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The corner of Doonkuna and Donaldson Streets

By johnboy - 23 January 2009 32

So here’s a question for our resident panel of traffic experts.

What do these funny painted pseudo islands in Braddon actually mean?

There are no signs saying “No Right Turn” and many people continue to turn right at this intersection as the whim takes them.

So is it just a gentle hint? Or is it meant to be a left turn only intersection?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
The corner of Doonkuna and Donaldson Streets
Deano 3:30 pm 23 Jan 09

Bicycle safety zones?

They’re all through Griffith as well.

Danman 2:50 pm 23 Jan 09

They are burnout pads.

Fo shizzle kizzle my nizzle.

Just wanted to say that 🙂

(Translated that says “Kizzle, my dear freind, I hear what you are saying, and I wholeheartedly agree”)

Anyway – I always thought that they were weird, Mrs Danman and I have asked eachother what the deal is with this intersection. We usually just drive over the top of them, as do most people we observe.

However, who ever is passenger at the time holds full rights to say “You just failed your P’s test”


Kizzle 2:36 pm 23 Jan 09

They are burnout pads.

neanderthalsis 2:28 pm 23 Jan 09

If it was supposed to indicate “no right turn:, wouldn’t a simple sign saying “no right turn” suffice as it does everywhere else?

I dislike the idea of having our road signage devised by a cryptologist.

As aussiegal suggested, email the RTA and see if anyone there knows.

bd84 2:03 pm 23 Jan 09

I would guess it’s an attempt for no right turns, maybe on a ACT Govt minimalistic approach? It’s not valid without the signs anyway.

AussieGal83 1:55 pm 23 Jan 09

Can we subit it to the RTA for an answer?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 1:53 pm 23 Jan 09

I asked a driving instructor once, he said that they were put in place to get people to slow down at that intersection. As there are no signs preventing turns, you can go whichever way you want, you’re just not supposed to drive over the painted island.

chrispy 1:47 pm 23 Jan 09

Deckard said :

Segway refuge?

Sounds like a good song.
It’s where all the Segway’s go to get away from their abusive riders.

Granny 1:43 pm 23 Jan 09

It’s a bit of a worry that nobody seems to know what they mean.

The whole idea of traffic rules is that there is an agreed-upon code of conduct. If people don’t understand the road markings then surely chaos will ensue. It’s actually dangerous.

Whether it’s the administrators’ fault or our own fault, the result will be equally disastrous. It is in the interests of community safety that this sort of information be broadly disseminated.

Deckard 1:42 pm 23 Jan 09

Segway refuge?

wishuwell 1:37 pm 23 Jan 09

Pedestrian refuge.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 1:30 pm 23 Jan 09

Implication is left turn only, but without signposting it effectively means go left, right or straight ahead, but drive around the unbroken lines.

Ozhair 1:29 pm 23 Jan 09

Actually, lobster may have a valid point.

If the gub’mint decides to implement it’s own forms of traffic control without actually bothering to notify the public, are we liable if we don’t do what the gub’mint wants us to do there? We’re not psychic, after all, and there was certainly no such thing as these pseudo-islands when I went for my license.

lobster 1:16 pm 23 Jan 09

I thought it was meant to suggest no straight ahead as well. I used to go straight ahead through it though when I did deliveries in the area as there was no sign.
Honest officer, I didn’t know.

The Brad 1:15 pm 23 Jan 09

Looks like some kind of funky sundial

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