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The Kenja Trust presents “Guilty until proven innocent”

By DancingQueen 2 July 2008 73

Just a quick note to RAer’s that may not be aware of an interesting seminar to be held this weekend by the Kenja Trust titled “Guilty until proven innocent”. It’s about their late founder Ken Dyers, a decorated WW2 vet, his colorful life and his battles with the legal system to have his communications centers recognized which have helped thousands of people over the decades. I attended one of their seminars last year and can highly recommend them as being high quality, informative and above all entertaining. It’s being held this Saturday 5th July at the National Art Gallery starting at 7pm, what else have you planned for this Saturday night. Details and online booking can be done here: until proven guilty

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The Kenja Trust presents “Guilty until proven innocent”
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grimshaw 2:37 pm 10 Jan 10

i was reading this stuff about this kenja crap and i recognized my own grandparents names on the list of memebers. i asked my mum about it and she said that kenja was the reason we no longer speak to them!!
apparently when my mum was a child they used to make her do things she did NOT want to do, like, calling up her friends and telling them that she couldnt be friends with them anymore. unsurprisingly, a week after this particular incident, my mum moved out of home.
kenja is a CULT!

jlax87 4:43 pm 25 Mar 09

Bundah_Bloke said :

I’m sure I’ve seen this group a while back selling raffle tickets and donuts at the shopping centers, they looked like some school sporting association doing some fund raising. I guess that’s the perfect ruse, no one bothers to asks them who they are when they’re buying something off them and I doubt the members would come clean on their shady background anyway. A work mate who works casually at Bunnings Fyshwick told me they also occasionally setup out the front selling snags on the weekends. I’ll keep this in mind next time I see them, no way I’m going to help fund this type of group.

Hi Bundah_Bloke,

I’m actually doing a story on Kenja and Bunnings and as it was Bunning’s slip-up, they’re not giving me any information. If you get this could you email me on as I’d like to find out when Kenja did the BBQ in Fyshwich and how many times your friend saw this.

Thanks so much, I hope you read this in time!


rororore 10:05 am 10 Jul 08

woohoo, asking a cult member to question a Guru is not part of the program, hence the term ‘follower’. members are frowned upon if they attempt to peer behind the scenery.
The ‘infallibility’ of the Guru can become a little ordinary. this poor bugger seemed to have gotten himself in a right mess., no doubt he spent most days patching up holes in his ‘stories’. he would have gotten good at it over 30 odd years of consistent storytelling. how big are their noses? A combat veteran attached to British intelligence who was really just a military policeman. A Director of Public Companies who cannot support his statements with documentation. thier biggest story seems to be pretending they are not related to Scientology. perhaps in Australia you could get away with it, but in Canada, where thier documentary ‘Beyond our Ken’ aired, they were picked out straight away by a more astute audience, familiar with Scientologies philosophies and jargon. the ‘big conspiracy’ seems a little convenient too, a big american organisation has paid off judges and magistrates, policeman and the DPP to put away the ‘greatest hope’ for the planet, or on the other hand seven young women have alleged multiple counts of pedophilia as sworn under oath. see ‘womans fake beard was bogus’ daily telegraph, june 26th.

independent_thinker 3:36 pm 09 Jul 08

Dear DancingQueen,

I’m not sure exactly who you are, but I’m sure if we knew each other’s real names we would know each other.
As a former Kenja attendee, I am fascinated by the gullibility of us all that believed Ken and Jan’s stories to explain away all the abuse allegations of the past.
What is that makes you so sure that Ken was innocent and not seek out the other side of the story?
It was only once I heard first-hand exactly what he had been doing to young girls during sessions that it became “real” to me!
I don’t know if you are one of the “core” people who have been in on the secret all along and therefore are sure not to listen to anything I have to say, or whether you are a relative new-comer like I was.
In any case you owe it to yourself to cease wasting your life and start questioning.

ant 1:50 pm 05 Jul 08

WMC said:

