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The Canberra Times Wonders Why Advertising Revenue Is Down

By vg - 22 May 2009 23

If the Canberra Times ever really scratches its head and wonders why ad revenue is down here is some food for their thoughts.

Take a guess as to what a small, 3 line ad in the Births/Death/Marriages costs for a Saturday? This is a simple ad, no banners, pics or anything ornate.

Take a guess…


What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
The Canberra Times Wonders Why Advertising Revenue Is Down
Feathergirl 2:33 pm 22 May 09

It’s a shame it’s so expensive as reading the births, deaths and marriages is about the only thing the Canberra Times is good for (apart from nice wide sheets good as kitty-litter tray liner). Surely if they dropped the price more people could advertise then more people related, or friends, with the people being born, married or passed away would buy the paper to read the ad? For $56.80 there are SO many other things I’d rather buy especially when, these days, you just send out a group email with as many banners and pictures as you want letting people know of lifes events and it’s free.

Artisan 2:03 pm 22 May 09

Last time the business I work for put an ad in the Canberra Times, I don’t think it was worth it. Full page, full colour for around $11,000 in the Saturday edition. To put this in perspective, a television campaign over a weekend sets a business with a long term account back around $30,000 plus production costs. The ad though didn’t seem to do much, there was no apparent increase in through traffic of phone enquiries and the customers who did come in didn’t seem to be aware of our specials.
When we put catalogues though in the paper, that definitely increase both customer awareness and traffic to the store. Problem for the Canberra Times and other media outlets is they charge far less for inserts than printed ads.

ant 1:51 pm 22 May 09

Ko. said :

Maybe they charge you more for starting every word with a capital letter..


And I bet the CT doesn’t wonder anything of the sort, they know damn well their advertising is expensive. Always has been. Back in the olden days when the CT was a primary source of info and they had a monopoly, it was a serious annoyance. Now with lots of alternatives, it’s less-so.

housebound 1:40 pm 22 May 09

Hence the reduced need to spend $ on the CT.

Postalgeek 1:23 pm 22 May 09

Agree with OP that $56.80 for a three-line ad in BDM doesn’t seem to be a business model that has much time left in this world.

I might also point out that, love it or hate it, the CT is the source for a number of RA posts.

housebound 12:34 pm 22 May 09

I find that RA, plus local press releases (ALP/Libs/Greens) give me more than the CT most of the time. For the local/national gap, there’s radio. For international, there’s some good OS news websites that more than meet any news cravings.

What’s more, it isn’t tossed into the only puddle in the street every time it rains.

tron 12:02 pm 22 May 09

Yes, what a joke!

I was charged over $70 to place a similar ad announcing the birth of our child, and thinking that the lady at the other end of the crackly line said ’17’, I thought, thats fairly reasonable.

Since then, unannounced by said telephone operator, we’ve had a card from CT arrive congratulating us on the birth of our child with the tiny ad printed out and stuck inside, they’ve sent us a copy of the Canberra Baby Guide and all of a sudden we’re receiving the paper every week day (yey, not, if I wanted to read outdated stories credited to ‘New York Times’ and ‘Reuters’ I’d probably consult a new fan-dangled invention called ‘the internet’).

To conclude, thanks but no thanks CT to your unwanted FREE extras (worth, hmmm close to 68 dollars I’d say) that nobody told me about that I’ve received and paid for as part of placing a 5 line ad. I’d suggest if you legitimately want to get your readership numbers up, and yes we all know that that’s your ‘strategy’ here, make The Canberra Times a newspaper that is actually worth reading!

Rant over.

deezagood 11:48 am 22 May 09

Revenue is probably down because the newspaper is shite.

p1 11:41 am 22 May 09

Seems to me the only reason to advertise in the Crimes is if you are trying to specifically reach a demographic who are not regular users of the interwebz. Otherwise you’d just advertise on RA.

sepi 9:37 am 22 May 09

The CT has improved of late I think. But the classifieds are so expensive they are pricing themselves out of the market.

harvyk1 9:08 am 22 May 09

I had a CT subscription for about a year. (Interestingly enough, about the time I got married), but at the same time I didn’t have an internet connection at home.

I’d never subscribe to the CT now, and at the price to advertise in it in a way where your ad may be noticed you’d need a lot of money behind you.

Spectra 8:53 am 22 May 09

Being of the age where I’ve been around a bunch of marriages and births recently, it seems that nobody of “my generation” seems to even think of putting ads about such things in the paper these days. And at that price, I’m hardly surprised.

And why would we? I don’t know anyone my age with a newspaper subscription (especially not with the Canberra Times). We have this little thing called “the internet” which seems to do the job nicely.

Nambucco Deliria 8:16 am 22 May 09

Maybe you could get the government to help you out in your time of financial distress.

Thumper 8:06 am 22 May 09

Haven’t advertised in the CT for well over ten years.

Too expensive and not as easy as placing an add on line.

Ko. 8:03 am 22 May 09

Maybe they charge you more for starting every word with a capital letter..

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