The Coffee Club’s Cockroach Cannelloni

Disposable 6 October 2010 60

On Monday the 4th October at 3.30pm my partner and I attended the Coffee Club in Belconnen Mall for a late lunch. Halfway through my partners Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni she started curiously picking at what she thought was an Olive. She rolled the “Olive” over with her fork and was shocked to find a tiny insect leg spring out of a well deceased Cockroach.

I immediately called over the Manager and a staff member to confirm our suspicions. The Manager and staff member were as appalled as we were and instantly confirmed our suspicions that it was definitely a Cockroach that had been served to us in our meal. The Manager asked to take the plate away to which I replied a firm “No. The plate stays here” as I wanted to take a photo. The Manger then used a staff member to distract us while he removed the offending dish against our wishes. He then informed us that he would refund the meal.

I was not happy with the Manager’s suggested resolution and told him to keep the money and that we would take it up with the Coffee Clubs’ head office. We immediately went home and sent an email to the Coffee Clubs’ head office then first thing this morning called the A.C.T. Health Inspector who informed us they would be attending the store in question today.

Yesterday afternoon I attended the Belconnen Coffee Club Store to leave my details as the head office suggested we contact the franchisee directly. The same Manager from yesterday told me that the Coffee Club buys all of their Cannelloni from a distributor and as a result all the stores in the Canberra region had been affected over the long weekend forcing them to throw out all of their Cannelloni supplies.

We were left disgusted and dismayed by the food standards on display at the Coffee Club and would like to know if anyone else had any similar issues over the weekend with The Coffee Club?

Anyone else find their Olives waving at them from their Cannelloni?

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60 Responses to The Coffee Club’s Cockroach Cannelloni
chrisi chrisi 6:36 pm 20 Oct 10

I cant believe the amount of people responding thus far telling the OP to “get over it” ?!?!

I’d be VERY annoyed, but some these laid back Rioters seem to be so carefree with their health I’m surprised they are still alive! The diseases a common cockroach carries around with them can make a human very sick indeed.

Poor Coffee Club for this mean grumpy customer who insists on food without insects in their food, and suitable restitution for not only the cost of the food, but the stress caused! Give me a break!

A refund isnt good enough, and I support the OP 100%.

maniac maniac 12:50 pm 18 Oct 10

I saw a person at Coffee Club eating cannelloni and there were no cockroaches in it – I would have asked for a refund if I was that person…

AmandaB AmandaB 12:21 pm 16 Oct 10

Jim Jones said :

Marvin_78 said :

The Coffee Club is awful regardless.

Substandard food/coffee at premium prices.

Why anyone would go there in the first place is beyond me…

The food may be substandard (can’t comment on this, I’ve only eaten there once, and it was fine), but the prices certainly aren’t particularly high.

Maybe not on public service wages but $15 for glorified sandwiches?

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 5:39 pm 12 Oct 10

First meal and hot choc I had on a date at the coffee club was great (Woden), so I persisted in going back for a while (Gungahlin).. Really wish I hadn’t (pleased to not have found anything with legs though).

Absolutely no consistency and no apologies for it, and insipid chai latte’s which reminded me of hot water with milk added. I had to keep apologising to my mum who’d I kept reassuring it must of just been a bad day each time. Nevermind, we found a couple of others we liked now. So I’ll never know Belconnen’s effort, by sounds I was best served staying away.

schmeah schmeah 4:59 pm 12 Oct 10

I agree with Marvin_78; coffee club – spew! The food is terrible, the staff are miserable and really, it’s corporate garbage, the Maccas of the coffee world.

having said that – I’d be well angry if I found a bug in my food and I think everyone else would too – they just like to pretend they’d be so calm about it.

The staff being miserable isn’t necessarily their fault – having recently overheard a conversation of what they get paid .. I’m pretty sure that’s a crime right there!

brightworks32 brightworks32 4:51 pm 11 Oct 10

I think disposable did the right thing to get the health inspector in, I like having health inspectors around to maintain standards except I would have thought horror and outrage is best reserved for crimes against humanity and other genuine damaging crimes.

And it wasn’t even his cockroach…hang on, why didn’t the person who had the coachroach do all these actions?

joh8754 joh8754 8:31 pm 09 Oct 10

Wanting to take a photo of the “offending item” is a way of obtaining evidence of what has occurred, so to take to ACT Health to investigate further. It may only been a one off for this business, but as Genie has written (in the #6 post) quote-unquote “Westfield Belconnen has a cockroach infestation in the food court”, ACT Health could investigate Westfield Belconnen as a whole to help sort out if the problem is on a larger scale.
It would give me more confidence to eat in any of the establishments if this was done.

