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The Compliance Targeting Team unveiled – Unregistered drivers beware!

johnboy 3 November 2008 47

ACT Policing has announced the formation of a “Compliance Targeting Team (CTT), comprising of ACT Policing officers and ACT Government representatives will target unregistered, uninsured and defective vehicles and unlicensed drivers on Canberra’s main arterial roads through the highly-successful RAPID plate-recognition system.”

Unsurprisingly it turns out that people driving unregistered vehicles are also much more likely to warrant further attention than drivers who can keep their rego up to date.

    “Unlicensed drivers in unregistered or uninsured vehicles are disproportionately represented in national fatal motor vehicle statistics,” Supt Colbran said.

    “Injuries suffered as a result of a collision involving an uninsured vehicle may not be covered by third party insurance leading to lengthy judicial processes to recoup medical expenses and damage.

    “Drivers who ignore the basics of registering their car, are more likely to ignore other road rules, placing other drivers at risk.

    “The earlier these drivers are detected, the safer it is for everyone”,

I think the vast majority of us will be pleased that picking up the unregistered is going to become a systemic process.


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47 Responses to The Compliance Targeting Team unveiled – Unregistered drivers beware!
bigred bigred 7:17 pm 13 Nov 08

probably is a word used by those who don’t know.

cranky cranky 6:56 pm 13 Nov 08

This site is a very good indicator of prices charged for CTP in NSW. For giggles, indicate a postcode of 2620, for QBN/Hume(ACT).

Expect higher prices for younger drivers/older cars. Generally a $100 or so saving PA.

Special G Special G 7:16 am 12 Nov 08

oppressed-taxpayer – you need to flesh out you’re argument there a little. The cost of maintaining it’s own Police force in the ACT would probably cost far more than the contract with the AFP.

The ACT govt may rely to a certain degree on revenue from fines although from the individual coppers perspective they don’t care about raising cash for the govt. It’s not like they are on a commission or anything.

oppressed_taxpayer oppressed_taxpayer 3:03 am 12 Nov 08

Special G said :

Add to that the AFP don’t care how much revenue the govt makes – it has no relevance on their position at all.

And pigs will fly. Wake up chum, if you think that there is no link (in the minds of beauracrats) between the cost of maintaining the AFP and the money they make through serving infringement notices, you are both ignorant and delusional. We are well on the way to having a self-funded police force here in the ACT.

ant ant 8:46 pm 06 Nov 08

The naughty drivers must have walked as far as the bushes, and hidden until the cops moved on.

Madman Madman 8:32 pm 06 Nov 08

The thing is I saw this operation on Sunday on Ginninderra Drive – what happened was they spent the whole afternoon there picking out all the unregistered vehicles with their high powered camera pulling them over and making them walk.
About after an hour they had left all the cars but one had dissapeared!

Holierthanthou Holierthanthou 10:22 pm 04 Nov 08

You need to look at total cost, esp incl. CTP. The govt is also freeing up choice, we have been hurting due to a monopoly.

ant ant 9:18 pm 04 Nov 08

The $608 figure for ACT rego is accurate, it’s what I paid. That’s the lot though, including tax and third party etc. I can’t believe that I’d pay $218 in NSW. It’s not apples vs apples.

Special G Special G 8:14 pm 04 Nov 08

ilmarinen – did you get quotes on the green slips and add it to those figures. I find my actual registration fee is quite low it is the CTP where I get stung big time.

Add to that the AFP don’t care how much revenue the govt makes – it has no relevance on their position at all.

Bundybear Bundybear 5:21 pm 04 Nov 08

@ilmarinen. If those figures are accurate you just made a bloody good argument for removing state governments.

ilmarinen ilmarinen 4:58 pm 04 Nov 08

ACT 0-975kg passenger carrying vehicles $608.35
Vic private or business use up to 4500kg MRC $178
NSW Cars, station wagons and trucks up to 975kg $218
Qld 2 rotors/4 cylinders $263 registration renewal total
Tas Class ‘A’ light vehicle $507 renewal ($72.85 registration fee)
SA 4 cylinders or less $95
WA light vehicle up to 4500kg $12.15+$16 per 100kg

Yeah gee, I wonder why the AFP care so much about unregistered vehicles in the ACT..

Holierthanthou Holierthanthou 4:20 pm 04 Nov 08

110 is probably a bit fast for the parkway, it might look a bit like a freeway, but the traffice density is much higher and there is more incoming and outgoing traffic. Also with this speed you would have to make off road cycling facilities along the same route.

Perhaps it could be 110 between 7pm and 5am.

ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 2:34 pm 04 Nov 08

youami said :

Excellent news! We get to remember another TLA! But on a more serious note, I pay my registration and license to drive so I totally support the move to crack down on recalcitrants. The only problem I have is WRT (another TLA if you noticed) speed limits on ACT (a TLA) roads. NRMA (a FLA) did a survey in NSW (a TLA) with the Government about speed limits and the fact that there are too many and not consistent. In the ACT they are not consistent and not representative of the road and conditions. ok ok, I really just wanted to say make Adelaide Av and Yarra Glen 100k and Tuggeranong Parkway, Monaro etc, 110k. And on the reverse side, Alinga St, Bunda St, etc, are all 50k, reduce them to 40k.


Roads ACT is doing a review of speed limits in shopping precincts like Bunda Street, where 50 KM/hr is ridiculous.

DJ DJ 11:53 am 04 Nov 08

poptop said :

So the AFP and miscellaneous ACT bureaucrats are going to identify unregistered cars and unlicenced drivers? I presume they will then chase these miscreants at high speed for extended periods with lights and sirens and sound and fury.

Sounds like we’ll have a high old time on the arterial roads for a while.

Look twice before proceeding through those intersections, people.

Are you fishing for comments to have reasonable people moderated for responding to this rubbish?

Hard to know where to begin pointing out the stupidity of your post so I wont. You are a goose.

Holierthanthou Holierthanthou 11:41 am 04 Nov 08

This a great move.

Dave F Dave F 11:13 am 04 Nov 08

Hopefully this will also mean less cars on the road with only one brake light working.

Lenient Lenient 10:57 am 04 Nov 08

I got held up in the jam caused by this yesterday. I wished I was rather on my bike, then I would have whizzed by giving a “ha ha” to the stuck cars and a bigger “HA HA” to the naughty naughty kiddies getting their just deserves. As it was I was stuck and without a frangipangi sticker on me either.

Where can I get frangipangi stickers for bikes?

I did notice a bike go past and surprisingly the police did pull them over for being unregistered. Why oh why did you people not vote for AMP??????

Special G Special G 9:45 am 04 Nov 08

Whatsup – the delay in traffic is not caused by the plod (who calls them blogs – that’s a new one). It is caused by useless people wanting to gawk as they drive past and almost causing accidents. Nothing to see here carry on.

Minime2 – try using paragraphs – it makes your posts easier to read.

Thumper Thumper 9:15 am 04 Nov 08


astrosapien astrosapien 8:23 am 04 Nov 08

Great news!! There are heaps of them out there. After all, anyone riding a bicycle is riding an unregistered vehicle!!

**Sits back smiling and waits to see if anyone bites…**

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