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The great FaceBook Moose poll

By johnboy - 22 November 2007 26

Meanwhile over on FaceBook Canberrans with no sense of data privacy are pondering the most significant choice of their lives.

Do they join the Mooseheads Appreciation Group?

Or the contending MOOSEHEADS IS A JOKE?

At the moment the official group is ahead with 940 members but the anti-moose lobby is fast catching on 936.

And don’t forget to join the RiotACT group which has a mere 98 members but makes up with quality what it lacks in quantity.

Thoughts ladies and gentlemen?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
The great FaceBook Moose poll
Danman_straight6 EB_ 1:48 pm 23 Nov 07

Whats wrong with phoenix – oh maybe you hate a quiet place to have a chat without having to raise your voice over doof doof and check out a live local band.

Maybe Im old or married – who knows – but never been one for the whole go out get wayyysted and try to pull a root at SP or Moosheads.

Gimmie live bands, local talent and a bulmers and I am a happy man – simplistic yes – but I am one of many.

aa 12:11 pm 23 Nov 07

hahahaha, 1,081 members to Mooseheads is a joke.

Stung 11:49 am 23 Nov 07

ahahaha somebody said they hang at phoenix ..

comedy gold

pierce 11:31 am 23 Nov 07

I’m actually happy that Mooseheads exists as a way of keeping all of those people out of the bars you actually want to go to? You know, like flypaper.

Joe Canberran 9:32 am 23 Nov 07

I just got this from the ‘Mooseheads Is A Joke’ group:

Its official….
Mooseheads is a joke. (Like you didn’t already know)
Within four days of the group opening we have not only beaten the Mooseheads appreciation group but it is still growing at a steady rate.

You know, with all the crazy things going on in this world at least its good to know the majority of Canberrans have some level sensibility…. No matter how hectic your weekends are….

its also great to see the amount of participation within the group discussions… maybe it would be better if people didn’t get racial… just remember if you go to moose it doesn’t matter where your from, you’re a probably a dickhead ( or being dragged along for the first time with a dickhead) …

Heres to making the group twice as popular…

moosehayte xoxo

Mælinar 9:10 am 23 Nov 07

Mooseheads and SPC – keeping the producers of white pants in business ever since grass stains were permanent.

Thumper 8:20 am 23 Nov 07

The whole world thanks god for slappers….

barking toad 7:00 am 23 Nov 07

‘four floors of whores’

and the problem with that is?

Nickamc 1:40 am 23 Nov 07

I’m in the Phoenix category for a win all nights of the week.

Pandy 10:01 pm 22 Nov 07

What is Bar32? Is that how low you go before people accuse you of baby snatching?

AndyC 9:56 pm 22 Nov 07

I would love to add myself to the Mooseheads is a joke group. But the only thing I hate more than Mooseheads is Facebook..and Myspace..and Bebo…
Hang on that’s not right – Mooseheads is the root of all evil….So whatever the score just +1 for my vote on the Mooseheads is a joke group.

Bar32 for the win on Friday nights.

schmerica_ 7:13 pm 22 Nov 07

Oh you know me, always up for a good chat-up line. When i’m drunk, i’m likely to humour you for longer than if I wasn’t drunk. You should know that JB, hehe.

johnboy 7:10 pm 22 Nov 07

I don’t need to be hit on by some 35 year old guy (or girl), I don’t need my ass grabbed and I don’t need to be told i’m sexy by some complete stranger

Except when so drunk you can’t remember your name I take it?

Obviously the scores are going to jump around a bit, it’s going to be a long night!

schmerica_ 7:08 pm 22 Nov 07

PS. its 941 vs 940 to Mooseheads Is A Joke

schmerica_ 7:05 pm 22 Nov 07

I joined the ‘Mooseheads Is A Joke’ group. Because, well, it is.

‘four floors of whores’

Even the Mooseheads DJ has joined. I only ever go there when I am so drunk that I can’t remember my own name. I don’t need to be hit on by some 35 year old guy (or girl), I don’t need my ass grabbed and I don’t need to be told i’m sexy by some complete stranger. Mooseheads = Death.

Enough with the skanks, enough with the greased up guys, let the place burn!!! (again)

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