly, who ride to abreast so they’re obstructing the car lane, or motorcyclists who sneak into them and then jar back in to traffic.

milkman 6:29 pm 06 Sep 12

Good on him, I don’t see the problem.

wildturkeycanoe 6:12 pm 06 Sep 12

Why not? Cyclists don’t use cycle lanes anyway. Just this morning I saw a cyclist on William Hovell Dr. riding NOT in the bike lane, but on the white line that divides it from the car lane. This was not just a once off “veer” but a definite attempt to keep on the line and make all the cars behind swerve to avoid him/her. Then there are the odd ones on [dare I say it] Lady Denman Dr. who prefer the adrenaline rush of the traffic to the peaceful and safe cycle path adjacent.
Use it or lose it I say.

Clare248 4:17 pm 06 Sep 12

I saw a gentleman going down Moncrieff St in Dickson after school yesterday. his hazard lights were on and he waved.

Aeek 3:44 pm 06 Sep 12

Carruthers St is 100% legal, its even in the Road Rules. I used to see a guy doing the same on Banjalong in Aranda. Fair enough as the way the footpath rises and plunges just there ruled it out.
Scooters are underpowered and very sensitive to poor surfaces, which can force them onto the road.

Grega 3:29 pm 06 Sep 12

Good on him. They are wasted on bikes.

Grail 3:24 pm 06 Sep 12

If only there was a smooth footpath with no cracks, broken edges, mud or debris covering it which the old codger could safely navigate with their electric scooter, they would probably be using it.

dph 3:22 pm 06 Sep 12

An elderly man in Curtin used to do this. However he would go one better & use the road lanes. I’d always see him on Carruthers St, heading towards the shops.

He’s either no longer with us anymore or the police caught up with him. Wouldn’t be hard when you’re doing 5km per hr. So dangerous.

rosscoact 3:21 pm 06 Sep 12

He’s only being aspirational

FXST01 3:01 pm 06 Sep 12

Nothing like a feeling of self-entitlement. If only there was a footpath nearby.

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