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The mystery of the blue and white cateyes

By zenpuck - 6 April 2008 23

Lots of road resurfacing has been going on in the Dickson/Hackett area. A puzzling aspect of this work is the off-centre blue and white cateyes. They are lined up a few inches to the left of the lane marking red cateyes. I know there must be a simple explanation….but I just can’t see it. Any Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy know the answer?

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23 Responses to
The mystery of the blue and white cateyes
m6.7 2:19 pm 07 Apr 08

From what I can tell they also seem to lay down the gravel, then spray the tar material on but sometimes with a day or two in between?

That’s what it seemed like on Belconnen Way/Barry Drive one day and it sure as hell didn’t feel very secure on a motorbike.

ant 2:15 pm 07 Apr 08

You had a go at Hargreaves about the Barry Way?! Bit out of his balliwick, that one.

They propped soem official yellow signs up near the end of the airport runway a few weeks back, threatening to re-surface the raod there from 1st April to teh 8th “weather permitting”. Well, the weather looked pretty good to me, unless they don’t like frost, but no re-surfacing happened.

Gungahlin Al 1:55 pm 07 Apr 08

It’s called spraypave, and when i complained to John Hargreaves about it being used not just for the GDE but also suburban streets (and now Barry Way I see), John Hargreaves’ response was that it was a perfectly servicable quality road surface!
For a bloody rural laneway maybe.

RuffnReady 1:50 pm 07 Apr 08

I’d like to know why these roads are being resealed when they are actually in pretty good condition to start with. There are many roads all over Canberra that need re-sealing far more urgently that Antill St or Rivett St in Hackett.

trilobite 12:40 pm 07 Apr 08

TAD, “…a metric shitload…”? I love it!

AstralPlane 11:05 am 07 Apr 08

It would be fine except that you can’t skate on it. I didn’t see anywhere in the budget papers an amount make the whole of Canberra unskateable. I say no to skate harassment.

Mr Evil 10:39 am 07 Apr 08

TAD, ring the Fire Brigade (not the 000 number though! :)), as I’m sure they’ll be happy to get something done about a buried hydrant.

This is one of the reasons that people are not supposed to build a garden on the nature strip without approval by the Govt.

TAD 9:39 am 07 Apr 08

It’s a indicator for your local Canberran to tell them where the best place a garden or a metric shitload of crushed granite.

The blue indicator on my street indicates that I’m supposed to have a hydrant directly across the road but my moron of a neighbour has completely buried it under a flower bed. I tried to find the hydrant for 30 minutes with a shovel, mattock and spud bar without any luck. I arranged for Actew to come and find it who 2 months on can’t be bothered.

diprotodon 9:32 am 07 Apr 08

I’m happy with the rough surface – no bogan ever does burnouts in my part of the street with the surface.

tortfeaser 8:14 am 07 Apr 08

This is definitely one of my pet peeves. What is the point of resurfacing with a lesser quality surface and doing no remedial work on the underlying problems? Again and again the more major bitumen roads are resurfaced with the chipseal on top of a bunch of patches. No less bumpy. WTF am I paying the highest rego in the country for? The Glenlock abomination? A one lane GDE?


Myrmecia 7:33 am 07 Apr 08

Pity they make no attempt to smooth out the bumps. The ride after surfacing is no better than the ride before – as I can attest as both cyclist and motorist.

JC 6:26 am 07 Apr 08

Gee you guys are pretty quick. They have been using these kind of cats eyes for years to mark hydrants and they have been resealing roads in this way for even longer.

With the road surface they choose it is because it is much cheaper and faster than the alternative which is to strip the top layer off put down a new layer of sealant and then resurface the road with asphalt.

Yet again this is another problem of living in Canberra where our roads do not receive the wear they do in places like Sydney. I know not many of us would be willing to pay for a higher level of road mainteance through higher rego, taxes or a more school closures.

gooterz 2:22 am 07 Apr 08

I bet its cheap though!

ChrisinTurner 12:17 am 07 Apr 08

Have you noticed that most of the reseal is being done with a very rough surface finish called chipseal. This is noisy for nearby bedrooms, gives high wear on tyres and is terrible for bicycles.

54037 12:10 am 07 Apr 08

Fire hydrant markers. The fire hydrant is level with the catseyes at the side of the road indicated by the blue catseye.

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