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The Coffee Club’s Cockroach Cannelloni

By Disposable - 6 October 2010 60

On Monday the 4th October at 3.30pm my partner and I attended the Coffee Club in Belconnen Mall for a late lunch. Halfway through my partners Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni she started curiously picking at what she thought was an Olive. She rolled the “Olive” over with her fork and was shocked to find a tiny insect leg spring out of a well deceased Cockroach.

I immediately called over the Manager and a staff member to confirm our suspicions. The Manager and staff member were as appalled as we were and instantly confirmed our suspicions that it was definitely a Cockroach that had been served to us in our meal. The Manager asked to take the plate away to which I replied a firm “No. The plate stays here” as I wanted to take a photo. The Manger then used a staff member to distract us while he removed the offending dish against our wishes. He then informed us that he would refund the meal.

I was not happy with the Manager’s suggested resolution and told him to keep the money and that we would take it up with the Coffee Clubs’ head office. We immediately went home and sent an email to the Coffee Clubs’ head office then first thing this morning called the A.C.T. Health Inspector who informed us they would be attending the store in question today.

Yesterday afternoon I attended the Belconnen Coffee Club Store to leave my details as the head office suggested we contact the franchisee directly. The same Manager from yesterday told me that the  Coffee Club buys all of their Cannelloni from a distributor and as a result all the stores in the Canberra region had been affected over the long weekend forcing them to throw out all of their Cannelloni supplies.

We were left disgusted and dismayed by the food standards on display at the Coffee Club and would like to know if anyone else had any similar issues over the weekend with The Coffee Club?

Anyone else find their Olives waving at them from their Cannelloni?

What’s Your opinion?

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60 Responses to
The Coffee Club’s Cockroach Cannelloni
gnomnamne 12:06 pm 06 Oct 10

Was the manager bald by any chance?

Mothy 11:46 am 06 Oct 10

Assume the ACT Health Inspector will attend not just the Coffee Club outlet in question, but the Distributor’s preparation site?

Agree with banjo – this stuff happens. Though this one time, not at all near a band camp, my brother was eating scrambled eggs from a cafe, and assumed they had accidentally left some egg shell in there. Thinking nothing more of the crunchiness of his scrambos, he kept right on chewing till there was blood in his mouth. Turns out someone had broken a glass in the kitchen.

Curious why the OP didn’t take the refund offered?

Marvin_78 11:43 am 06 Oct 10

The Coffee Club is awful regardless.

Substandard food/coffee at premium prices.

Why anyone would go there in the first place is beyond me…

Quince 11:42 am 06 Oct 10

I have breakfast there occassionally and I’ve never had an issue with their food.

I don’t understand why you didn’t take the money – dodgy meal that you didn’t eat = give me money back! Unless, as others have suggested, you’re hoping for greater compensation…

Was the cockroach inside the cannelloni, or was it in the sauce? Or a side salad? It’s not completely clear in your story but it sounds like it made it’s way into the food somewhere in the offsite food prep/distribution process. Agreed it’s pretty gross, but it’s quite hard to feel like the franchise has done anything wrong in this situation.

S4anta 11:29 am 06 Oct 10


get evidence before passing it over if you are a litigious whiny little ambulance chaser.

Holden Caulfield 11:18 am 06 Oct 10

The first rule of Cockroach Club is, you do not talk about Cockroach Club.

banjo 11:14 am 06 Oct 10

I don’t know why but I always give people the benefit of the doubt with these things, if I find something unsanitary in my food (hair is the usual one) I let the staff know but I am not generally phased by it. These things happen and insects in your food is one of those things that’s not always easy to control. At the end of the day, unless I find a hypodermic needle in my scrambled eggs or a pack of thumbtacks in my pasta it’s just one of the non harmful but potentially unsettling risks of eating food you haven’t prepared yourself. I suggest you watch some Man vs Wild, you will then see future cockroaches as a good source of protein rather than unhygienic food preparation! 🙂

troll-sniffer 11:11 am 06 Oct 10

Sounds to me like the OP was looking for a lottery win here. Well, outside a scumbag gutter-feeding lawyer’s office, in this country at least, the presence of a cockroach in a meal is cause for concern but not something that you need to suffer dizzy spells, headaches and feelings of inadequacy leading to social exclusion etc. Therefore, the notion of taking a photo of the offending dish to a no win no fee lawyer has rightly been dealt with by the manager.

As for the business concerned: sounds to me like an unfortunate once-off that can happen to any business. If there had been other reports of contamination from this business over a month or so, there would be cause for community concern, but from the sound of it it is a once off. The ACT Health Inspector will attend the premises and check for unsatisfactory aspects.

As long as humans eat food that is attractive to insects, and as long as insects retain the ability to slide into unbelievably small gaps, instances such as this will happen. It’s not probable, it’s inevitable. Businesses do what they can to minimise the probablities but no business other than an irradiation laboratory can ever be 100% sure that it won’t happen to them.

Personally I would have accepted that the business was as surprised and as horrified as you were and left it at that.

Jim Jones 11:06 am 06 Oct 10

clp said :

Its pretty yuck – but it seems as though they handled it as best they could – what more do you want them to do?


Genie 11:04 am 06 Oct 10

Westfield Belconnen has a cockroach infestation in the food court.

Doesn’t surporsie me in the least to hear someone has bugs in their food.

jadie360 10:55 am 06 Oct 10

to which I replied a firm “No. The plate stays here” as I wanted to take a photo

why? to send to ACA for your 15 minutes?

KB1971 10:47 am 06 Oct 10

Was it cooked?

clp 10:30 am 06 Oct 10

Its pretty yuck – but it seems as though they handled it as best they could – what more do you want them to do?

Solidarity 10:29 am 06 Oct 10

Extra protein, quit whining.

Me no fry 10:21 am 06 Oct 10

Mmmmmmmm, crunchy.

I’m pretty sure that everyone has at one time or another eaten cockroach embedded in a meal, whether they’ve known it or not. Not that that makes it any less disgusting seeing a cockroach in the meal you’ve paid good money for.

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