The DIY April Fools

johnboy 1 April 2009 12

So, it’s 1 April again.

Have you seen or heard any good April Fools jokes around Canberra? (THIS YEAR)

If so share your experience in the comments.

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12 Responses to The DIY April Fools
astrojax astrojax 3:29 pm 01 Apr 09

resulting – not ‘reulting’

i also had a bit about writing directly to CM if there was a problem as this was an actew/gov’t partnership to address CC.

astrojax astrojax 3:28 pm 01 Apr 09

‘s too late now, but i awoke with a whole script in my head and popped it down, basically suggesting actew had some new technology that ran electricity through sophisticated filters of carbon and asbestos, which slowed it down – the consumer may notice a very slight yellow tinge to lights, as electricity at full speed is white (per lightning) but this might affect current illumination. the reulting emissions saving from delivering world-first slower supply would be equivalent to removing some 10,000 prius’s from the road, when it was rolled out next april.

something like that. was good. wanted to see if anyone was fooled…

Davo111 Davo111 1:53 pm 01 Apr 09

Someone went around my college and put “WARNING ASBESTOS – DO NOT USE THIS BATHROOM. Use Bathroom on top floor. Maintenance” on all the bathroom doors. I thought this was clever but harmless.

ant ant 1:42 pm 01 Apr 09

Post it here in the comments, Astrojax! We might enjoy it. Although it won’t fool anyone (or will it?).

johnboy johnboy 1:22 pm 01 Apr 09

I think it must have looked better at half five than it did in the morning light astro.

astrojax astrojax 1:20 pm 01 Apr 09

i submitted a post at about half five this morning to run as an april fools piece; any news johnboy why it didn’t get up? did you actually get it??

it was on ‘slow electricity’… damn, was good, too.

ant ant 12:25 pm 01 Apr 09

That Finance email is CLASSIC! I bet there was some wild-eyed panic when that one went out, and the rumour mill went into overdrive.

Those poor buggers, this time of year is hell for them. Quite a few spend all night at work, just plugging away, and of course Finance traded away their overtime when they went onto AWAs.

midlife midlife 12:17 pm 01 Apr 09


How about this email sent out in the Department of Finance. I am sure it blew some stessed out accountants mind when they opened it.


Re: Bringing forward of this year’s budget.

As you may have heard, following a meeting of ERC this morning, the 09-10 budget will now be delivered on 13 April 09, rather than 13 May 09 as originally scheduled.

Apparently, the reasons for this are to do with the Global Financial Crisis.

We need to get together to discuss this and plan accordingly given the short time frame. How about a chat this afternoon when I come back into work.

Please find attached further information about this news.

toriness toriness 12:01 pm 01 Apr 09
johnboy johnboy 11:11 am 01 Apr 09

Apparently Ross Solly on 666 had his listeners believing there was a proposal for turning off the street lights in low crime suburbs to reduce greenhouse emissions.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:51 am 01 Apr 09

The Todd Carney pics are a cruel April fools Day joke… Cruel to us who have to constantly hear what a twat he is.

We all knew you weren’t much of a man Todd, so you went and proved us right.

Loz Loz 10:33 am 01 Apr 09

One way to get Raiders fans riled up. It caught me out –

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