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The philosophical conundrum of abandoned beer

By johnboy - 8 December 2008 40

I came across this sight in Ainslie this afternoon and it raised so many questions. (For the hard of seeing it’s a sealed, full, bottle of VB)

Why would anyone leave a full beer behind?

Have they done something nasty to it and re-sealed it? (A bogan trap of sorts, if you will)

Are they planning to come back to it?

Is it just a charitable gesture for whomever is desperate enough to take a chance on it?

In the end it was all a bit much so I just photographed it and left it there.

Anyone aware of any Canberra cultural traditions to do with this?

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
The philosophical conundrum of abandoned beer
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 4:35 pm 08 Dec 08

I was once at an intimate gathering involving quite a lot of Tooheys Extra Dry (the ones on the clear bottles), and it was discovered that one of the group’s urine was the EXACT same colour as the beer. So… drain the lizard into an empty glass bottle, put the cap back on tight, and voila! a little present that went to the back of the garage fridge for the next group of friends who came round…

Drink it at your own risk. I wouldn’t.

caf 4:29 pm 08 Dec 08

Deadmandrinking: You forgot step four: fall asleep propped up against a petrol pump.

H1NG0 4:27 pm 08 Dec 08

Sounds like someone is in desperate need of a grog-bog

Deadmandrinking 4:24 pm 08 Dec 08

Drunk, forget beer, stumble off. Mystery solved, folks!

Tonka 4:22 pm 08 Dec 08


taken I mean.

New Yeah 4:22 pm 08 Dec 08

Was it cold?

Tonka 4:22 pm 08 Dec 08

It’s a stop revive and survive station for bogans.

But someone’s obviously already stopped and teken the emergency winnie reds.

realityskin 4:21 pm 08 Dec 08

haha Cameron

Spitfire3 4:20 pm 08 Dec 08

Sorry JB but I fail to see the philosophical conundrum. It’s a VB, so it would actually be safer if (as I suspect) the punter who left it there bottled it himself.

Mr Evil 4:20 pm 08 Dec 08

Cameron said :

hehe – just when I was suspecting it was a slow news day…

It’s Canberra – where everyday is a slow news day!

johnboy 4:16 pm 08 Dec 08

Cameron it would be best if you kept your ill-informed editorial guesses to yourself.

They’re not ontopic and will lead to time in moderation if they persist.

Cameron 4:10 pm 08 Dec 08

hehe – just when I was suspecting it was a slow news day, you post an article that confirms it 🙂

I’m with Thumper on this one.

H1NG0 4:02 pm 08 Dec 08

Its a Vomit Bomb! Call the bomb squad!

Mr Evil 3:58 pm 08 Dec 08

Maybe it’s an emergency cairn left for some bogan to have a drink on the way home at night?

Thumper 3:54 pm 08 Dec 08

It’s a VB.

Conundrum solved.

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