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The joys of townhouse/unit life

By Velveteen Rabbit - 21 April 2008 81

I live in Beechwood in Florey, a hive of 130 or so little units all jumbled in together and feel the need to have a fuddy duddy rant and ask other Canberra unit dwellers:

  • What is it with visitors parking anywhere, nay everywhere so you can’t get into or out of your garage?  I am not good at 17-point turns in order to get anywhere. 
  • Why oh why do people continue to stuff the recycle bin/normal bin when it’s overflowing?  And please, can you bag your rubbish so I don’t step on your rancid old sausages when I go past.
  • Why do people feel the need to dump their old tables/fridges/computers/kids in front of the bins?  Are we having some sort of a white elephant stall thing?
  • What’s with the doof doof music till 2am?  Just cos we share a wall doesn’t mean I want to share your interest in Metallica/Britney.  Also if your mates get into a fight, kindly tell them to bleed on YOUR side of the porch.

 Now, I feel better.  🙂

What’s Your opinion?

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81 Responses to
The joys of townhouse/unit life
realityskin 5:17 pm 21 Apr 08

Vanilla Bean said :

To clarify – I own the place and the thought of selling up and buying again in the current market is a nightmare.

It ain’t going to get any cheaper !

ant 5:08 pm 21 Apr 08

What’s wrong with someone having a good rant, and saying what they think? And why should they have to move? Most people would agree that people parking you in your park, and playing doofdoof at 2am and leaving rubbish everywhere was not acceptable behaviour from neighbours. As is bleeding on someone’s porch (what awful neighbours!).

If people come out and talk about this stuff, who knows, maybe the people who are commiting the antisocial acts will realise it’s not on. Maybe some will modify their behaviour and have some consideration.

Right now a lot of these kinds of people have their heads filled with all their “rights”. No one’s ever got it through to them that there’s another R word: responsibility. More talk about it might see more regard paid to the latter.

Deadmandrinking 4:53 pm 21 Apr 08

The problem with ‘move if you don’t like it’ is that it'[s increasingly becoming the case for alot of Canberrans where that isn’t much of an option. I’m f-king lucky to have this house I’m sitting in right now, and the lease doesn’t last too much longer.

stray 4:44 pm 21 Apr 08

i think the overall message is, dont be a twat and think considerately of other people around you. no matter what your circumstances/living conditions are…theres no need to be a douche.
its not just townhouses/box living, there’s problems like that living in houses too – noise travels everywhere in a beautiful clean city like ours! 🙂

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 4:39 pm 21 Apr 08

Boo-fcking-hoo. Ever seen how 90% of the planet lives (you know, the bits outside Canberra)?

Move if you don’t like it.

Deadmandrinking 4:35 pm 21 Apr 08

Shush Maelinar, when was the last time you ever said anything relevant, ever.

I think Vanilla Bean’s post is warranted and important for younger Riot-act readers to take heed. The reality is with our housing situation is that many of us will probably have to end up living in apartments and townhouses. God I hate the thought.

Mælinar 4:25 pm 21 Apr 08

Well I could go on about it all of those elements being a signal of wider society – ever tried to park at Russell for example ?

But I’d be simply pointing out the obvious to somebody who it is obvious to me does not take notice of their wider surroundings, and is only concerned with what is put in front of their face.

A commonsense answer is not warranted under these circumstances.

Vanilla Bean 4:13 pm 21 Apr 08

To clarify – I own the place and the thought of selling up and buying again in the current market is a nightmare. Will keep an eye out for the Freegans though 😉

astrojax 4:09 pm 21 Apr 08

metallica britney – what a fantastic band name!

actually, don’t listen to maelinar, he’s just jealous. he doesn’t understand that with a less than one percent vacancy rate, finding anywhere to live in canberra can be a despairing operation and sometimes you go with what you’ve got.

don’t go dissin’ other people’s circumstances, mael, or you might one day find yourself there…

i actually found the rant refreshing, especially when it was over, too…

imarty 4:05 pm 21 Apr 08

I think its more a location issue rather than type of dwelling

farout 4:03 pm 21 Apr 08

Bad move publicising the availability of sausages in the grabage bin at Beechwood in Florey – wait till the Freegans hear about this.

Danman 3:58 pm 21 Apr 08

agreed Mael.

I need a yard and hate shared walls/floors.

Mælinar 3:56 pm 21 Apr 08

NWP – Not Worth Publishing.

1 star for you. Don’t like hive living ? Move.

bonfire 3:52 pm 21 Apr 08

i furnished my flat in campbell with (some of) the furniture left in front of the bins. i also read free magazines i fish out of the recycle bins. i pass on vogues, cleos etc to potential mrs bonfire.

Morgan 3:30 pm 21 Apr 08

Exactly why I live in a house.

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