Pandy Pandy 9:10 am 09 Oct 10

@ #52 Or a blowie I observed once laying eggs on a cake sitting in the serving area in a All-you-can-eat restaurant in a leagues club. When brought to the attention of management and only after some forceful discussion involving the manager, they finally relented and took the offending cake away. No doubt to brush off the eggs and bring it back out once I had left.

cleo cleo 10:22 pm 08 Oct 10

I don’t know which is worse, a cockroach or a blowfly, I remember someone I know having a strawberry milkshake, and sucking on the straw thinking it was a strawberry,as it appeared to be blocked, after sucking really hard, he decided to have a look at the end of the straw, well he almost choked, a dirty big blowfly.

terubo terubo 8:48 pm 08 Oct 10

Disappointing that the cockroach was “well deceased”.

This greatly minimises the horror experienced by the eager cannelloni-muncher.

creative_canberran creative_canberran 3:55 pm 07 Oct 10

johnboy said :

Not to mention a business with more than 10 employees cannot be defamed.

Lawyers are now using alternative actions under torts including injurious falsehood. It’s a much high standard though to be met, not only showing harm to reputation but also showing malice and actual damages to the business. If business at the Belco Coffee Club dropped off soon after this was posted, could be an interesting case.

    johnboy johnboy 4:04 pm 07 Oct 10

    Which is why we only take posts like this from readers with long established relationships, not an hour old account.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 1:40 pm 07 Oct 10

I didn’t know they put olives in canelloni.

astrojax astrojax 10:13 am 07 Oct 10

i want to know why anyone bothered to go to somewhere called ‘coffee club’ – gotta be awful just from the moniker, no? 9:56 am 07 Oct 10

eyeLikeCarrots said :

S4anta said :


get evidence before passing it over if you are a litigious whiny little ambulance chaser.

Gold. Split my coffee when I read that one.


These sorts of discussions on RA interest me. I hope that there is some ‘fair comment’ defence in the defamation legislation to prevent Johnboy from getting chased by the franchise ?

There are several defences to Defamation. One of which is that what is being said is the truth. So as long as what is being said is the truth, it’s fine. Also, it is up to the defendant to prove that what is being said is not the truth.

Then there is the In the public’s best interest defence. Yeah, knowing you may get served cockroaches is in the public’s best interest.

An interesting third defence, where truth and best interest do not need to apply is if something is said in Parliament. So the guvvament pollys don’t need to fear being sued if they raise something in Parliament.

Either way, Johnboy and his legion of many minions has nothing to fear legally with a truthful statement made by someone.

    johnboy johnboy 10:08 am 07 Oct 10

    Not to mention a business with more than 10 employees cannot be defamed. 9:45 am 07 Oct 10

Holden Caulfield said :

The first rule of Cockroach Club is, you do not talk about Cockroach Club.


Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:37 am 07 Oct 10

WillowJim said :

Can the original poster please explain why they wanted a photo? Was it because they:

1. wanted to post it on RiotACT;

For future reference, RiotACT has a history of good pictures taken of terrible food.
The cockroach pizza of Dominos Dickson
A Review of Sorts – Firestone Italian Restaurant

WillowJim WillowJim 9:13 am 07 Oct 10

Can the original poster please explain why they wanted a photo? Was it because they:

1. wanted to post it on RiotACT;
2. enjoy confrontations and wanted to string it out as much as possible with head office, etc;
3. hope to score some sort of settlement payment from what was clearly an accident.

I hope it was No 1 and not the others.

Roma Roma 7:59 am 07 Oct 10

Suprisingly, yes. I DID have issues with Coffee Club this weekend. I had eggs on toast and a skinny Mocha from the DFO store and wound up with gastro for the next two days 🙁

PrinceOfAles PrinceOfAles 3:37 am 07 Oct 10

Believe it or not insects do like to eat human food from time to time. It`s hardly worth crying over. Just take the freebie and deal with it.

creative_canberran creative_canberran 12:47 am 07 Oct 10

peterepete said :

I can see why you kicked up a fuss – it was in your partner’s food. Now if it was in your own I’m sure you’d just send it back and get the refund. I hope you earned some good points.

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