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The Lama roadshow arrives – Stanhope too busy

By Ntp - 14 June 2007 35

[First posted 12:38pm 12 June 2007]

At the time of this post the Dalai Lama, Tibetian in exile and spirtual leader of the Budist faith, would be about half way though his speech at the National Press Club, and although many will flock to hear his words it appears the Chief Minister will not be among them either today or later in private. Kevin Rudd has said he will meet with the Dalai Lama after Howard said he would check his diary (I’ve been on the receiving end of that – it’s a no).

Although a great man, I am worried thath the whole Dalai Lama thing is becoming more like a rock tour than about the message. If you doubt me have a look at the tour itinerary on his Australian Tour Webpage.

UPDATED – Wild Bill makes his views on Stanhopes no show here.

FURTHER UPDATED – And what is Christian Kerr of‘s opinion?; “Bad karma. ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope is our most infantile leftist leader – Terry Hicks as Father of the Year, anyone? – yet yesterday he declined to meet the Dalai Lama when the holy man of the Himalayas visited Canberra. A spokesthing for the head honcho of a pissant parliament declared he was “too busy”. Perhaps he was following up on his recent trade mission to China.”

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
The Lama roadshow arrives – Stanhope too busy
Pandy 11:12 pm 13 Jun 07

Bill Stefaniak
(Hi Gazza!)
Fix your fracking clock! Your press release just now reads Date : Thursday, 6 December 2007

simbo 11:01 pm 13 Jun 07

Bonfire, for those of us who believe Oscar Wilde was a person of substance (it’s possible to be both witty AND wise, you know), calling the Dalai Lama a modern-day one is quite a recommendation.

However, I doubt he’s as funny…

jemmy 10:43 pm 13 Jun 07

Maybe they should drive him around in a little red car with his head sticking out the back window. Heh.

Mutley, you’ve got the wrong rabbi. You’re thinking of the Bagwanna or whatever his name was.

mutley 7:20 pm 13 Jun 07

I always thought he was pretty impressive until I saw the conditions his people were living in in India, whilst he was driven around in a fleet of gold Rolls Royces.

Just another religious hypocrite.

jenna 5:08 pm 13 Jun 07

Preaching peace and harmony has more substance that preaching war which many of our politicians seems to do. I know who I’d rather listen to!

bonfire 12:58 pm 13 Jun 07

he is a great man – exactly how ?

a life full of pithy quotes makes him a modern day oscar wilde, not a person of any substance.

pierce 12:05 pm 13 Jun 07

Given that most of this countries income is currently coming from China, it seems like an uncharacteristically pragmatic approach to me.

jr 8:31 am 13 Jun 07

Bill Stefaniak put out a highly valid press release regarding the matter here:

Meconium 6:23 am 13 Jun 07

I saw him today in the Committee Room at Parliament House. His speech was mostly about clarifying his stance on Sino-Tibetan relations, and his responses to some glib and/or asinine questions such as “What’s the secret to happiness” and “What’s your view on climate change” were predictably uninformative.

One Buddhist student asked why he wasn’t visiting the temple in Canberra as he had in previous years – the reply was that he was too busy, which led me to believe his visit this time is political in nature rather than one aimed at imparting wisdom to the masses. Still, it’s a pity he couldn’t spend even a few hours with the Buddhists in Canberra.

Pandy 8:01 pm 12 Jun 07

Well so what?

atoz 4:11 pm 12 Jun 07

Rumour has it that DL plays a mighty mean axe.

bonfire 2:34 pm 12 Jun 07

apparently this is true – the organisers have no t-shirts or carrybags because the chinese supplier refused to print the dalai lamas image.

caf 2:22 pm 12 Jun 07

Although I found the Australian Tour DVD I couldn’t find where to buy the tour t-shirts?

DarkLadyWolfMother 2:15 pm 12 Jun 07

I’m glad it’s becoming like that, in some ways. It makes it harder to ignore him, and what he represents.

jr 1:19 pm 12 Jun 07

Is he in the red car?

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