The Jester Ball – With lots of pictures.

johnboy 13 May 2007 14

With apologies to our reader “Mess”, I’m going to hijack the story he started last night with these words:

The Jester Ball tonight [Last night now] seemed to me like a smashing success. It was well run and well organised and with close to 400 people in attendance, a whole heap of fun. Some people went all out with awesome costumes and elaborate masks, and others chose the more casual approach wearing little more than jeans, t-shirt and mask.

The music was entertaining, as well as the burlesque show and the Jester himself was an aboslute riot.

As someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the event, except see the ad on and decide it seemed like a good idea, I would like to congratulate the organisers and say ” I cant wait for the next one”, I was also wondering when the video clip comes out?

Having personally under-written the Jester’s Ball advertising on RiotACT I did have a $100 interest in the event’s success. Therefore I was very pleased to see what looked like a raging triumph from the dance floor. Many in the crowd wondered if perhaps Tom Woodward could put one on every month or so? Interstate visitors dragged along by friends were certainly expressing a revised opinion of Canberra night life.

There were enough fishnets present to extinct a whole variety of tuna, enough feathers to dust a palace, and enough fun and excitement to raise the spirits of anyone. But enough of me telling, here’s a lot of pictures:

[Note: To avoid a repeat of the Melbourne Cup Fiasco please bear in mind that the people in these photos have allowed their good time to be interrupted to provide you with amusement. So if you can’t say anything nice, best to not say anything at all]

The Albert Hall in readiness:

Early on I had my camera accidentally in “sunset” mode. This, combined with the flash and the heat lamps radiating in every corner, actually created some decidedly interesting shots.

Here’s the string quartet which greeted punctual revelers:

And here’s the man of the hour, Mr. Tom Woodward:

Then we took stock of the astonishing costumes:

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14 Responses to The Jester Ball – With lots of pictures.
johnboy johnboy 9:11 pm 15 May 07

and so say all of us.

dragontia dragontia 9:10 pm 15 May 07

Well done to local muso Tom Woodward. Numerous friends and myself attended the ball and had a wonderful time.
Wearing masks was a great idea. It injected us all with a subtle confidence and it was fun to see some of the very creative costumes. Corsets, fishnets and feathers galore!
Bring on the next Jester Ball, I say.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 8:12 am 14 May 07

10.30?? Was still going strong when I left at 11.30 to get to the after party early and there was numerous after parties that I was aware of (transit being hte official one where the last few photos were taken from but others at the Hyatt and other venues)

johnboy johnboy 12:24 am 14 May 07


LaLucha LaLucha 12:14 am 14 May 07

Hopefully the next one will keep going past 10.30pm…

johnboy johnboy 10:51 pm 13 May 07

To each their own.

Pandy Pandy 10:48 pm 13 May 07

Boas and leather pants just are evil

johnboy johnboy 9:58 pm 13 May 07


In my experience Tom is more shy with people he doesn’t know well than arrogant. It’s easy to mistake that aloofness for arrogance and it’s something I’m sympathetic to as people get me wrong the same way sometimes too.

I don’t know the details of your relationship so maybe I’m off base there.

Eye contact under masks was interesting, a feeling of anonymity combined with trying to figure out if one knew the person behind the mask lead to a lot more eye contact than was usual. I think you’re being unkind to suggest this is a bad thing.

Pandy, I think they look OK. I hope you were being sarcastic?

Pandy Pandy 7:04 pm 13 May 07

Evil plainess!

Shield your eyes!

Meconium Meconium 5:16 pm 13 May 07

Sounds like this thing is going to become a Canberra institution. Tom Woodward, if you can balance the production of quality entertainment like this with your offensive real-world arrogance, you might become something Canberra values.

Still, I’m glad I wasn’t there. The masks were a good way of hiding the attendants’ plainness – honestly, look at the pose of the girls in Picture 2. Would they look that proud without the masks?

In all fairness though it looked like everyone had a good time, sort of like Eyes Wide Shut before that Scientologist showed up.

terubo terubo 1:56 pm 13 May 07

Forsooth, you jest!

necrocelia necrocelia 1:00 pm 13 May 07

if you’d like to see the jester perform again, come to narrabundah college’s production of Under Milk Wood!

starts this thursday the 17th of may. call 62056979 to book!

a bit of advertising can’t hurt. haaaahaaa.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 5:33 pm 12 May 07

was good, I now however have a fetish for red lights. Now to track down a house with a red light in the window…

terubo terubo 5:03 pm 12 May 07

Classy tucker, eh? (That thing on the table in pic 2).

But it all looked like fun, anyway.

And I do hope to catch up with our lady friends at this year’s Mlbn Cup. I didn’t think it was a fiasco at all.

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