Woody Mann-Caruso said :

Jesus and Buddha didn’t take anybody’s money, lie about their military record, rape kiddies or top themselves.


peterh 5:17 pm 04 Jul 08

Joker said :

“National Art Gallery” is that the same as National gallery of Australia? If it is it seems to add some legitimacy, but it smells like a cult to me.,25197,23924176-5006784,00.html

double posting again, sorry

anyone been to the National Gallery of Victoria? when did victoria become its own country?

peterh 4:29 pm 04 Jul 08

whoops, i meant I don’t drink or take drugs….

not any more, at least.

the RiotACT get together on the southside is a great idea, but as I don’t drink (my liver and kidneys have warned me that if I do, it is back to the yellow skin and eyes) what can i offer?

maybe I had better find a cult that will accept me…. Freak that I am.

Jazz 4:24 pm 04 Jul 08

meh, I dont follow a religion and certainly not the Kenja one

peterh 4:11 pm 04 Jul 08

Jazz said :

I think people should bear in mind that once upon a time Christianity would have been considered a cult and by in large Jesus would have been considered a nutter according to most popular opinion of the time. Pretty much in the same fashion that most of us view Kenja or Scientology now. I would also not be surprised that in the early days of more wide spread religions like christianity/islam/budhism etc that followers of the popular faiths of the day derided these smaller cults much in the same way that many have here.

sorry, second post – just had to add that the inquisition was a christian idea, albeit not a very good one.

the crusades, again, christian, equally bad idea.

regardless of where these cults spring from, they are all based on common fundamental rules and teachings. the problem is that the leader is usually someone who feels that they have been shown the light and must preach to convert, not accept other religions.

I am a christian, I don’t care what religion anyone else is, IT IS NOT ANY OF MY BUSINESS!!

I also meditate, using crystals, but they are a focus point, not actually doing much apart from staring at them….

if you think that you should attack me because I am a new age crystal meditating non drinking / drug taking christian, go ahead.

I enjoy good arguments….

peterh 4:02 pm 04 Jul 08

vg said :

Fant plays hockey!

Suits the stereotype perfectly

what’s wrong with hockey?

any sport where they give you boots and a weapon is OK in my books…..

some of the female hockey players i knew when i was younger were really scary, not just because they were big girls… (insert chinese swim team image here)

and I wasn’t penalised for thumping the ball at crotch height back up the field….
amazing how well some guys leap out of the way, ahhh fullback position – the best spot on the field for action….

goalie used to go to sleep in the goals. mad bugger.

reminiscing stops now, the Kenja people shouldn’t post here if they think that they will be agreed with. This is a public forum. we have views that differ. set up a kenja forum for members yourselves, at least you won’t hear any complaints….

Mr Evil 3:13 pm 04 Jul 08

Personally, I’ve only ever trusted cults that have an ABN.

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:30 pm 04 Jul 08

Jesus and Buddha didn’t take anybody’s money, lie about their military record, rape kiddies or top themselves.

rororore 2:25 pm 04 Jul 08

All well, but the pedophilia? This thing sounds more like one mans private kingdom, under the guise of a corporate spiritual ballroom dancing sporting barbeque sex club. Something for everyone, but nothing, probably, for most. I dont think we can brush serious crime under the ‘kooky is ok’ carpet. The police charged the evolved being with serious criminal charges, 22 of them, and there were more to come. The newspapers tell us they were committed to trial, and a hearing date was to be set. In the meantime, the guy shot himself in the head. And now the military policeman, private Dyers, who has become a decorated comabt veteran along the way, in civvy life, is being honored by his acolytes.
Christianity survived the bloody battles which were waged between competing cults as the Roman Empire colapsed around them. But none were so bloody as those waged between competing christian cults. They were asked to stop ‘bickering’ by Constantine. the battles were political power plays (reasonably honorable), not what seems to be simple matters of sexual harrasment by an old man in a position of trust and power (dishonorable).

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