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The Hughes Shooting

By johnboy - 12 May 2010 81

[First filed: May 10, 2010 @ 10:22]

Hughes crime scene

Following on from the news in today’s police wrap “fgzk” has sent in the above pic and the following report:

Police are searching drains along Denison st, Deakin West. This drain has been taped off and a forensic technician with a bag is waiting. When asked by a television reporter if this is connected to the Hughes shooting he replied. ” we don’t know yet. We have nothing.” The Television reporter then said that is the reply he expected as the police never give out information at the scene.

The ABC also has more.

UPDATE: The AFP have provided an update it seems that information relating the investigation has lead to a gun being seized on Denison St in Deakin. The victim also appears to have been executed while sitting in his car on Whittle St in Hughes at 12.30am.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times is now describing the killing as the work of a “hitman”, and a planned murder.

The picture is also worth a look. Any gun nerds want to speculate as to what sort of round would have put that ding in the door frame?

Not to be missed comment: In the comments “troll-sniffer” has come to the bottom of the matter:

09:22, 11 May 10

They won’t catch Mully now he’s back from the dead, evening up old scores. This latest victim once called Mully a tool from the other side of a busy road. If you ever crossed Mully be very afraid.

One more update for the road: The Canberra Times is naming the victim as one Brendan Scott Welsh, 28.

Mr Welsh, recently of Watson, had some children (number unknown) and was in court last month for the usual string of driving offences (negligent, unlicensed, etc).

It’s also suggested that Whittle Street has been a popular spot for drug deals, although one imagines it will be less popular now.

What’s Your opinion?

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81 Responses to
The Hughes Shooting
cranky_sam 5:47 am 11 May 10

Underbelly 3?

myrtleville 3:16 am 11 May 10
myrtleville 11:59 pm 10 May 10

Two shots from a sawn off shotgun? I’m no expert, but I’m under the impression that with a shotgun you rarely need more than two. Sounds like it was personal (fits in with your thoughts Ian).

Ian 9:36 pm 10 May 10

While the victim hasn’t been named I see on Win news tonight the police indicated the victim was “known to them”. So it would appear to be a case of self cleansing by the criminal classes.

myrtleville 9:22 pm 10 May 10

Thank you Lovechocolatte 🙂

johnboy 9:19 pm 10 May 10

The jury probably wouldn’t, but the judge only option remains available.

bd84 9:17 pm 10 May 10

A great sneaking behind police car photo there lol.

Anna Key said :

George said :

At least the shooting happened in the right jurisdiction as nothing will happen to the gunman!

Only in the ACT could you get an execution style manslaughter

Can’t you tell he accidently pulled the trigger and totally didn’t mean to kill him? He must have been pointing the gun at the tree behind him and slipped. The judge and jury are thinking about the not guilty verditct already.

Anna Key 9:03 pm 10 May 10

George said :

At least the shooting happened in the right jurisdiction as nothing will happen to the gunman!

Only in the ACT could you get an execution style manslaughter

lovechocolatte 6:26 pm 10 May 10

Hi BimboGeek – there are two classes of gun owners: legal… and illegal. The legal owners do safety training, pass police checks, submit to regular shoots and checks and are supervised. They are licenced and each firearm is registered and locked in approved steel safes. They do as they’re told. The crooks/illegals do as they please. As they always have and always will. Thank God for the police.

BimboGeek 4:16 pm 10 May 10

What is with all the weapons floating around Canberra lately? Who even *owns* a gun? It’s not as if they’re for sale at the supermarket!

zig 12:18 pm 10 May 10

Who would have thought Hughes was “gangsta”?

sdcno1 12:05 pm 10 May 10

I live about 200m away from where this happened. Around 1230 there were two loud blasts that could be heard from afar then followed by a man screaming (maybe the victim?) I’d be certain that it was a sawn-off shot gun due to the sound.

There was a fair amount of arguing after the gun shots. About 5 mins after the sirens arrived.

I was amazed about the amount of police around the hughes shops this morning. I could count at least 10 cars and an huge entourage of vans, forensic vehicles, etc.

A neighbour witnessed the shooter escape by an assistant in another vehicle down Groom St.

It is usually a quiet neighbourhood until last night’s event!

George 11:22 am 10 May 10

At least the shooting happened in the right jurisdiction as nothing will happen to the gunman!

AG Canberra 11:21 am 10 May 10

Witness report on ABC radio this morning stated that they heard multiple shots at approx 12.30 am, lots of screaming/shouting then a car leave the scene approx 15 minutes later.

Snarky 10:36 am 10 May 10

I rode on the cycle path up past the Deakin pool this morning at about 9am. There were at least 10 police there (it looked like it was a staging point, not an actual point of interest) and at least 3 had those long T-piece drain-opening tools at hand. Traffic around the Carruthers St / Denison St intersection was a mess (school time I guess). For a drain search they certainly threw some manpower at it!

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