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The Greens oppose water recycling

By Jonathon Reynolds - 2 February 2007 31

In a very strange turn of the cards we actually have Deb (I have [ED – Had perhaps?] a right to earn $100,000 a year and live in public housing) Foskey opposing the ultimate recycling of effulent water back to a potable state.

The ABC has the story here

I’m not sure what Deb means by the ACT Govenrment being alarmist by suggesting such a plan… cities like London have been recycling water to potable state for years. In fact the water in London is typically recycled seven times before it reaches the sea.

UPDATED: ED – The Greens feel they have been somewhat misrepresented and invite you to view their media release for a full explanation of their position.

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31 Responses to
The Greens oppose water recycling
seepi 3:08 pm 02 Feb 07

London and much of Europe may have recycled water, but many of the locals do not drink it.

Ari 3:06 pm 02 Feb 07

A leading proponent of getting on the piss (literally) is based sort of near Canberra … in Bermagui.

Sammy 3:05 pm 02 Feb 07

Recycled water would be great for your garden, with all that poo in it.

Dagget 2:57 pm 02 Feb 07

I tasted the water that came out of my “envirocycle” system, just out of interest .
Not like a glassful, just a wet fingertip.
It was for want of a better word ” fresh ” .
The maker of the system warns against this by the way.

I would assume that whatever system was put in place would get rid of that freshness .

The horses love the grass that it sprinkles on and off during the day.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 2:56 pm 02 Feb 07

Open your mouth and I’ll piss into it.

I think the whole ‘debate’ around drinking recycled water shows just how stupid and fearful our society really is. Consider the number of animals, insects and fish that already urinate, defecate and die in our drinking water. This water has, of course, fallen as rain and washed into the rivers over yet more piss, poo and dead stuff. The water may have evaporated from the ocean, plant materials, or even from the open sewage treatment ponds.

It’s called the water cycle, and it’s a fundamental part of nature. Water is kinda like energy – it doesn’t really get created or destroyed, it just moves from place to place and it’s form changes.

If we can find an effective process by which to remove impurities from water such that the end product is sufficiently ‘clean’, where the hell’s the problem. That’s what nature does anyway!

barking toad 2:52 pm 02 Feb 07

Ghandi happily chugga-lugged a glass of his steaming every morning – though he did tend to look a bit wizened and a strange colour.

Mr Evil 2:26 pm 02 Feb 07

I was hoping that we’d get to drink other people’s urine as a way of saving water.

jr 2:14 pm 02 Feb 07

I’ll be happy to first in line to drink recycled potable water… want to vote for me next time?

Even with their media release they are still on the back foot as it appears that they would rather be in a grip of a crisis before actually taking any proactive action. I will guarantee you it is cheaper to implement a full recycling solution now than go half arsed for a solution that is simply used for lawns and ovals and upgrade it later.

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:12 pm 02 Feb 07

Am I? That’ll make my mother, who lives in Florida, very happy.

Maelinar 1:55 pm 02 Feb 07

I presume you’ll be voting then by deed poll WMD, on account of you are in America.

snahon 1:54 pm 02 Feb 07

As long as it passes health tests (which undoubtedly it would before it was available as potable water) who really gives a flying f&^K.

As for her comment “This is an alarmist approach because nobody really wants to drink sewage,” – Whilst this is technically true it really adds no value to her argument since the topic surrounds treated sewage water.

Woody Mann-Caruso 1:43 pm 02 Feb 07

I’ll admit it – I voted Greens at the last election (well, them and the free-range chook folk). If they oppose water recycling for human consumption, it’ll be the last time.

GnT 1:39 pm 02 Feb 07

I would think ‘alarmist’ would be suggesting drinking recylcled water is somehow dirty, when it is actually safe.

S4anta 1:22 pm 02 Feb 07

Wouldn’t it be more alarmist to poo-poo an idea that really does sit well with your parties philosphies? No, thats just stupid.

Maelinar 1:22 pm 02 Feb 07

Again, the allegedly green representative showing her lack of ‘green’ to the point that its blatantly obvious.

Yes they are being alarmist, and yes they could do other things with it such as using it within industrial applications only, but Foskey has been smoking too much ‘green’. She’s no longer coherent.

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