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The end comes for plastic bags

By johnboy 1 June 2011 71

Simon Corbell is reminding us that the lasting legacy of the Labor Green alliance, a ban on plastic shopping bags, comes into force on 1 July 2011.

The ACT Plastic Bag Ban applies to single use plastic shopping bags of 35 microns or less, which are generally the type distributed through supermarkets, grocery stores and takeaway food outlets.

The ban will not apply to a range of other bags including barrier bags, which are dispensed from a roll to hold items such as fruit, heavier retail bags especially those used in department stores, reusable ‘green’ bags, purchased bin liners, compostable bags that meet the Australian Standard, and paper bags.

Environment and Sustainable Development have a page for retailers.

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The end comes for plastic bags
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zllauh 2:53 am 28 Apr 15

that is really good !
at least a few steps have been taken towards sustainable development rather than those political talks !

fragge 10:51 am 30 Jun 11

I think this law was pushed purely because the Greens know that the majority of their demographic are young, inner-city trendies that demand cooler and cooler designer shopping bags to be seen with when they’re buying frozen meals. Or this could be a brilliant move by the Labour party to alienate the Greens – once the market is saturated with designer bags, their voters will have one less cool distinguishing feature to set them apart as part of their eco-friendly, shower-neutral counter-culture. Without that, what do they have left, really? The Prius? *golfclap*

fragge 10:41 am 30 Jun 11

Chop71 said :

ACT – “The Nanny State”

The place where you can buy porn, fireworks and marijuana as easily as find a useless piece of public art, but don’t even THINK about having a cigarette in an area where people could hypothetically be eating food (forget that its 3am in the morning).

Thumper 8:42 am 30 Jun 11

I think I saw four horsemen in the clouds this morning feeding their horses.

Apocalypse anyone?

downindowner 8:35 am 30 Jun 11

Henry82 said :

nobody said :

The fact of the matter is people need plastic bags for daily use, and that isn’t going to change.

I’m pretty sure that people pre-dated plastic bags.

creative_canberran 3:41 am 30 Jun 11

dixyland said :

This is one of those things that make me regret voting for The Greens for most of my adult life. Bring back the Democrats! The other parties are idiots!

The only idiot is you if your comment is a serious one. I refer you to this quote:

“We call on Environment Minister Senator Ian Campbell to mandate a timeframe for phasing out plastic bag use, and ensure an end to this wasteful, unnecessary habit.”

– February 2005, Senator Andrew Bartlett (Australian Democrats)

So if the Democrats were calling for a ban by 2007, back in 2005… why should we bring them back?

Henry82 12:30 am 30 Jun 11

nobody said :

Wow, just wow, you completely missed my suggestion to read about the seriousness of discarded plastics pollution before complaining too much about the ban. Oh well.

I’m not denying that plastic affects fish, im saying the damage is miniscule compared to other pollutants, and other regions. Also, afaik nobody actually eats the fish out of Burley Griffin. The fact of the matter is people need plastic bags for daily use, and that isn’t going to change. This stupid idea is only around because stanhope teamed up with the greens. The only thing it will do is annoy customers, and increase the cost of living because now we have to fork out money for plastic bags. You might think this is a great idea, but when you’re old, out shopping and dont have your hemp bags, dont look at me for help. Hippy.

Pelican Lini 11:59 pm 29 Jun 11

Seeing the smug faces of Corbell and that millionaire Green MLA skiting about this ban on TV reminded me how much I loath modern day Labor and its new friends. Get out of my face, get off my back and get your filthy paws out of my pockets.

dixyland 10:03 pm 29 Jun 11

This is one of those things that make me regret voting for The Greens for most of my adult life. Bring back the Democrats! The other parties are idiots!

JC 9:01 pm 29 Jun 11

averagejoeaussie said :

I smell another typical knee-jerk reaction ala Alcopops tax, Economic Stimulus package, Insulation scheme, Carbon tax, etc etc. And you idiots wonder why we are cynical?

That’s what you get when the community votes in minority governments, especially with parties such as the greens. Just look at what is going to happen now the greens have control of the federal senate. At least the democrats had more sensible mainstream policies and were there to ‘keep the bastards honest’. With independents in control of the house and the greens the senate we are in for an interesting time with no bastard to keep the bastards honest. And we only have ourselves to blame.

nobody 5:15 pm 29 Jun 11

Diggety said :

nobody said :

If only the plastic bags all made it to the tip, but they don’t, with our careless help they make it into our creeks, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

If you knew even bits and pieces of chemistry, you would know that website is full of silly claims.

But then again, sheep aren’t hearded by facts and reasoning.

Try this page in wikipedia and see if it is “full of silly claims”.

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