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The Chaser’s War on Outbursts

By swb - 21 November 2007 28

What’s all the fuss about with the Chaser boys? It was interesting to see in your article the comments made by Seven Network boss David Leckie (“Seven boss curses The Chaser”, November 16, Canberra Times, p3.) about The Chaser’s visit to the Today Tonight studio. Everyone knows their brand of humour which is to shock, challenge and question our values.

Do people overreact when confronted by the Chaser boys? Or don’t they get it? They’re funny. Where would we be without this style of humour? We would never have heard of Norman Gunston with his embarrassing quirky questions or Dame Edna Everidge with her witty commentary on social values or even Kath and Kim who make us laugh at the silly things we do. All of these comedians are critical to contributing to Australian humour. With the Chaser, the bottom line is that if they’re ignored they’ll most likely go away. But let’s hope they don’t or face the same fate as The Glass House. Keep on chasing boys.

[ED – Has anyone seen the Chaser lads in Canberra during the election? if so where and doing what?]

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28 Responses to
The Chaser’s War on Outbursts
ant 9:43 pm 21 Nov 07

They are brilliant, and getting better all the time.

thetruth 8:19 pm 21 Nov 07

I used to be a fan, but went off them when they gatecrashed the italian film festival with Sophia Loren.

I just thought the italian community had worked really hard to make their event a good one and these arrogant dwebbes decided to use their hard work for their own show.

The APEC thing wasa funny, but had the potential to be very tragic – how would a policeman feel if they made a decision to open fire and then realised the error? It would have ruined many lives around it. The UK case highlights the potential for things to go wrong.

Absent Diane 5:16 pm 21 Nov 07

they make me laugh hard. The episode when they pinched the qld cowboys gear from the airport and then claimed they were jonathon thurston. priceless

jennybel75 5:08 pm 21 Nov 07

Dental surgery without anaesthetic is better than Rove!

pierce 4:11 pm 21 Nov 07

Yeah, when they’re in form they’re golden but I cringe when they are just out giving shop workers a hard time. I can see that it might be hard to fill 30 mins each week – particularly in a slow-news week.

Thumper 3:32 pm 21 Nov 07

It’s still better than Rove though….

Stung 3:26 pm 21 Nov 07

have to say they are getting a little lame, although some of their stuff does still raise the odd chuckle. I just think some of their targets don’t really deserve what they cop… and the way they sit and stare directly at the camera in between skits… well, I could choke them for that

Typsy McStaggers 2:51 pm 21 Nov 07

TAD, the chaser’s tally room is being filmed tonight, and a week tonight, not at the same time as the election

Typsy McStaggers 2:48 pm 21 Nov 07

I think certain skits appeal to certain people. I’ve been literally in tears at little pranks they’ve pulled while others think they’ve been lame. At the end of the day I like what they do, most of the time.

I’ve been told by a fairly reliable source that they will be here for the election, and a couple had rsvp’d to attend the ALP after-party following the official announcement.

TAD 2:44 pm 21 Nov 07

No Canberra shenanigans, they are just going to film Canberra in Ultimo instead.

astrojax 2:01 pm 21 Nov 07

in the risk of sounding like a potential labor Pm, me too finds them stale and rather rekkuns they’d be best off disbanding, mebbe reuniting for one-offs when necessary.

that said, more of clive and the crazy warehouse guy would be great – mebbe a slot on the half seven show on non-john clarke days?

shanefos 1:15 pm 21 Nov 07

I think I saw (or heard) Clive the slightly too loud commuter on the bus the other morning…

barney 1:08 pm 21 Nov 07

I agree Thumper. It’s getting a bit stale indeed. A complete re-format of the show, or a whole NEW format/new show is needed. Too many lame-arse pranks going on. Though freedom of speech is a bit limited these days through most mediums…

Having said all that. I haven’t seen them in Canberra. And I hope they keep doing their thing ON THE ABC !!!!!!!!

Thumper 1:02 pm 21 Nov 07

Sadly they seem to being getting a little stale these days.

DarkLadyWolfMother 12:50 pm 21 Nov 07

I find them very hit and miss in terms of humour. However, when they hit, they hit with a harsh brilliance. The one that keeps springing to mind is their fake motorcade during OP…sorry… APEC.

I’d be very sorry to see them disappear.

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